April Australian Bullion Sales Mixed, Perth Mint Reports

2024 Australian Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver Bullion Coins - Obverse and Reverse
A CoinNews photo showing a pair of 2024 Australian Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver Bullion Coins (obverse and reverse sides)

Data from The Perth Mint of Australia shows mixed demand for Australian bullion in April, with sales of gold products rebounding and those of silver slowing.

The Mint’s bullion gains compare against soaring precious metals prices for April, with LBMA prices (in USD) rising 4.2% for gold and soaring 8.6% for silver.

Perth Mint Gold Bullion Sales in April 2024

In April, the Mint’s sales of gold coins and bars increased by 33,387 ounces, a 103.1% jump from March’s sales, which were the lowest for a month since May 2019. However, this figure represents a 55.6% decrease from April of the previous year.

"The launch of our 2024 125th Anniversary coin collection helped drive demand in April, but the gold picture generally was more positive through the month, especially the Australian market," said Neil Vance, General Manager of Minted Products.

The Perth Mint’s gold sales for the year to date total 121,566 ounces, marking a 55.4% decline compared to the 272,343 ounces sold during the same period last year.

The Mint reported that sales of its minted silver coins and bars reached 684,735 ounces, representing decreases of 20.4% from March and 64.8% compared to April 2023.

So far this year, The Perth Mint’s gold sales have totaled 3,321,585 ounces, representing a 48.8% decline from the 6,489,119 ounces sold against the same stretch last year.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month through April 2024

Below is a monthly summary of Perth Mint bullion sales from January 2022 to April 2024. The figures show monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
  Silver Gold
April 2024 684,735 33,387
March 2024 860,672 16,442
February 2024 1,006,852 47,086
January 2024 769,326 24,651
December 2023 681,490 36,297
November 2023 672,623 53,520
October 2023 1,073,553 42,302
September 2023 1,116,779 36,530
August 2023 792,503 34,875
July 2023 863,485 44,009
June 2023 1,326,011 73,124
May 2023 1,881,001 72,889
April 2023 1,947,743 75,166
March 2023 1,823,096 80,541
February 2023 1,484,936 52,241
January 2023 1,233,344 64,395
December 2022 1,634,751 60,634
November 2022 1,315,293 114,304
October 2022 1,995,350 183,102
September 2022 2,579,941 88,554
August 2022 1,655,334 84,976
July 2022 2,465,513 79,305
June 2022 1,523,765 65,281
May 2022 2,217,582 98,515
April 2022 2,119,491 80,941
March 2022 1,649,634 121,997
February 2022 1,632,323 72,651
January 2022 2,387,165 66,709


Bullion Coins Released in April 2024

In April, as reported by The Perth Mint, the following bullion coins were released:

  • Australian Kookaburra 2024 1/10oz Gold Bullion Coin 
  • Australian Kookaburra 2024 1/10oz Platinum Bullion Coin 
  • Australian Swan 2024 1oz Silver Bullion Coin 
  • Australian Swan 2024 1oz Gold Bullion Coin 
  • The Perth Mint’s 125th Anniversary 2024 1oz Gold Bullion Coin 
  • The Perth Mint’s 125th Anniversary 2024 1oz Silver Bullion Coin 
  • The Perth Mint’s 125th Anniversary 2024 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin 
  • Australian Kookaburra 2024 10oz Silver Bullion Coin 

In March, as reported by the Mint, the following bullion coins were released:

  • Australian Kookaburra 2024 1 Kilo Silver Bullion Coin
  • Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 10th Anniversary 2024 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

In February, the Mint reported, the following bullion coins were released:

  • Australian Kangaroo 2024 1 Kilo, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz Gold Bullion Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo 2024 1oz Silver Bullion Coin
  • Australian Kangaroo 2024 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin

In January, the Mint reported the following bullion coins were released:

  • Australian Lunar 2024 Year of the Dragon 1 Kilo, 5oz Silver Bullion Coins
  • Australian Lunar 2024 Year of the Dragon 1/20oz Gold Bullion Coin
  • Australian Kookaburra 2024 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Bullion Coins That Sold Out

The Mint also reported that the following bullion coins "recently sold out:"

  • Australian Lunar Series III 2024 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Bullion Coin with Dragon Privy
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E 1

The Dragon Lady Coin.

Kaiser Wilhelm

E 1,
Well said. Indeed, the intricate design on the reverse of this Perth Silver Bullion 1 oz. Lunar Dragon coin more than does justice to its likewise complex Chinese progenitors.

Last edited 12 days ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
E 1


The Lunar Quarters Program coming soon. They wouldn’t dare do it – would they? Maybe when they run out of ideas.

E 1

The Queen has got to be rolling over in her….

Kaiser Wilhelm

E 1,
In these exceptionally flexible times, the Lunar Quarters Program may end up being among the stodgier of the coin series on the Mint’s horizon.

E 1

That’s what happens to your money when you live in California. Squeeze-flation.

E 1

Newsom’s head should be in that vice. Looking forward to that “Property Tax Revolt” Bill on the November Ballot.


You don’t want to mess up his greased hair, do you? California is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever been in and would love to live there if not for the high taxation and addict culture.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Craig and E 1,
I’ve visited California a half dozen or so times, with my longest stay ever being six months in San Francisco. What still impresses me the most about the state is the truly amazing variety of landscapes present there, including its abundant growing fields, extensive deserts, formidable forests, snow-capped mountains and endless beaches, among others.

Kaiser Wilhelm

E 1,
There are in fact some actual precedents for a coin of that very shape. The current 50 cent denomination coin from Aruba comes in that format, as did the Aruban 5 florin coin before it.

Kaiser Wilhelm

And the flip side…

E 1


That’s a first. Sleek but interesting coin.

Kaiser Wilhelm

E 1,

In my three visits to Aruba I managed to pick up exactly one of those.


As far as Year of the Dragon coins go, the Royal Canadian Mint, put out another “First”. Extra High Relief! “Celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon. The most revered sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon comes to life in three-dimensional form on both sides of this coin. Elevating the extraordinary. This isn’t just a matter of featuring EHR on each side of the coin: the obverse and reverse form two halves of one design, with the front (reverse) view of the Dragon reaching a peak relief height of 4.7 mm, while the rear view (obverse) rises up to… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

The particular RCM coins that never fail to boggle my mind are those that have a 3D figure sticking out of one side. I’m numismatically open-minded in general, but when it comes to turning a coin into the base of a mini-sculpture I find myself left behind.

Major D

In a previous post E 1 wrote: “The regular AI 2018-S Proof came in at 243K and they drop off considerably from there. 2019-S: 137K 2020-S: 101K Source: Mega Red 8th Edition” Because the AI$ series is relatively new, and many sets (and rolls and bags) from 2019 onward are still available the numbers are in flux. Even if currently Not Available means it could pop back up with changes. I’ve found RP (for the 2019 and 2020 singles) and P&D mintage numbers to be especially off in publications and web pages, as they’re reporting older data from the Mint.… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by Major D
Major D

There are way too many choices. As was pointed out by Rick, the US Mint has 450 Numi products. Now add in PMA, RCM, TRM and other world mints–it’s dizzying.


I think one of the very reasons Canadian Collecting is not like US Coins is due to waaaay too many offerings with low mintages! RCM just spits these coins out right and left and therefore, there’s so darn many, you couldn’t possibly collect them all! I like many of RCM’s coins but there just isn’t any upside to them! Me personally, I like to collect coins that will or already have an upside to them. The US Mint is probably going to end up just like the RCM’s offerings and it will in my opinion have a negative outcome. That’s… Read more »


Ditto, what you said. The coin above.. Never, it’s over the top digital and just plain ugly (to me). To each their own!

Kaiser Wilhelm

How is it that the Canadian coinage authorities can prevent you from redeeming a $100Cdn face value coin for that amount. Apparently I must be missing something here since that scenario sounds all too Alice-in-Wonderlandish.