U.S. Mint Vault Sale For Cyber Monday

US Mint Vault Sale For 2023 Cyber Monday
U.S. Mint Vault Sale For 2023 Cyber Monday

The United States Mint’s online shopping center is promoting a "Vault Sale" for Cyber Monday, featuring nearly five dozen products, some of which have not been seen for some time.

These products include older gold, platinum, palladium and silver coins, including several five-ounce pieces. The oldest among the listed products dates back to 2016, while the youngest is from 2021.

"We’ve opened our vault and dug deep to offer you some of our most iconic coins and medals. These products haven’t been offered for sale recently, but we’re dusting them off to give you one last chance to add them to your collection," states the U.S. Mint’s online page for the promotion.

"Products in the Vault Sale are not offered at a discount. There is a household limit of 1 on these products."

To check out the sale, visit the Mint’s Vault Sale page.

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What a joke!They didn’t specify you had to hit get access in the email to get to the stuff without going in the waiting room twice.The prices were ridiculous.

Bob Silver

Like waiting for a much hyped-up destination spot, then you get there and say “This is it?”.

Dazed and Coinfused

i am picturing John Candy saying “welcome to wally world, sorry, we’re closed”


I got in quickly but then was shown a page that said my search was empty, zero items shown. After 20 minutes I got into the “vault” list only to find that anything I would have considered was not available (…again). I think I’ll enjoy a glass of sour grape juice. A toast,– to the money I’ve saved and things I needn’t keep track of.

Dazed and Coinfused

The fastest way to get past the waiting room was to order them online as magic mike got em all


Wow, what a BS move to increase the pricing on the America the Beautiful coins by $151 dollars with no Notice Published in the Federal Register. The last published increase was Oct 20, 2020 increasing from $178.25 to $229 which was the last price in play for the 2021 Tuskegee 5oz coin. No increase in price nor announcement, until today! SMH WTH! I was fairly confident, the US Mint was or is required to make a published announcement in the Federal Register, prior to raising prices on numismatic products?


I’ve got the entire series of these 5 oz AtB coins, some like the Hawaiian issue I bought 4. Glad I don’t have any holes to fill since the benevolent Mint only wants $380.00 for each one. We can leave $90 billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan, but can’t buy a 5 oz silver coin for less than what it was originally priced in its year of issue. Amazing.


Craig, that’s awesome you’ve got the whole set of ATB’s. I’d intended to do the same, however with the last couple of years and the price increases at the Mint, I stopped in 2019. I’m missing 2020, 2021 in addition to 2016 as well as George Rogers Clark, Ellis Island as well as San Antonio Missions. Missing 2020, 2021 and San Antonio Missions by choice. I’m missing 2016 and the others due to US Mint, Fed Ex, USPS and CC company fiasco, that froze up my US Mint account for 2 1/2 years. One has to be careful how you… Read more »


CaliSkier, Sorry to hear about your problems with all of those entities, although to freeze up your account for 2 1/2 years must have involved a brick of gold, no? The ATB 5 oz set is indeed one of my favourite whole collections I own, but as you know, It is also one of my most expensive sets. I have to say I was relieved after I received the last one, so was my checking account! I do have to give credit to the mint for the quality of those big coins. I always inspect each closely, with a magnifying… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Our greatest aircraft carrier doesn’t even have working toilets and costs $40,000 or $400,000 a day because of it. Even trump’s golden toilet and golden showers wouldn’t cost that much to install. That’s why women shouldn’t be in the navy as they can’t pee over the rails.

Dazed and Coinfused

Nothing more transparent than Obama and biden admin. Perhaps the info you seek was hidden in the fine print of the save the Ukraine and jews relief fund. Or the sponsor the illegals bill. With 10,000 pages for everything and each page as confusing as ikea assembly instructions I can see why. Maybe George Santos will fix it before he involuntarily retires this week.


I’m not a fan of Obama by neither, but why the anti-Jewish comment, this is supposed to be about points, not your personal feelings or dislikes maybe that’s what everyone’s leaving

Dazed and Coinfused

i guess if you look for anti jew connection you find it. the point i was making is that nothing is done openly anymore and that all these quick pass it bills or biden’s by king’s proclamation (executive order) for emergency aid (whether hurricane, fire, tsunami, flood, landslide, snowstorm, ice storm, power outage, or in this case, the hot topic is getting money to save the ukrainians and save the jews) thus is the where they would also hide the increase in cost of mint coins, or $175,000 to give to feinstein daughter. good old tax dollars to prop up… Read more »


Please keep the conversation about coins. There are enough idiot people in the world making anti-Semitic comments that we do not need them here.

Mike Petraitis

I agree with you on that statement 100%.

Dazed and Coinfused

Well. That ends purchases for me this year. Tomorrow’s release is just nuts in price. I doubt a quick sell out, unless magic mike and company pounce to try to find errors and 70s. Makes no sense to me.


Disapointed…waited in queue for about 20 minutes, clicked on Cyber Sale…screen said no items available. I thought WOW all sold out in 6 minutes! Needed to leave, went back 3 hours later and there were the items. If they do ths again, I suggest listing the items before sale…if no interest, no need to add to internet traffic.


I doubt I will receive any kind of tangible answer, quantifiable or other wise, however I just sent this off to the US Mint. At least tell me that they’d like to answer, however they need a pice of “snail mail” in order to elaborate further. I’ll let you all know what, when or anything that may come back in the form of a valid e-mail response. I used the same(US Mint) address I posed the 2 headed Jovita Idar, 2 headed quarter question to, of which they did respond. So fingers crossed! “Hello US Mint: Can you please, clearly… Read more »


Repost of Mint answer from MNB, with references to another commenter on Mint News Blog, so no one gets overly confused;. Just a heads up. “Horrible as well as Lazy, Lame Ass excuse and steadfast pattern on how to answer pricing inquiries from a “drop down “ menu at the US Mint! Terrible customer service with Zero information re: my VERY “ point blank” question. I’m pondering an escalation, for what and why, I don’t know, other than Principal! No mention of Silver, America the Beautiful or “this actual unannounced price increase,”, in this LAME response/reply. “Dear CaliSkier, Thank you… Read more »


CaliSkier, Thank you for your attempt with the mint and the info. As I recall, the highest price for some of the 5 oz ATB’s charged by the mint was $279.95 Silver during some of those years was higher then now. So, do you think if some one wanted to return some coins the mint would credit them at the $380? Then you could buy back some of them from the “big ones” for $250. Good profit! As to the vault, there were a couple items on it that I had asked to be notified if they became available. Never… Read more »


You are welcome Chuck. Damn, they have got me riled. I posted another comment here on Coin News, however website addresses threw it into moderation: I’ll try and re-compose for a work around. It has to do with emailing those at the US Mint DIRECTLY.



I don’t know why you’re getting worked up over the mint. This is our government at work, and as a business owner, I’ve long ago ceased getting upset with the total incompetence at most of our federal institutions. My assessment of our government is they want your money, not your problems. Good luck with your conflict with the mint, but all it’ll lead to is a heart attack or stroke. Have a strong drink and relax, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

Dazed and Coinfused

Just wait a while, I’m sure they’ll answer you soon as they have been circling back for a long time now, almost 3 years. I think I got 1 or 2 of the 5 oz coins as I started around 2016 2017 buying from the mint. So I am not vested in any collections really. Missed the ase sets, totally no old Morgan’s, all the cc coins I knew of were sold while I was deployed. And steel cents and old buffalo’s and many other 1880s coins. I gave up on palladium after finding out first coin ever was dealer… Read more »


Antonio, I’m curious if you managed to pick yourself up 1 of the 2021 W Tyoe 1(Mercanti) American Silver Eagle Proof coins that was available today? You’d previously mentioned missing out in 2021?


I just looked and noticed all those ATB pucks are also listed on the ATB page. No notice that the 5oz coins were being re-priced to $380 from what had been previously listed for the 2021 P Tuskegee Airmen 5oz at $229. What gives US Mint? Last time I visited(3-4wks ago) the America the Beautiful page the Tuskegee Airmen coin was listed as currently unavailable and with the last known and Federally Registered(Oct 29, 2020) price of $229? Last time I checked, you didn’t, just on a whim, change or increase pricing. There is a proper or legitimate way to… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

Probably another biden executive order (king’s proclamation)


So for any that are willing to try multiple versions of e-mail addresses and “LIGHT UP” the US Mint via e-mails. One or more are bound to work or get through? Here is what I found on e-mailing US Mint employees. See Link to United States Mint E-mail Format https://rocketreach.co/united-states-mint-email-format_b5c60a1bf42e0c52 “United States Mint Email Formats and Examples
Email Format Example Percentage” Come on, I know that a bunch of you are not amused, nor pleased with this Gimmick, presented by the US Mint. I know many don’t care about those ATB pucks, however this IMO was the biggest screw up and… Read more »


Here is the above link 1’more time.1st one was recognized as text vs link. Hope it works for any curious on how to contact the Mint directly.



Consider sending this or a similar e-mail. For fellow Coin News commenters review and feedback, prior to me firing off tomorrow. Thanks “Dear Director Ventris Gibson and Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, Keith Adams, Im writing you today, in order to inquire as to how the United States Mint, managed or decided to raise the price of the America the Beautiful 5 ounce coins, by $151 dollars, without a published notice in the Federal Register? I previously sent an e-mail(see below) to the “support” e-mail address, which returned an unsatisfactory e-mail response. “Hello US Mint: Can you please, clearly… Read more »

Chris Terp

There are so few coin collectors to make a dent at the Mint or more importantly at the Treasury Department for any change or answers – sad.

Maybe a campaign to the CCAC will get more attention than writing to the Mint or Treasury Department.

Dazed and Coinfused

Boycott mint, buy from foreign mints.

Domenic Vaiasicca

Well…..that was a joke move by mint. Lets raise the prices on all precious metal coins remaining and release them on cyber Monday. Those 5oz coins….ahahahaha….seriously??? What benefit, other than for the mint, was there for the consumer other than advertising coins so it can get rid of old stock. Big joke.


Well, it WAS Fun! After a few weeks of seeing how this Coin News comments blog evolved w/o Major D and Kaiser Wilhelm, I’m throwing in the towel. You all take care, keep up with coins, your collections and enjoy what’s left of our US Mint and it’s hugely overpriced offerings. Lastly, I apologize to Major D and Kaiser Wilhelm if I contributed in any way, to your departures from Coin News. Peace…


PS Not sure yet whether to CLEAR/eradicate my comments so you all have a clean slate?

Chris Terp

Oh nos! Not another departure. I hope you change your mind and stick around my coin collecting friend.

Dazed and Coinfused

Aw man. Another one leaving? It’ll be just 3 people if you did. Yeah it sucks they are gone, major d not so much, but still a little. I probably had a little to do with that, but since I hadn’t been on here much in 2 months I don’t think my role was that large. I blame that self proclaimed savior for it. I won’t say any names, but their initials are Jeff

Chris Terp

Yep, the waiting room ensured I got nothing I wanted. I figured this would happen but gave it a try. Maybe I will walk over to the U.S. Mint store here in downtown D.C. at lunch today to scout any goodies there.


They should have called it the Mint’s Cyber Monday’s BS Sale. My bet would be that the mint gave the Bulk Buyers first shot and they got the mine, and left the $h–t for the average joe. Seconds after it started, the mint site switch to the waiting room.

Dazed and Coinfused

Cyborg Monday. All the bots got the coins. Odd they sold out in seconds. So inside trading as I’m sure thr APs and dealers knew what the sales were and agreed to split up sales between them can you imagine 3,000 of an item and 9 dealers all placing order of 3,000. Or 8 trying to all buy 1,000 each. And then do that for each offering. I imagine a can’t fulfill message if more in cart than available, but by how many do you reduce to retry? How long would it take? And if several offerings, which did they… Read more »