Every time a new dollar coin gets inked into legislation there’s a ripple effect many, including the bill’s inkers, don’t take into consideration. It’s not malicious thoughtlessness. No person can have omnipotent foresight in knowing the consequences of every single decision. Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 mandates vending machine requirements Take, for example, the […]


Just minutes ago the James Madison Presidential $1 Coins officially entered into circulation and are available at U.S. banks and other financial institutions. The Madison Dollar is the fourth and last presidential coin released this year. Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution. Having heard himself referenced that way, Madison protested by saying […]


The time, effort and expense of counterfeiting one dollar coins just doesn’t make sense. It’s easy to at least understand a criminal’s motivation in counterfeiting rare and valuable coins. But the incentive to forge a daily and common circulating coin? It defies logic. Yet, that’s exactly what happened with a New Zealand dollar coin. And […]


Two days ago the Peoria Journal Star reported a police investigation alleging the use of counterfeit Presidential $1 Coins at a local McDonald’s restaurant in Macomb, Illinois. The coins were colored and had the faces of U.S. Presidents George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Each were apparently shiny and because they included […]

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President Bush signed the Native American $1 Coin Act mandating the redesign of Sacagawea Dollar. Starting in 2009, the Sacagawea reverse will no longer have the soaring eagle depicted. Instead, it’ll bear a famous American Indian or American Indian event that’ll change each year. has discussed the success and various failures of U.S. dollar […]


Curiosity and enthusiasm gets jolted into overdrive when an always changing coin series comes out. You don’t need to look further than the 50 State Quarters® Program. It helped create a booming-hot collector market that’s still going strong. Better, the new quarters soundly made it as "replacements" to older circulating quarters. The quarters program started […]


A week ago from today, August 15, the United States Mint held a release ceremony for the new Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins. A video of the event sure would have been nice! But wouldn’t it be great if you could at least see photos from the ceremony? Well, now you can and right here! […]