Queen Elizabeth

In keeping with yearly tradition to mark Holy Thursday before Easter, Queen Elizabeth II handed out rare coins during the Royal Maundy Service that was held this year in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral, Suffolk. Custom dictates that a monarch’s age is to be used to determine how many individuals are selected for the service to […]

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Queen Elizabeth II led the Royal Maundy Service on Thursday in Northern Ireland. In keeping with the yearly tradition to mark Holy Thursday before Easter, The Queen handed out rare and specially minted coins along with regular circulation coins within small stringed red and white purses. 82 men and 82 women were selected from four […]


Last week was Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s 60th – the Diamond – Wedding Anniversary. Anyone’s 60th wedding anniversary deserves some news time and a shout of congratulations. A royal 60th anniversary is on a completely different scale. And perhaps more so deserved as it was the first diamond wedding anniversary in British royal history. […]