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2009 Jefferson Nickels and Roosevelt Dimes Values

Roosevelt DimeLooking back to last year, 2009 was filled with a roller-coaster of events relating to the coin collecting world. Among the many highlights, new coin releases such as the Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar and the four redesigned 2009 Lincoln Cents are sure to be recalled by anyone even slightly familiar with the hobby.

The sharp US Mint June coin production increases may further jog the memory, reminding collectors of the historically low mintage levels in 2009. For the entire year, just 3,548,000,000 circulating coins were produced.

In comparison, 2008 had a production total of more than 10.1 billion and 2007 came in even higher over 14.4 billion. In fact, the last time the US Mint had circulating strikes at such a low level was forty-plus years ago.

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Circulating Coin Production Update: Charts by US Mint Facility (1999-2009)

Coin production chart collageThe US Mint has updated coin production figures through to April 2009, and the data indicates a further slide for circulating change.

Rather than offer a hodge-podge of numbers that make it difficult to see and compare mintage levels for modern coinage, the included charts visually show trends for a quick analysis.

The US Mint has already said fewer coins will be struck this year. Had the Mint remained silent, it would still be a simple deduction to realize that 2009-dated pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters should be much, much scarcer.

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US Mint Halts 2009 Nickels and Dimes Production

US Mint Halts 2009 Nickels and Dimes ProductionThe United States Mint has halted production of circulating 2009 Jefferson nickels and 2009 Roosevelt dimes for the rest of this year, according to the latest issue of Coin World. As the dime and nickel production graphs show, the stoppage creates historic, staggering low mintages for the two coins -- levels not seen since the 50s.

Coin Word's Paul Gilkes reports the US Mint made the announcement on April 23, and included details of a scale back in producing for other circulating coins, like the three remaining 2009 Lincoln Pennies.

It's not that the public or collectors dislike the new coins. Quite the opposite, in fact. Collector demand for 2009 circulating coinage is exceptionally high. It's all about the recession. It has, by itself, significantly eroded demand for new coins in every day transactions.

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Heritage to Offer Historic Ed Price Collection of Early Dimes & Quarter Eagles

The First to be Assembled with the Common Reverses. To be Offered by Heritage Auction Galleries at the Baltimore ANA1792 Disme, Judd-10, High R.6, PR62 Brown NGC. Ex: Judd

Dallas, TX. The Ed Price Collection, an incomparable variety collection of early Dimes and Quarter Eagles, valued over $4 million, will be auctioned by Heritage Auction Galleries at their Official Auction of the Baltimore ANA, July 30-Aug. 2, 2008.


Only one complete collection of draped bust dimes by variety had previously been assembled (Allen F. Lovejoy's, sold in 1990), and only one complete collection of early quarter eagles (1796-1807) by variety had previously been assembled (by Harry Bass - now on display at ANA Museum).

Heritage is proud to present the Ed Price Collection, a complete collection by variety of both the early dimes and quarter eagles, featuring the common reverse dies, such as has never before been assembled.

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