U.S. Mint Striking Ceremony for 2024 Greatest Generation Coins at Philadelphia

2024 Greatest Generation Half Dollar - Obverse and Reverse
U.S. Mint images of the 2024 Greatest Generation Half Dollar

Kristie McNally, Deputy Director of the United States Mint, will host a closed gathering at the Philadelphia Mint this Wednesday, December 13th, at 11 a.m. The event will feature the ceremonial striking of 2024 Greatest Generation Commemorative Coins.

McNally will be joined by Ms. Jane Droppa, Chair, Friends of the National World War II Memorial, and Jeff Reinbold, Superintendent, National Mall, and Memorial Parks.

In accordance with Public Law 117-162, cited as the Greatest Generation Commemorative Coin Act, the coins honor the service and sacrifice of American soldiers and civilians during World War II. The act grants authority to the U.S. Mint to produce and sell the gold, silver and clad commemorative coins.

When sold, and as directed by law, coin prices will include surcharges of $35 for each $5 gold coin, $10 for each silver dollar, and $5 for each clad half dollar. These surcharges will be directed toward Friends of the National World War II Memorial to support the National Park Service in maintaining and repairing the World War II Memorial. They will also be used for educational and commemorative programs.

Images of the coins were just recently unveiled.

The U.S. Mint will commence the sale of the commemoratives on Feb. 29, 2024, at noon ET, through catalog.usmint.gov.

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Dazed and Coinfused

Surcharge used for educational and other commemorative. Guess just a funnel for more DEI coins. Why no Surcharge for tubman coins and money go toward the targeted demographic? Oh right, let the greatest generation subsidize the diversity coins. Perhaps the charges for education will be sent to build a new political science or religious studies building at Harvard. Maybe the mint should switch to gofundme and have the collectors donate to the coins they support and then adjust the mintage and distribution of funds accordingly. With cost already inflated I am not paying an additional fee just to buy. My… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

I have correction, somehow I missed the article from CN about the Tubman ceremony from end of Nov. When sold, and as directed by Public Law 117-163, each coin will include surcharges of $35 for the $5 gold coin, $10 for the silver dollar, and $5 for the clad half dollar. These surcharges will be directed towards supporting the missions of two important institutions: the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc., in Auburn, New York. Not educational or for other commemorative purposes. Equal, but better. Equal but preferential. Equal but special. Equal… Read more »


Dazed, I won’t be charged 1 penny, or cent, for anything related to that Tubman series. Why you ask, because I won’t be purchasing any coin with such an ugly portrait on the obverse. I have about as much desire to fund those two public funded enterprises as I do about funding Hunters crack/cocaine habit. I kinda hope the mint continues on with their DEI bullish*t, as it enables me to funnel even more dollars into investments that are paying me very nice dividends and returns. I see that the FED (Powell) is considering lowering interest rates three times next… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Craig
Dazed and Coinfused

Cnbc says

Former Facebook diversity strategist pleads guilty to stealing more than $4 million from company
UPDATED WED, DEC 13 2023 3:25 PM EST
Dan Mangan.

Even when ya give preference, and make a job title specifically for them, they still prove time and time again that it’s never enough. They must also stick it to the man. Maybe that dolezal chick will take her spot.


The media sure gives all these individuals their 15 minutes of fame. But I guess if you scoop these ‘diversity’ types from off the street, like in Chicago for instance, can one be surprised if their habits remain the same. By the way, how many of the 7 iterations of the Tubman series will you be buying. I don’y think these will last long, they look so nice!

Dazed and Coinfused

Absolutely zero. Maybe they should have had the Kardashians photoshop Tubman pics for her. Not big enough to use as scarecrow, too expensive to repel flies. At a time when they made up 2% of population they want to remove 90 for 1 any southern history. Expecting to have 100% of every slave to have their own chapter while erasing 100% of other’s history. Good bad or indifferent. I don’t see ww2 being removed from textbooks or school curriculum. French and Indian War still included. I think the injuns have a valid complaint. But, once the history rewritten, erased and… Read more »

Seth Riesling

FYI, Correction, sort of, to this article & to the U.S. Mint’s website, brochure mailings etc. – not 1 cent in the surcharges we pay for the official commemorative coins required by Congress & the president under public laws goes to the non-profit organizations unless a specific commemorative coin program makes a profit after all expenses for that program incurred by the Mint. Many such U.S. Mint commemorative coin programs have not made a profit & the Mint keeps the surcharges we pay to do creative accounting to show no lose, but no profit so that they are not required… Read more »


I did not know this. I thought the surcharges went to the non-profits automatically. Guess I have quite a refund coming – I’ve bought every modern proof commemorative since the 1982 George Washington half dollar.

James Bailey

Great job too the designer Love it