Philadelphia Mint Articles and Photos

Articles and photos showing how the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia produces circulating coins, makes hubs and coin dies and turns designs into coins and medals.

Photo Walkthrough of U.S. Mint at PhiladelphiaIt was definitely an unforgettable experience, the Philadelphia Mint tours, per Mike and Darrin Unser of From the beginning to then end, there was something exciting happening, and the guys caught it on camera.

They dished about everything they could, enough so that they were able to publish seven unique articles that described their eye-witness account. Darrin and Mike offer some final thoughts, and then the photos they’ve taken follow […]


How the Philadelphia Mint Polishes Dies to Make Proof CoinsTechnology plays a huge role in producing coins at all United States Mint facilities. It’s complimented with a group of people dedicated to make it all happen, with some of them adding their own personal touch to the process.

Enter Alberto Morell, one of the Philadelphia Mint’s buffer-polishers. He manually polishes dies that are used in the making of proof coins for collectors […]


How the Philadelphia Mint Makes ATB 5 Oz Silver CoinsHalf of the nation’s coins for circulation are made at the United States Mint facility in Philadelphia, but it also makes products for investors and collectors like the America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins.

I was captivated by how the three-inch coins are produced from a single multi-stroke press. It operates so much differently than the Philadelphia Mint’s more than 60 presses that make circulating coins. Enter the impressive German-made Grabener 1000 press, capable of striking 40 coins a minute with up to 1000 tons of pressure […]


How the Philadelphia Mint Makes Hubs and Dies to Produce CoinsIt took coiners in Colonial Philadelphia three years to strike the first 1 million coins, and they worked 11 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Today the men and women at the Philadelphia Mint can churn out 1 million coins in 30 minutes, with more than 4 billion coins already produced this year. How do they do it? It takes a dedicated group of people, modern technology and a city block of working space […]


How the Philadelphia Mint Makes Hubs and Dies to Produce CoinsMy brother and I were treated to a special tour of the operations at the United States Mint facility in Philadelphia. We had planned this trip for some time so I had many pre-conceived ideas of what would be most exciting.

I’ll be the first to admit, the procedures related to hub and die making were not high on my list. Our father was a tool-maker so I expected this process would be familiar and, as such, not heart-pounding. Much to my surprise, I was completely enthralled […]

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US Mint Artists at Philadelphia Sculpt Digitally and in ClayIf you could, would you sculpt using clay or a computer? United States Mint artists at Philadelphia have their choice, with some switching between the two mediums.

It’s fascinating to watch gifted artists breathe life into models. The folks at the Philadelphia Mint have been doing a lot of that lately, more than any other year, with 83 designs already sculpted for coins and medals released in 2013 […]


Public Tour of US Mint at Philadelphia, Photos and TipsIn Colonial Philadelphia, it took coiners three years to strike 1 million coins. Today, the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia can make that many in the time it takes to watch a 30-minute TV show.

How does it happen? You won’t find out sitting around the TV. The best way is to stop by the Philadelphia Mint and take their free tour. Bring your kids or grandchildren. They’ll love seeing all the coins from 40 feet above the factory floor and they’ll remember it forever […]


Public and Private Tours of Philadelphia MintThe United States Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of two facilities that produce coins for public circulation. It is located down the street from Independence National Historic Park, a popular hot-spot for tourists.

Earlier this month, Mike and Darrin Unser of went on the public tour and also took a behind-the-scenes private tour of the Philadelphia Mint […]