U.S. Mint 2019 Proof Set Purchase Includes Premium ‘W’ Cent


A product that is always popular with collectors, the United States Mint at noon EST today will release its annual proof set of clad coinage. As an added bonus, every set shipped will also include a special "premium coin."

U.S. Mint 2019 Proof Set and W Cent
U.S. Mint image of its 2019 Proof Set and the separately packaged “W” cent that comes with it

Traditionally, annual proof sets contain coins with the "S" mint mark of the San Francisco Mint. That tradition holds true for the 2019 Proof Set and its 10 coins. This year, however, buyers of the set will also receive a separately packaged proof cent with the "W" mint mark of the West Point Mint. No Lincoln cent has ever before held this mark.

Priced at $27.95, which is the same price as last year’s set, the complete list of coins when buying the 2019 Proof Set includes:

  • 2019-S Native American dollar (Mary Golda Ross design)
  • 2019-S Kennedy half dollar
  • 2019-S Lowell National Historical Park (Massachusetts) quarter
  • 2019-S American Memorial Park (Northern Mariana Islands) quarter
  • 2019-S War in the Pacific National Historical Park (Guam) quarter
  • 2019-S San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (Texas) quarter
  • 2019-S Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (Idaho) quarter
  • 2019-S Roosevelt dime
  • 2019-S Jefferson nickel
  • 2019-S Lincoln cent
  • 2019-W Lincoln cent (premium coin packaged separately)

Six of the coins have one-year-only designs, including the quarter-dollars that are issued as part of the U.S. Mint’s ongoing America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. The program features five different designs annually with each honoring a unique site of national interest.

Photo of 2019-S Proof America the Beautiful Quarters and Lens
Above is a CoinNews photo of a lens holding this year’s five quarters. In addition to the set for release today for $27.95, the proof quarters are also available separately as part of the 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. The U.S. Mint released this set on Jan. 15 for $15.95.

2019 Native American $1 Coins
A CoinNews photo 2019 Native American $1 Coins. The U.S. Mint began selling rolls and bags of circulating-quality dollars on Feb. 13. A higher quality proof version of the dollar is included in the 2019 Proof Set.

Honoring American Indians in the Space Program, this year’s Native America dollar is the other coin with a unique design.

Proof Coins

Coins for circulation are made at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Proof coins from the San Francisco and West Point Mints are produced with extra care, featuring frosted designs set against mirror-like backgrounds. They are struck multiple times resulting in an increased level of detail using polished dies and hand-polished blanks.


The U.S. Mint offers the 2019 Proof Set from its online store, located here, or by calling toll-free at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

No mintage, household or order limits have been established.

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The bottom-line, unfortunately, is that there is no limit on these sets. I think that kills the hype.


Agree. Any modern Mint product with rare exceptions is a loss. High production and 2 to 3 times spot cost make them a loser for silver coins and these pennies will be bought up by the large dealers and slabbed by the tens of thousands.

Seth Riesling

If I remember right, this is the first free coin with purchase the Mint has done since the special 50th anniversary
1996-W Roosevelt clad dime packaged separately with a description fold-over card that was free with the 1996 annual Uncirculated Mint set. That coin has a small premium today, but this cent will not, as over 300,000 Proof sets will be sold this year.



Even at 300k that still makes it more rare than the 1909SVDB. So given time it will be a rare collectible needed to complete the penny set.


I wonder what the mint has up its sleeve for the silver proof set? Wouldn’t a proof penny in silver be interesting??


Just got an email from the mint saying a reverse proof W cent will be included with silver proof set and an unc W will come with the uncirculated set.


Thanks for the info.
The silver set is on my list this year.

David Mediate

I’ve read there supposed to have three different releases for the Lincoln Cent This year?

Jeff in TX

Their is no guarantee that the U.S Mint will keep putting the W – pennies with the 2019 set all the way to full mintage . Could stop at anytime just to keep people on their toes.


That’s interesting. I hope that’s the case.

Jeff in TX

Hope they do that on all of these pennies from West Point. That would shake it up. Making the value change. Ordered one set . I’ just a collector. Looking for big values on the coins I buy for my collection.


My order is being processed by the mint, and the order is for 3 sets, and it also has 2 line items for 3 – 2019-w pennies (looks like a total of 6). i don’t know if I’m getting 3/6 pennies, but should know next week.


I stand corrected. The order lists 3 pennies and 3 penny envelopes. Sorry, did not read the order close enough.


Have they in recent times ever done this with a special mintage?

Seth Riesling

jon –

That is exactly the case. The free cent is packaged in a flexible plastic baggie & includes a color graphics printed envelope to put it in. So if you order 1 set your order will show 3 items. lol



I’m glad the US Mint is offering a Proof W Cent (Proof Set), Reverse Proof W Cent (Silver Proof set) and a Uncirculated W cent (Uncirculated Mint Set). It’s a clever way of improving sales for the annual sets and providing collectors some really neat cents. It’s the first time the cent coin has ever had a W mint mark.

Seth Riesling

RonnieBGood –

They haven’t done this free coin promotion since1996 as I explained in my above post.

FYI everyone-

The West Point Mint has stuck Lincoln cents in the past & some of the 1976 Bicentennial coins for circulation without a Mint mark to help the Philadelphia Mint out during heavy workload periods over the decades but they are indistinguishable from the Philadelphia Mint coins.


Christopher Williams

The set costs $27.95 including the “W” penny. I purchased a few and it displays three items (the set, the penny and the sleeve for the “W” penny).

If you look on Ebay, the “W” penny is selling anywhere between $13.00 and $17.00 by itself, which means the other ten (10) coins costs anywhere between $11.00 and $14.00.

Below is a link to “Sold” auctions. Look at the sales for just the “W” penny.



Someone thinks they can “rob” the “W” cent form the set and sell the rest of the coins for a dollar or two less than issue price!!


Thats great jan, i dont care about the w cent i just want the regular set. So i bough it for 24.45 with shipping. Thats a savings of 9.00 over the mint. 33.00 with shipping. I hope they continue to include extra coins so we proof collectors will get the sets for cheap.
The bad thing is theres gonna be a lot of dumping of the proof sets and mintage will be too high for any future value. The 2019 is getting butcher for the W cent lol.


There you go…you come out a winner! Will be interesting to see the fate of this set and any future sets containing variations of this W Lincoln…also to see how much the coin(s) will fetch on the secondary market…grading services have e all ready jumped into the action by announcing special holders…should be fun to watch!


bough one 2019 proof set on bay for 24.45 yeasterday now they are down to 23.00 with out the w cent of course. Its cheaper to buy on bay than the mint. Maybe the mintage wont be that high, some people will buy the butcher sets (with out the w cent) instead of buying from the mint, So the excesive sets will find a home and dont increase the mint mintage. They get the cent, we get the normal set for cheap. Imagine if everyone buys the set for the cent and try to sell the rest of the set,… Read more »


why complain about every coin the US Mint makes ** stop buying

Rodney Moore

I just have received a couple of the proof sets in separate orders. The penny (Cent) is just in the plastic bag as shown on their website and not protected well as it can travel freely in the box. The free penny in one set was badly discolored! Next, I opened the the proof set. The Native American $1 has a bad scuff mark on Sacawagea’s cheek that is very noticeable. But that’s not the only problem. The rim lettering was so badly off center that it pushed up the rim and almost looks like rim damage. I suppose that… Read more »

sam tweedy

Run Forrest Run!!!!! Nooooo Thanks!!! I hear the silver set is even worse??