US Mint APs Offered First and Last Runs of 2021 American Eagle Bullion Coins

Edges of Type 2, 2021 American Silver Eagle bullion coins
This CoinNews photo shows the edges of new, Type 2 American Silver Eagle bullion coins. These are minted with investors in mind. In addition to an anti-counterfeit reeded edge variation, they feature a refreshed obverse (heads) and a completely redesigned reverse (tails).

The United States Mint released more information about their sale, which began Aug. 9, of last and first production runs of 2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver Bullion Coins to Authorized Purchasers (APs). APs consist of major coin and precious metals dealers, brokerage companies, and other participating financial intermediaries.

New information about the bullion coins includes their product codes, their production dates and their box serial numbers. The U.S. Mint also explained that most of the products required multiple days to strike and, resultantly, it could only offer them as "last production runs" and "first production runs."

The Mint’s release information about the offerings follows.

Planned sale of the Last and First American Eagle Silver and Gold One Ounce Bullion Coins to Authorized Purchasers

Early in 2021, the Mint made plans to offer the last day of production of 2021 classic design American Eagle and first day of production of the new design 2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver One Ounce Bullion Coins, produced at the Mint Facility at West Point, to Authorized Purchasers. These coins were to have a market-based premium consistent with the value associated with the last of one design and the first of a new design. Because single-day production goals of 200,000 classic design AE silver, 200,000 new design AE silver and 15,000 new design AE gold were not reached, the Mint can only offer these products as "last production runs" and "first production runs" because they were struck on multiple days. The single-day production goal of 15,000 classic design AE gold was reached on 04/08/21. This message also provides a chart that distinguishes each box by the date of strike for its contents.

Box Numbers of Last and First Production Runs, Original and New Design
2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Listed below are the box (lot) numbers assigned to the boxes of the last production runs of the original design 2021 American Eagle (AE) Silver and Gold Bullion coins and the first production runs of the new design 2021 AE Silver and Gold Bullion coins, with the dates produced. Each box contains 500 one-ounce coins. These boxes went on sale to the United States Mint’s Authorized Purchasers on August 9, 2021.

1.         AE Silver (Original Design – Product Code SO21AL) produced 4/7/21 – 4/8/21:

110807 – 111006 (200 boxes)
211312 – 211511 (200 boxes)

2.         AE Gold (Original design – Product Code GO21AL) produced 4/8/21:

510884 – 510913 (30 boxes)

3.         AE Silver (New design – Product Code SO21BF) produced 5/5/21 – 5/13/21:

250001 – 250400 (400 boxes) These 400 boxes of 2021 American Eagle new design first production run coins have a label with a large "BF" under "2021" on the far right side of the label (see attached photo below). 

4.         AE Gold (New design – Product Code GO21BF) produced 4/14/21 – 4/20/21:

550001 – 550030 (30 boxes )

Note – 3,307 boxes of the new design 2021 American Eagle Silver Bullion non-first production run coins inadvertently have the SO21BF product code, with serial numbers 150001-153307. These boxes should have been labeled with the Product Code SO21B. These are NOT from the first production run, and they do NOT have the large "BF" on the far right side of the label.

AE Silver Bullion code

The chart below provides a breakdown of box numbers by production date.

AE box numbers by produciton date

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Just who cares? This only provides the information so that those that already sell these coins at a premium can charge even higher prices. Just keep checking their websites and you will see.

Larry T


I really don’t have a clue! As I said earlier, folks apparently feel the ‘coin label’ is worth whatever premium they’re paying above the spot price of the element its made of. By the way, did you hear about Joe (our president). He wanted to buy the Peace Dollar but couldn’t get through to the Mints website. He said he kept entering http://www.usmint.gum and all he ever got was ‘page not found!’

Larry T

I wonder how many remember the ‘Doublemint Twins’ from that Wrigleys chewing ‘.gum’ commercial? “Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint gum.”

Last edited 10 months ago by Larry T
Carl Warren

I do, and also remember the Marlboro Man

Wayne Pinkham

We’re did all the Silver Eagles got that were supposed to go to public collectors.


These are the “Business Strikes” that are meant for “Investors.”


Again the exclusivity, tax dollars fund the US Mint, tax payers should be able to purchase these silver or gold coins at spot market price plus cost of production. The general citizenry doesn’t pay a premium when they produce a brand spanking new paper $1, $5, $10, $20, etc.. if I go into a bank in Dubai UAE, I can buy actual gold or silver at market price with US paper dollars (I did this in 1990). Why can’t I go into a bank in the US and purchase silver or gold coins in different denominations ? Back when I… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Neil
Carl Warren

The mint is supposed to be self-sustaining and not supported by tax dollars. they can borrow from the Treasury’s general fund but have to pay that back within a year.

Larry T

Neil, That was a time ‘Far, Far Away!’ I think those of us born before Nixon took us off the Gold Reserve can appreciate the slow spiral of the dollar into whatever it has become today. I was in CostCo the other day and pork ribs are now priced at $4.99 lb. Last year they were $2.49 lb. It appears to me inflation is running ‘a bit’ higher than stated by those economists at the Fed., even including the Covid 19 mess. As far as our debt, I’ve been concerned about it for years. I agree with the statement “debt… Read more »

Larry T

I have to update my first post. At CostCo, pork ribs are now $5.69 lb. Last week they were $4.99 lb. and last year they were $2.49 lb.! Tofu is beginning to look very appealing, no? Why Gold and Silver are down makes no sense to me.

Larry T

I hope everyone is putting a little extra $$ aside each month.Come October, I have a feeling our CC statements are going to be all United States Mint transactions. By the way, our favorite bloviating huckster Mike Mezack recently said he’ll probably have to sell the Reverse Proof Set for $2000. The last thing we need now is more people finding out about this set.


These bullion AES’s are meant for investors who prefer to ‘stack’ physical silver, rather than collectors. However, the authorized purchasers are now selling these ASE’s for more than $10/oz over the spot price.

They are getting away with ripping people off, and the Mint enables this by selling these bullion ASE’s to them at a low markup over spot.

Pre-1965 ‘junk’ silver coins are a good alternative investment. Just saying…


Robert Bart

What good are those US Mint notices if we can’t buy anything? It’s an obviously rigged system. Do you know the only way to stop it is for the public to stop buying from a vendor. Let those AHs sit on a few million dollars worth of coins. Collectors either make or break this cycle. Unfortunately, there are far more greedy fake collectors then real collectors. Let those idiots buy the coins up and then, no one buy them 5 years from now. I don’t think the coin collector community is smart enough to pull this off and the awful… Read more »

Mark D.

Boycott. Boycott. Boycott. It’s not heroin, nicotine or even caffeine. Don’t duy from the mint, authorized gougers nor eFlay profiteers. Pre-1965 US coins are generally more stable in pricing, have proven their value and are just more fun. Stop supporting these greedy cheats or stop complaining about what you voluntarily do. Coin collectors of the USA unite! The only change possible is the change we make ourselves (organic pun, but hey, I’ll take it). That’s my two cents, for what it’s worth (that one was intentional, apoligies).

Mark D.

Err. To “duy” is bad, to BUY from the mint or its co-conspirators is a self-inficted wound. Damn…misspelled, “apologies,” too…so embarrassing.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

Comrade Bill, thanks for not trolling me (although, I’ve been told that fish find me very appealing). FYI, after a typical pump-the-chump Mint rip-off earlier this year, I started my boycott and the first thing I purchased with my re-directed numisti-allowance was a group of 20, no-name slabbed (not even BANACS) 1950-1963 half dollars, paying $2 over melt for each. Since then melt value has increased $3 to $5 (depending on market swings, of course). Better yet, according to Grey, they were already worth about $5 to $9 more (at dealer “buy” prices) than what I paid, with VERY conservative… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

Now, I’m going back to watching the third season of, “Detectorists,” where they start finding some truly groovy coins.

Mark D.

It’s actually a scale model of the Mint’s very own Stargate. Exclusively for use by extra-special, VERY Advanced Purchasers.

Mark D.

Ah, so you’re a Renaissance Fair afficanado. You can see real trolls there. They’re typically orange, they don’t need to wear a fright mask, or any variation thereof. They adore oxymorons, non sequiturs and are terribly haughty in regard to their profound ignorance and dyed-in despicability. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Mark D.

That rodent is wearing my family crest! I declare a coin war! Beware the ides of August. No gold bronc for you!

Larry T


I’m going to stop buying from the Mint right after I secure the Reverse Proof Set and the Uncirculated SAE Dollar. I promise!

Mark D.

Good going. However,…

Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times. (Mark Twain)

Carl Warren

Mark D.,
While I’ll be re-evaluating what I purchase from the mint and it what quantities, I will still get those coin sets that I use to continue my collections of the various denominations. Since I crack the Unc, Clad, and 1 of the 2 silver sets I get, it is the easiest and least expensive way for me to do that.

Question, though. Since I have never bought a slabbed modern coin (post 1965) from anyone and never will, is that the same as a boycott or just plain common sense?

Mark D.

I got so caught up in my rant I neglected to mention that my comments were to the room, not you in particular (I’m with you all the way, and then some). Thanks for lighting the fuse. It’s like slamming one’s head into a brick wall, it feels so good when one stops!

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

Dealers are paying a premium (small) over MELT.


Mammoth and Sir Kaiser, indeed the prices for paper silver and gold versus the prices for actual physical silver and gold is getting farther and farther apart. The most recent example of this was last Sunday night’s orchestrated flash-crash plunge, where the gold/silver price was smashed in paper while physical demand is raging and blazing. And you can’t get more physical than a Wooly Mammoth…

Wooly Mammoth.jpg

Bang a Gong. Oh yeah!

Carl Warren

Now we’re going to have, just guessing, 150,000 2 coin sets slabbed MS69/MS70 designated ‘last production run/first production run or something similar, and the other 100,000 slabbed as individuals. Because other than that, there is absolutely no legitimate reason for them to exist this way.

Unfortunately, there will be those that believe this new “rarity” will be a must have.

Carl Warren


We are.

I’m talking about the above mentioned 400,000 bullion coins the mint has so graciousily set aside for the AP’s.

I figure I’ll be racing you to get the ASE 2 coin reverse proof set. Just kidding, I hope all that try to get it are successful. Besides, as much as I want it, if I don’t get it, Oh well……. C’est la vie

Carl Warren

Coin Vault has the MS70 2 coin Final T1 First T2 Multi Holder for the astonishing low price of $229.98.

Or you can get them in single slabs from Mezack for $299.95

get ’em while they last folks!

Last edited 10 months ago by Carl Warren
Carl Warren

yep, they be bullion.

The U.S. Mint allocated and charged a premium to the very last boxes of the Type 1 Silver Eagle and the very first boxes of the Type 2 Silver Eagle. This set is certified by ANACS to have come out of those last allocated of the type 1 and first allocated of the type 2
– Both coins certified PERFECT MS70 by ANACS with “First and Last Minted 2-Coin Set” designation

Last edited 10 months ago by Carl Warren
Domenic Vaiasicca

I sooooo dislike the shenanigans of the US mint trying to make bullion strikes sound special. The business strikes DO have a spot in my collection. I get them as cheap as i can….for the hobby, not profit.