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Sedwick’s Treasure Auction #3 hits $800,000

Winter Park, FL — Treasure Fever has struck again! Expert numismatist and auctioneer of shipwreck coins and artifacts Daniel Frank Sedwick has released the...

Sedwick Shipwreck Treasure Auction #3 Closes Thursday, May 29

Sedwick's Shipwreck Treasure Auction #3 includes a rare astrolabe, silver coins, gold ingots, Chinese porcelain and other artifacts carefully selected for quality and...

Shipwreck Treasure with Rare Astrolabe, Gold Cobs and Silver Coins at Sedwick Auction

Numismatist Daniel Frank Sedwick featuring Treasure Auction #3 with over 1100 lots, including a rare astrolabe, gold cobs, silver coins, Chinese porcelains and other artifacts.

Sedwick Treasure Auction CatalogWinter Park, FL - Numismatist Daniel Frank Sedwick is releasing a Treasure Auction, among the items on the numismatic market today are gold cobs, particularly from the Spanish 1715 Fleet off the east coast of Florida, and this sale features dozens of them, all carefully selected for quality and eye-appeal.


There will be also some small gold ingots and nuggets from the Espadarte wreck of 1558 off Mozambique," commented Daniel Sedwick,

"We offered the first part of this unique collection of gold pieces in our Treasure Auction #1 a year ago, and they were well received. This time we are certain of the shipwreck name, which should boost their interest even further."


Another early important shipwreck find in this auction is the Michael Goldston collection of silver “tumbaga” ingots from a still-unidentified wreck of ca. 1528 off the Bahamas.

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