2019 American Liberty Gold Coin and Silver Medal Finishes and Mintages


The United States Mint rolled out product pages and issued press announcements in preparation for their Aug. 15 releases of their high relief American Liberty gold coin and silver medal. Mintages and finishes for the two collectibles are now known.

2019-W American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin - Packaging
U.S. Mint product images of the high relief 2019-W American Liberty Gold Coin

Each of them has a 50,000 mintage and an initial household order limit of 1 piece. In addition to their designs, as described previously, both also share similar style packaging with a black lacquered or matte hardwood presentation case and accompanying Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

2019-P American Liberty High Relief Silver Medal - Packaging
U.S. Mint product images of the high relief 2019-P American Liberty Silver Medal

The .999 fine 2019-P American Liberty 2.5-ounce silver medal has a matte finish, which is similar in appearance to an uncirculated coin. It will be $99.95.

2019-P American Liberty Silver Medal Specifications

Finish: Matte
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Diameter: 2.000 inches
(50.80 mm)
Weight: 2.500 troy oz.
(77.759 grams)
Edge: Plain
Mint and Mint Mark: Philadelphia – P


The .9999 fine 2019-W $100 American Liberty 1-ounce gold coin features an enhanced uncirculated finish.

Its price can change weekly as the U.S. Mint adjusts prices of their numismatic gold, platinum and palladium coins based on weekly averages of LBMA precious metals. The Mint’s current pricing grid has a pricing schedule for proof American Liberty gold coins but not one for those in enhanced uncirculated. The proof’s premium over an ounce of gold ranges from $390 to $440.

2019-W American Liberty Gold Coin Specifications

Denomination: $100
Finish: Enhanced Uncirculated
Composition: 99.99% Gold
Diameter: 1.205 inches
(30.61 mm)
Weight: 1.0000 troy oz.
(31.108 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W


In the press release for the gold coin, the U.S. Mint noted that Director David J. Ryder autographed a limited number of the COAs.

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I think the silver will sell out first and fast due to the first 2.5 ounces and is 50mm

Christopher Williams

I agree with Chris. The 2.5 ounces of silver is key.


If it wasn’t so expensive, as I am expecting it to be due to the price of gold , I would have loved to get one…this hobby is really becoming a shoot to the moon…will probably give up soon


Not a fan. It appears that Lady Liberty is stuck in a wind tunne!!!
Maybe next time.


I do agree. Should have made more like a headdress or Native American influenced as I thought the series was supposed to be more multicultural.

Christopher Williams

Also, thank you, Mike, for this update.

Christopher Williams

Also, looks like there are already sellers on Ebay with their presale listings.

I could never list anything that isn’t in my possession.

Christopher Williams

There is one presale for the Gold listed at $2,250.00.


I would have purchased this in the silver version if only there was a better liberty design. A missed opportunity with the unique 2.5 ounces but then again it is only a medal & not a coin.


Agree. Might have bought silver one too if a coin because of 2.5 oz. size. Know many like medals but I usually pass on them. At that price, makes more sense to buy 5 oz coin (it should always be worth $.25 or 5 1 oz. eagles should be worth $5). Can not buy everything. So, at least, when they are medals not coins it does help ones coin budget! Doubt either will sell out

Seth Riesling

The silver medal is not a Proof (the most expensive to produce, of course) & at $99.95 each with a high mintage of 50,000, I doubt it will sell out. The obverse design is lacking in aesthetics for sure.


Chas Barber

I fine the obverse design completely uninspiring & kind of bizarre, heardress? So, it’s open on top & the bottom?
It also looks EXTREMELY DIGITAL……………….pa$$


It’s interesting there’s not much chatter on this coin as was the 2017 high relief.


Probably one of the strongest designs the Mint has produced in years. Kudos to the artist for his or her brilliant interpretation of the allegorical figure of Liberty… a touch of classicism in an otherwise contemporary portrayal of this iconic figure.

Definitely a breath of fresh air from the classical depictions we have been bombarded with ad nauseam for more than a century!

Tim Thomas

Mintages are too high. I’ll pass.


i agree, the mintage number is way too high for it ever to be highly sought after and it is a medal not a coin.


1940.00 for the Gold. Good Luck!