U.S. Mint Tours Reopen

US Mint in Philadelphia
A CoinNews photo of the Philadelphia Mint, one of several U.S. Mint production facilities

Public tours of coin production facilities at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints have reopened, the United States Mint announced this week. They had been closed since March 2020 in response to COVID-19 safety measures. The sales shops at both locations have also reopened.

All tours will close when the COVID-19 community level is high, the U.S. Mint notes, saying:

"Please note that during High COVID-19 community levels, tours of the Mint facilities at Denver and Philadelphia will be suspended, and gift shops will be closed.

Tour participants must comply with all COVID-19 safety requirements (including but not limited to mask wearing) in effect at the Mint at the time of the tour.

Tours are subject to cancellation, possibly with little or no notice, when circumstances warrant building closure or other cancellation at the Mint’s sole discretion."

US Mint in Denver, Colorado
A CoinNews photo of the Denver Mint

Tours at the Philadelphia Mint are self-guided and require no reservation while those at the Denver Mint are led by tour guides and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Both tours are free.

More information about Philadelphia Mint tours is located here. More information about Denver Mint tours is located here.

The U.S. Mint also offers virtual tours through a mobile app from the Apple’s App Store® (found here) or Google Play™ (found here).

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I know! I got the email! How exciting! I’ve only visited the San Francisco, Carson City and New Orleans mints. I good opportunity to learn about the production of our currency and get a nice mint souvenir. I have a bronze medal I “minted” from the San Francisco mint. I hope to return to Nevada and have one from the Carson City “mint” one day. The New Orleans “mint” is currently a jazz museum with a small section about the former mint. Still a nice building though.


Go for it Antonio, you might also pick up some nice mint error coins just lying around.


The data is in “Recession” however, Wall Street decided to shrug it off and rally anyways



And they say you can’t make money in a recession. I’m laughing all the way to the bank.



Right On!

I would rather be gambling in the Pit then setting on the sidelines –

Tomorrow is Dividend Pay Day on one of my REITS (TWO) not to mention I bought in at $4.32



I also have a couple REITs and absolutely love their dividend payments. One has payed me over $12,000 a year for decades. By the way Senza,, Fred Flintstone hasn’t gone Woke has he? They sure are bastardising all the ‘classic’ cartoons that I enjoyed in my youth.I feel sorry for todays kids.


I sure hope they didn’t get to Fred


So Welma and Betty divorced their husbands and are now married to each other, and Fred and Barney are the same, married to each other. Only Bambam and Pebbles are “normal”. They’re grandparents to adorable grandchildren.


I bet Biden can’t wait to dedicate a US Mint coin to them


Congrats Antonio, First-On-Thread Champion and those are amazing Mint stories –


And a good reason to visit any of those mints. I believe the idea to strike your own mint medal with its mint mark is a good one.



Don’t worry if you don’t find an error coin – I have plenty to go around and mine also come directly from the US Mint.

There’s chocolate in Them Thar Hills


I’ve seen the Granite Lady in San Francisco, the Philadelphia Mint, the Mint building in New Orleans and the site of the mint in Dahlonega. While in the Big Easy I bought first and last year dimes minted there. I tried to do the same with “D” $5 Half Eagles but I couldn’t find any locally. I talked to a big trader of them but he didn’t have any in stock. If you ever get a chance to see Dahlonega, do it. You’ll love it.


Carson City is a nice one as well. When I went there, it hadn’t yet been made into a natural history museum and was completely devoted to its years as a mint, complete with a mock up of a silver mine. Interesting to say the least.


I’ll have to check it out.


I just read in today’s News that hospitals on the east coast were filled to capacity due to COVID-19 – was this fake news or did the Mint just decide to re-open at the worst possible time


Hint, hint.


I applaud that observation.