2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set Sales at 96.7% of Maximum

Packaging and Cert of 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set
A CoinNews photo of a 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set

New sales figures from the United States Mint show that there’s not a lot of remaining 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Sets.

Collectors and dealers scooped up 217,514 sets, or 96.7% of the possible 225,000. That leaves 7,486 left, and that was as of Sunday, Aug. 6.

The collection, which launched Aug. 1 as a part of the Mint’s yearlong celebration of its 225th anniversary, includes 10 enhanced uncirculated coins. (See photos of the set.) Each is produced at the San Francisco Mint "using a combination of laser frosted areas and an unpolished field that accentuates design details."

Early demand was strong as the sets became unavailable within 7 minutes of their release. Their sales reopened early morning Aug. 3 after the Mint reconciled orders and cancellations. They have been available ever since then at catalog.usmint.gov.

In related news, the status Aug. 8 of the 20th Anniversary 2017-W Proof American Platinum Eagle turned to unavailable. The U.S. Mint’s figures through Sunday had its total at 9,226 of the allotted 10,000.

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Another opportunity blown by the US Mint. Is it that hard to just make household limits the rule on products for the first week? I was able to buy one but not everyone was as lucky. I hope the people that didn’t get one don’t pay too much for the set on the secondary market!!


as of 7:06 eastern standard time they are still available at the u.s. mint for $29.95. the mind did however blow this, it should have been a silver enhanced set. where are the fractional buffalo’s?

Robert Hall

I ordered mine at 12 o’clock sharp, to make sure to get them. Without a limit coin dealers would probably buy thousands. They are nice coins. I am glad to get them.


Nice, but not quite as nice as they could be.
Now, Lets move to get the date & mint mark put back on the face of the Native American dollar as it was originally!!! It is just not right that you must have a loop or recognize the reverse design to know the date of current issues.

Seth Riesling

This set is still available from the Mint today, 9 days from issue date!



There will be many returns on these. It will not be a sell out.


I think they sell out on Thursday

Chas Barber

Sell out in 1 week…..more returns coming back I suspect…..I offered a guy $34 last week on eBay he was asking $62 a set…..po baby he rejected my offer, now I got an email today offering to sell @ $35…really….sorry Charlie. As I have said b4, clad unc sets even the EU have very weak ‘leg$’……time will tell!!

Jeffrey Razook

Received my Enhanced Set from the mint yesterday… My review… “Meh”


As of 10 Aug 2017 @ 12:30 am, Enhanced Uncirculated Sets are still available. I bought 3 on ebay and 2 from the mint. Hoping for a variety of some sort. Beyond that, this set should produce some key dates–1 cent, nickel and dime. (Even if they look like turkeys.) Though the mintage is higher, it should be similar to the 1994 and 1997 matte finish nickels. Silver would be nice and I am still waiting for a silver Lincoln cent.

Mike O

Has Anyone experienced any spotting on these sets. Look like not on the coins but between the lens and the cardboard the coins are in. The coins look fine. Has anyone seen this


yeah, their are black spots inside the coin cases, they are a eyesore, most if not all of them have these bubbles inside coin case


i ordered 8/1 & 8/4 my sets were fine,if your sets have black bubbles they had to be submerged in some tyoe of liquid i’d order new ones and once i got confirmation i would send the bad sets back good luck

Seth Riesling

The “bubbles” people are noticing in the coin lenses are not water or moisture. These types of sets are produced in production rooms with a sophisticated humidity control system. What you are seeing is a common situation with a reaction of the outer hard plastic & inner holder that keeps the coins in place due to minor static electricity. If you notice, when you press down on an area of “bubbles” they do not move around, they disappear as long as you are putting some pressure on that area & then reappear. If is was water or any moisture, the… Read more »

Seth Riesling

The Mint sent out another product status email this morning Sunday, August 13 that these sets are once again available. No sell out yet!



I received my set on Friday and like the sandblasted look of the coins. yes mine had a couple of the wet bubble look but it wasn’t that much of an issue. hopefully this will be a good set to hold on to. Keep it as a hobby and not an investment and enjoy your coins.

Chas Barber

Rec’d my sets….Zzzzzzzzzzzzz They did minimal work on these, only 2 of the ATB even look ‘enhanced’ & most of the sets have the bubble/moisture trapped in the holders? Never seen that in 50 years of mint products. Plenty of bad coins & holders, now they mist the sets b4 sealing? They should have done a tad more on the coins, Seems like only a ring around the edges or denomination, that’s it! Good 4 gifts I guess but not a real eye catcher IMHO. Non collectors prefer the shiny proof ones……

Chas Barber

FYI THEY’RE BACK!!! @ the US Mint site, 2o17 EU, all you want it appears, 100+ are there for your picking! AS I said above, the holders likely have some kind of liquid inside them, sweet, the mint now waters the coins before packaging, how sweet! Or is it sweat??