Photos from the Jefferson Presidential $1 Coin Release Ceremony


Click to see several photos from the Jefferson Presidential $1 coin introduction ceremonyA week ago from today, August 15, the United States Mint held a release ceremony for the new Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coins. A video of the event sure would have been nice!

But wouldn’t it be great if you could at least see photos from the ceremony? Well, now you can and right here! Fortunately, someone in the news media was taking photos and looking out for those of us who couldn’t attend.

If you’ve never been to a U.S. Mint event before, these photos give you an idea of some of the ceremony trappings and details. By far, the absolute best photos are those showing the kids having a great time. Of course, all the kids received a free, sparkling Jefferson Presidential $1 coin. You can bet that helped bring smiles to their faces.

If you’d like more background information about the new Jefferson $1 coins, you may be interested in some of the previous articles from Check them out here:

Once more, here’s the link to the Jefferson ceremony photos. Aren’t a few of those photos priceless?


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