2023-S Proof Morgan and Peace Dollars Launch August 9


Yesterday, on May 2, CoinNews reported that the United States Mint had scheduled the release of the uncirculated 2023-P Uncirculated Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars for July 13. Now, the Mint reveals that the proof versions of the dollars will be released on August 9. The final 2023 Morgan and Peace dollar product, the reverse proof set, is still expected to be released sometime this fall.

Mint image 2023-S Proof Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars
U.S. Mint images of their 2023-S Proof Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. The coins will go on sale August 9.

The two uncirculated dollars are produced at the Philadelphia Mint to a higher quality than regular coinage, although they have a similar appearance to coins found in circulation. On the other hand, the proof dollars are struck at the San Francisco Mint and are of the highest quality, with frosted designs that contrast against mirror-like backgrounds.

When yesterday’s article was published, subscriptions were available for all products except the uncirculated Morgan dollar. Today, the subscription for the uncirculated Peace dollar is also no longer available. Currently, the subscription pages for both dollars offer a ‘Remind Me’ option in case any become available due to cancellations.

Mint subscriptions work much like magazine subscriptions, where subscribers receive products as soon as they become available. For those who prefer not to subscribe, the Mint is reserving a limited quantity of 10% of each product for sale at the time of launch.

Here are the options, mintages, order limits, and pricing for each product:

2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar Products

Product Release Date Mint / Mint Mark Mintage Household Order Limit Price
2023-P Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar July 13 Philadelphia – No Mint Mark 275,000 25 $76.00
2023-P Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar July 13 Philadelphia – No Mint Mark 275,000 25 $76.00
2023-S Proof Morgan Silver Dollar August 9 San Francisco – S 400,000 25 $80.00
2023-S Proof Peace Silver Dollar August 9 San Francisco – S 400,000 25 $80.00
2023-S Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Reverse Proof Set Fall San Francisco – S 250,000 5 $185.00


The U.S. Mint’s subscription product page for Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars is located here.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

The subscriptions for both of the Uncirculated Silver Dollars are now full. I wonder how long until the same thing is true of the Proof Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars?

Dazed and Coinfused

A $1 trillion platinum coin could save the US from economic catastrophe in less than a month. It would be fast, legal, and no bigger than a regular coin.

Rumor has it MM will have 3 advance release in limited edition exclusive label Ms 70 available by next week. It is also rumored that he is having the fiji mint produce it in reverse proof, the way the mint should have done it.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Awesome scenario, Dazed and Coinfused; it’s very fortunate you have secret sources!
A thought. The Fiji Mint is to numismatics what Buck Rogers is to the space program.
Pictured below, Fiji coin in Red Oak?

Dazed and Coinfused

The top part about the coin was the headline from insider magazine I think. But also seeing other sources about yellen can use it as a fix all. From the constitution or from law code whatever. So many executive orders and budget decisions made by unky joke. Since queen Elizabeth wasn’t a dude she can’t be considered real royalty. Now that Chucky takes over we can see how powerful a king can be. But I am confident it won’t come close to king biden. Soon he’ll be fighting king DeSantis. And we’ll enter the dark ages and probably finished off… Read more »


C’mon man, if I read your comments correctly, I’m going to put you down as an “optimist”, maybe? Remember Dazed, America is full of the brightest intellects on this planet, refer to Maxine Watters as an example.And uncle Joe is at the top of his game and simply “exudes” confidence and strength in all that he does. C’mon man! I’m not joking! Also, we don’t need to reproduce anymore as there are plenty of high IQ individuals coming across our southern border each day that love to “get busy.” Also, don’t tell me ‘same same’ can’t procreate, didn’t mayor Pete… Read more »

Dazed and Coinfused

I bet if biden sent corn pop to Europe is is, Taliban, boko haram, Somali pirates, Russia and China would fall in line. No hyperbole, daddy taught me that. And poor sonny boy would be alive today, but this beneficiary money and back pay I’m getting as his next of kin and the cash his kids get which I am in charge of as their custodian is not enough. I need an executive order for the biden Jr pact act. Banks are fine. And even with 2 oil tankers hijacked by Iran gas prices are going down. I don’t have… Read more »

Richard J Margolis

by 2024, all of the new citizens will be voting for Uncle Joe

Seth Riesling

Thank G-D for new minority citizens that become Democrats & coin collectors too…



Amen, and thanks for providing some semblance of a link to numismatics with your post. As with so many things these days, the constant blathering about politics is beginning to ruin the comment section of this site. Maybe that’s the point. Make everything unreadable and people will read nothing. It appears this site is not moderated but it would sure would be nice if commenters focused their musings on coins and coin collecting. There are plenty of digital locales to rant about politics and culture. There are so very few where coins can be the focus of discussion. I fear… Read more »


There’s one individual in particular who posts here – who tries to impress or be humorous with his odd way of writing – that pretty much insures that not many people will participate in this forum as far as coins go. Coinnews is a good resource but unfortunately the comments section is mostly restricted to a small like-minded clique that pretty much insures that not many others will participate.


C’mon man, are you telling me they are making a $1 trillion platinum coin and not doing it in Proof condition? We need to get Jamie Dimon to bail out that Fiji Mint.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Craig and Dazed and Coinfused,
Hitler’s Germany and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe both printed those ultra-high-value notes and we know where that got them. How about we just get rid of the cent instead.


Does it concern you that we now have commercials running about defaming Jews? I remember, as a youth, reading about Germany during WW2 and thinking how is something like that possible. Now we have references to “Nazi’s” made almost everyday. Mostly by democrats and left wing talking heads. I thought we were past that ugly history long ago. I’m not sure if removing the cent from our coinage consumption would solve anything, but it might be worth a shot. Or maybe they could just reduce the production of them by half. It’s rare for me to make a transaction in… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m somewhat perplexed and confused, Craig, regarding your apparent contention that references made by “Democrats and left wing talking heads” about Nazis in America is somehow bringing up an “ugly history” that you “thought we were past long ago”. One doesn’t in any way do anything to bring back Nazism by shining a spotlight on it but instead by giving it a whole new life the way America’s right-wing neo-fascist militia groups such as those who were deeply involved in the Jan. 6 Insurrection are doing (and with Trump’s complicity at that). It is precisely the anti-semitic, racist, misogynist and… Read more »


Kaiser, That’s your view on the state of America, not mine. I take it you’re a ‘left-winger’ and that’s fine, but how is that working out for you in life? I still am perplexed why people like you are so fixated on Trump. How many times do I have to say that he isn’t the current president! BYW, those individuals in you meme look familiar, oh yeah, I remember them from the 2020 rioting…Antifa right?


Aren’t there other boards you can spout this crap on? Please do. Nobody really cares what you think here.


You are not the only one who has noticed this.


Craig, you took the words right out of my mouth regarding Kaiser. Bravo!!


To be honest – Kaiser is the reason that I stopped looking at this site. I just came back after a long break (about 8 months) he’s still spewing the same old crap. This discussion should be about coins not the same old left wing or right wing crap Think I need another break COINS Gentlemen, COINS


We are going to …we are going back to the 1,2,3,4,5,10,20,50,100$ dollar bills like before …there are pennies out here in your pocket worth more then your house and car ,,I wish we go back to Morgan DOLLAR

Richard J Margolis

MM keeps on pushing the 2022 Morgan dollars by Fiji, It is a simple copy and worth melt valuei. He must get a lot of buyers to pay for his ads


the mint should make 40 of these Trillion dollar coins to pay off the national debt and have the first surplus since 1835 when the US had no debt.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Incidentally, there is less than a month’s gap between the releases of the Uncirculated and Proof versions of the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. I guess we will have to start looking harder for change on the sidewalk to build up our buying kitty.

Dazed and Coinfused

Luckily you just want cats. But it could still rain cats and dogs, hopefully enough cats to cover your itch.

Kaiser Wilhelm

At the tail end of the disco era it was raining more than just cats and dogs…

Seth Riesling

Kaiser, I love that song so much!…the two ladies were known as the musical duo ‘Two Tons of Fun’ before changing their name to “The Weather Girls”. The song was written by Paul Schaefer who headed David Letterman’s band on his great late night talk show. The ladies were also backup singers for Sylvester (the late great gay disco era singer who died of AIDS at an early age) -Sylvester James Jr. RIP. He left his royalties in his will to a food bank in San Francisco that delivers meals to people who are HIV positive & those with AIDS.… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

For a couple of women who might just make modern “body positive” models seem anorexic in comparison, Seth, they sure seemed to have lots of energy going there; most likely it was their infectious enthusiasm!
What a thoughtful person Sylvester was to leave his money to that AIDS food bank. Blessed are the caring, the kind and the generous.


I have yet to see it raining men, much less cats and dogs.

Kaiser Wilhelm

It’s all a matter of having the patience to wait long enough for the yet.

Chris Terp

Yep two months in-a-row w/multiple coin launches on same day. Guess the folks who subscribed to 25 coins will have a good sized bill those days.

Kaiser Wilhelm

The truth likely is, Chris, that if you can afford to buy 25 each of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars the same day, money is possibly not a problem in your life.


I think these dates will straddle one billing cycle for myself. Hope not though. I think I may be at 50 or so total across all four coins. Then add the gold and silver American Liberty on August 10 and yes it will be a nice size bill. Good chance I may give some back to them.

Kaiser Wilhelm

You can always try your luck at the race track or sell to the local blood bank.

Dazed and Coinfused

Hmm. Reply awaiting approval. Guess the censorship has entered. Oddly. It’s all truth. All backed by fact and research. Maybe I said Joe too much.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Truth is relative, facts and research are blah, but you can never say Joe too much.

Last edited 27 days ago by Kaiser Wilhelm

The 2 coin reverse proof set is now at “Remind Me” status.

Seth Riesling

With the Mint reserving 10% of the mintages for the first day of issue to the public, that leaves about 25,000 of the 2-coin sets available at $185 each some day in the “Fall” according to their product schedule. It gives a fair chance for everyone to get the 5 sets household limit.



Everyone had ample time during the subscription process. The day of sale should be interesting. Fair as fair could be.

Seth Riesling

Yes…the Mint’s subscription program is very fair & you get free shipping too (a $5.95 per order savings).


Major D

I especially like that subscription orders (which have free shipping) count towards the Loyalty Program’s “3 orders for free shipping”. I was able to order Congrat sets on release day with free shipping that way.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I’m glad they did that, Major D. It’s a nice boost toward free shipping.