U.S. Mint Welcomes 25 New Artists to Its Roster

Recommended 2024 American Women Quarter Designs
A sampling of the original designs created by artists working for the U.S. Mint for the 2024 American Women quarter dolllars

Today, March 12, the United States Mint announced the selection of 25 new artists for its Artistic Infusion Program (AIP). The AIP contracts artists to work with U.S. Mint staff during the design stage of producing coins and medals.

Alongside 13 returning members, these new artists were selected for their artistic merit through a national "Call for Artists" held in early 2023.

Below is an alphabetical list of the artists selected for the program. Names of returning AIP artists appear in italics.

Esao Andrews Christina Hess Christopher Polentz
Eric Battle Tom Hipschen Paul Romano
Tasha Beckwith Donivan Howard Ron Sanders
Sean Cheetham Kathryn Hudson Dominick Saponaro
Adrian Cherry Dave Johnson Andrew Sides
Bud Cook Robert Kraiza Greg Simkins
Emily Damstra Justin Kunz Ben Sowards
Don Everhart Richard Masters Gennady Spirin
Kimberly Fulton Katie McGuire Matt Swaim
Danny Galieote Matt Molen Sara Tepes
Lisa Goesling Sean Murray Donna Weaver
Elana Hagler Laurie Musser Beth Zaiken
Jesse Hernandez Walter O’Neal


AIP artists’ designs are found on many U.S. coins and medals. AIP artists:

  • Receive a set fee of $3,000 per assignment and earn a bonus fee of $5,000 per design selected for minting.
  • Are named as designers in historical documents, U.S. Mint Certificates of Authenticity, and promotional materials.
  • Have their initials appear on the final coin or medal.
  • Are able to work from their own studios.

Details and photographs of the recently chosen artists can be found on the U.S. Mint’s website at https://www.usmint.gov/learn/artists.

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Sorry to be critical but I hope these aren’t the AWQ artists.

Our modern coinage is less than to be desired imho


I would say that’s a BIG understatement. I’ll bet they’re more DEI implants. The only coins that I plan on buying will be the Morgan/Peace dollars and maybe the Flowing Hair gold coin, unless the premium is outrageous.

East Coast Guru

Agree with the above comments. US Mint is basically telling us to “shut up and eat your peas” I am focusing on older pre-33 gold. No need to play the mint’s game. As stated in the movie (I think called Patriot Games) “the only winning strategy is not to play the game”


It was War Games with Matthew Broderick


I fully agree – I learned this year Gibson funded a DEI department in the mint so I have resolved to buy zero race or gender based coins this year.

It’s massive overkill. Glad to see I’m not alone.


I’m with you! I’m not buying anything with a male or female figure or any depiction with European features. Let’s go for shrubbery and birds like last year!

Paul S.

I share the sentiment with my fellow collectors, please keep political agendas away from the US Mint. No plans on my part to buy this garbage.

Last edited 25 days ago by Paul S.