Perth Mint Bullion Sales Jump in August

Perth Mint 9999 Fine 1 Ounce Silver Bars
Perth Mint 9999 Fine 1 Ounce Silver Bars

Australian bullion products logged higher sales in August, according to figures published by The Perth Mint of Australia. The Mint’s silver sales were the best in eleven months and its gold sales the highest in five months.

The monthly gains happened against a backdrop of soaring precious metals with LBMA prices in August advancing 7.1% for gold and 11.6% for silver.

Bullion Sales in August 2019 and YTD

The Perth Mint sold 21,766 ounces in gold coins and gold bars last month, edging 1.2% higher than in June but 44.1% lower than in August 2018.

Year-to-date gold sales at 176,984 ounces are 15.4% lower than the 209,163 sold in the first eight months of last year.

August sales of the Mint’s silver coins and silver bars surged to 1,171,233 ounces, the most since September, posting increases of 18.7% from July and 125.1% from August 2018.

Perth Mint silver sales for the year at 6,439,531 ounces are 21.8% higher than the 5,288,357 ounces sold through the same months in 2018.

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales by Month

Below is a monthly summary of Perth Mint bullion sales from August 2018 to August 2019. The figures show monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped as minted products by The Perth Mint to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. It excludes sales of cast bars and other Group activities including sales of allocated/unallocated precious metal for storage by the Depository.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
  Silver Gold
August 2019 1,171,233 21,766
July 2019 987,040 21,518
June 2019 344,474 19,449
May 2019 681,582 10,790
April 2019 906,219 19,991
March 2019 935,819 32,757
February 2019 584,310 19,524
January 2019 828,854 31,189
December 2018 692,971 29,186
November 2018 876,446 64,308
October 2018 1,079,684 36,840
September 2018 1,305,600 62,552
August 2018 520,245 38,904
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