Actor Shawn Pyfrom Finds First NGC-Certified 2019-W Quarter


The first 2019-W Quarter certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC) was found by actor Shawn Pyfrom, best known for his recurring role on ABC’s popular "Desperate Housewives" series.

2019-W Lowell quarter, certified NGC MS 67
Submitted by actor Shawn Pyfrom, this 2019-W Lowell National Historical Park quarter graded NGC MS 67

The US Mint recently announced that 10 million quarters with the "W" mint mark of the West Point Mint would be released into circulation at random.

These are the first quarters to feature a "W" mint mark and they are comparatively rare — less than 1% of all 2019-dated quarters will have the "W" mint mark.

Five different 2019-W Quarter designs will be released this year as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters Series. Each design will have a mintage of just 2 million pieces with the "W" mint mark.

The release of the first 2019-W Quarter design, which commemorates Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts, coincides with 96th annual National Coin Week, held the third week of April. This year, a group of coin dealers created the Great American Coin Hunt promotion to draw further attention to National Coin Week and the coin collecting hobby.

Pyfrom had learned about the valuable 2019-W Quarters only a day before he found one in his change from a coffee shop in Burbank, California.

"I had just heard about the Great American Coin Hunt and these ‘W’ quarters the day before," said Pyfrom, 32. "I heard they were not in circulation yet, so I was thrilled to find one!"

Pyfrom brought the coin to a local dealer, who immediately sent it to NGC for certification. NGC then confirmed that the coin was the first 2019-W Quarter that it had received. The coin is now graded NGC MS 67 and encapsulated with a label noting its significance: "First Certified" and "Great American Coin Hunt."

"This is a really exciting time in numismatics" said Rick Montgomery, NGC President and Grading Finalizer. "Mr. Pyfrom’s find shows that the US Mint is getting more people to look at their change, and that can only be a positive for numismatics."

In addition to the Lowell quarters, the US Mint will strike quarters in 2019 to commemorate American Memorial Park (Northern Mariana Islands), War in the Pacific National Historical Park (Guam), San Antonio Missions National Historic Park (Texas) and Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (Idaho).

To learn more about the 2019-W Quarters and see how to submit them to NGC for certification, visit

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Clifford Williams

Looking for information on how to acquire a roll of quarters with the W Mint mark


You can’t. They are randomly mixed with the P and D ones. I think the best you can do is what I’ll be trying, watch change, get some rolls if and when the bank has fresh ones, etc. If anyone has better ideas I’d love to hear them. Good luck.


Suspicious, someone helped

Seth Riesling

John –

Of course, someone helped. NGC & all other third-party grading companies (ANACS, ICG etc.) in the USA are privately-owned businesses, except PCGS (it is a publicly-owned stock corporation). Private companies don’t have to provide any internal information to anyone, except to the IRS. PCGS, which is owned by the public has to answer to shareholders, their board of directors & the government’s SEC among other agencies. Makes you wonder…



As much as I’m sad I didn’t find it I’m happy an actor found it maybe now he will help the coin collecting world by spreading the word that collecting is cool and get more people into it.

Clifford Williams

Anyone know where I can acquire these would love to have one in new condition


See my note above. Just keep hunting. Most people don’t have a clue about them so watch new quarters–know the 5 that will be in the 2019 series. I suspect that eventually dealers will have enough that the prices will stabilize at something fairly reasonable, but it would be much more fun to find your own!