US Mint Product Highlights for 2018

US Mint Product Schedule Screen Grab
The U.S. Mint will kickoff 2018 with its West Point Mint proof American Silver Eagle

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, the United States Mint published its product schedule for 2018. There are the usual listings of annual sets, quarters, dollars and precious metals coins; and then there are unique products you don’t see every year.

Exact release dates will be published quarterly, according to the U.S. Mint, so products shown beyond March are simply listed with dates of "SPRING 2018," "SUMMER 2018," or "FALL 2018."

Unavailable at this time are product specifics like price points, mintages and descriptions.

2018 Product Information from 2017 Numismatic Forum

The U.S. Mint offered some product insights during its second annual Numismatic Forum Oct. 17 at its headquarters in Washington, DC. In summary:

  • Two proof American Silver Eagles will launch in 2018. A standard proof from the West Point Mint goes on sale Jan. 4. This same coin will be inside the 2018 Congratulations Set. An individually sold proof Silver Eagle from the San Francisco Mint will be available sometime in the summer.

  • In an effort to boost sales of 2018 World War I Centennial Silver Dollars, companion silver medals honoring the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Service, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard will not be offered together or as standalone products. Instead, the U.S. Mint is pairing one medal with one WWI Silver Dollar for five distinct product options. A combined maximum of 100,000 of these pairings will be sold.

  • The 2018-W $10 Proof American Liberty 1/10 oz. Gold Coin is being offered Feb. 8 as a more affordable option to the 1-ounce version released in 2017.

  • The 2018-S Reverse Proof Silver Proof Set scheduled for summer was developed to mark the 50-year anniversary of regular silver proof sets from the San Francisco Mint.

  • The fall release of the 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp Set is expected to be limited to 25,000 sets and will include a 50c clad proof and Breast Cancer Awareness stamp. Its preliminary release date is Oct. 18.

In other highlights:

  • On Jan. 25, look for the "Life" design on the 2018-W Proof American Platinum Eagle. The "Liberty" and "Pursuit of Happiness" designs will follow in 2019 and 2020.

  • "Pink gold" Breast Cancer Awareness coins for March should be popular based on pattern strike images the U.S. Mint presented at the forum.

  • Another unique 2018 addition is a proof American Palladium Eagle which is scheduled for release next fall.

  • In another forum revelation, proof American Gold Eagle products will feature new burgundy cases and a narrower package design for the four-coin set.

For the latest listings, visit the U.S. Mint’s product schedule for 2018.

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Seth Riesling

The Mint today (Friday, Oct. 20) lifted the 2 set per household limit on the 2017-P,DS,W American Liberty silver 4-medal set around noon just 24 hours after first day of issue yesterday (Thursday, Oct. 19) due to very low first day of issue sales!


Chas Barber

Maybe when they go BOGO for this pos they will sell out…..”Good Luck Player[s]” on this mint rippoff…!

Seth Riesling

Chas Barber –

Lol. The Mint will be not be selling any Presidential $1 coins or products with them in it past December 31 they said, so they are going to crank up the metal smelters soon for extra heat during the Winter!


Joe Brown

so no more TBD bs. It’s foolish of our mint, if you want the 5 WW1 silver medals you have to buy 5 of the same silver dollar off them, who in their right frame of mind would want that, besides the US MINT :;'” * THINK * ‘”;: tank. Get a CLUE will ya please. Just offer a 5 medal package with the option of the UNC or PROOF silver dollar, for your bragen basement price of $300. I’m sure MCM will offer each medal graded, is the only other option I would emagin at this second. oya Mikes… Read more »


Whatever crap the Mint serves up…. they still get paid in full, plus they probably get their bonuses on schedule and cost of living increase not to mention pension benefits … aah life is good for them, especially those who make “decisions” .. as the cartoon says “What, me worry?”


” ….proof American Gold Eagle products will feature new burgundy cases …”

Whoo hoo I’ve been waiting for those! NOT!!

Joe Brown

i was wishing the box would have been my favewrit cullor emerald green with gold lettering & a silver lining. I’m kidding, but i would really like that. i would not bother to even get them graded. They should taken a survey from us, or did they?

Joe Brown

crushed valvet lining. smile*+*peace

NW Robert

Yes the medals are priced too high but I’ve got the two other releases (medal and coin) and I’m doomed to want the series. Now, another one in 2018.. the 1/10 oz. Yikes! Anyhow, I like them and I’m not much of a flipper. 🙂

NW Robert

Riddle me this! Why are sales so sluggish for these coins?
Total sales:
2017-W American Liberty Gold Coin 25,037 100,000 mintage
Gold Walking Liberty Half-Dollar 64,451 70,000 mintage
2017 Uncirc. AEG 1oz 5,768 sales have been going up!
2017 Proof AEG 1oz 6,746

2017 not a good year for the mint.. but maybe for collectors. Low numbers?

Christopher Williams

Mike, thank you for all that you do here, but I do have one question.

I haven’t received any emails (in replies to comments, etc) from Coin News in probably four months or longer.

Did something change?

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Me too – no e-mail notifications in recent weeks. Thanks.



Christopher Williams, Mike Unser
I have had the same problems. Is there something I have to do or update to receive emails like I use to? Please let me and Christopher know. Does anyone else have this problem?
Mike Unser I want to thank you for all you do for us in the coin collecting community and I really want to keep up with it all.


For 2018 I’m hoping for low mintage silver coins with a low house hold limit to give us all a chance to get what we want.


It will be interesting to see the palladium mintage numbers for 2018.


And I thought it was my email app that was filtering out those messages. I don’t mind getting just the daily summary but others seem to be still getting the individual emails as well as the summary. I think I would prefer going back to getting the individual emails as well.


One would think that if they know if a coin (set) will be released in spring, summer, or fall that they would also know the month and day that would actually happen. Only slightly better than a TBD calendar it still doesn’t match up to the complete calendar Moy had going when he was in charge. I’m sure they know exactly when something will be available for release for the entire 2018 year but also the contents, packaging and whatever else to give a complete 2018 calendar. They also have to have a pretty good idea what’s happening for 2019.… Read more »

Mike Unser (

In reference to CoinNews email updates…

We didn’t know about any issues so thank you for letting me know. It looks like the connection problem dated back to July 25.

We basically had to “reconnect” to an update sending server to get everything back to normal. Developers are looking into why that didn’t happen automatically.


Small correction: Yes, in 1968 the SF mint began minting proof sets, but they were clad and other base metals until 1992. (Okay, the half was 40% silver until 1970.)

So a 50th anniversary S-mint proof set may be a (somewhat forced) commemoration, but we’ll have to wait until 2042 to celebrate a half century of the silver sets.


I’m wondering about what the mintage be for the 2018 rev. proof. I just love the brilliatnce of all rev. proofs; They are so unique, I just can’t wait!