President Obama Receives Medals, Replicas Available for Public


Earlier today, Jan. 17, President Obama received bronze medals for each of his two terms in office. Replicas of them are now available to the public.

President Barack Obama Presidential Bronze Medals - First Term and Second Term
President Barack Obama Presidential Bronze Medals – First Term and Second Term

During a ceremony in the Oval Office, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, Deputy Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin and U.S. Mint Principal Deputy Director Rhett Jeppson presented the medals.

"The medals presented to President Obama ensure that a long-standing tradition of honoring our presidents remains unbroken," Jeppson said. "Designed, sculpted and struck by the men and women of the U.S. Mint, the medals institutionalize his legacy in a tangible and historical form alongside those leaders who preceded him."

In addition to coins, the U.S. Mint has produced Presidential medals since the early days of the nation.

Jefferson, Roosevelt and Regan bronze medals
These CoinNews photos show a sampling of the bronze medals produced by the United States Mint. They honor Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan.

Design candidates for the two Obama Presidential medals were reviewed by the Commission of Fine Arts on June 16, 2016 and then by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee on June 27, 2016. The two panels recommended the same designs, and each was adopted for the official versions.

Both medals feature the president’s portrait on their obverse (heads side) and portions of memorable speeches delivered during his presidency on their reverse (tails side).

President Barack Obama First Term Presidential Bronze Medal
Barack Obama First Term Presidential Bronze Medal

The reverse of the first term medal offers the excerpt from President Obama’s first inaugural address: OUR DESTINY IS NOT WRITTEN FOR US. IT IS WRITTEN BY US. Additional elements include the Presidential seal, the inauguration date of JANUARY 20, 2009, a signature and 50 surrounding stars.

President Barack Obama Second Term Presidential Bronze Medal
Barack Obama Second Term Presidential Bronze Medal

The second-term medal reverse shows the excerpt from President Obama’s second inaugural address: THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL WORD IN OUR DEMOCRACY IS THE WORD "WE." Completing the design are an image of the White House, the inauguration date of JANUARY 20, 2013, a signature, the words WE THE PEOPLE, WE SHALL OVERCOME and YES WE CAN, and 50 surrounding stars.

U.S. Mint Sculptor Engraver Don Everhart sculpted the reverse of the first term medal and designed and sculpted both the obverse and reverse of the medal honoring the president’s second term. U.S. Mint Medallic Sculptor Phebe Hemphill sculpted the obverse of the first term medal. The two artists also participated in the ceremony, along with Elisa Basnight, Chief of Staff of the Mint.

The U.S. Mint is selling replicas of the medals and those of past presidents right here. Options include 3-inch medals and smaller 1.3125-inch medals at prices of $39.95 and $6.95 each.

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Seth Riesling

I got the Mint’s email about this event at 5:02pm Tuesday Jan. 17. Looks like they barely made the medal presentation before Obama leaves office at noon on Friday!
I have been waiting to buy these since the designs were selected in the summer – nice medals.



I would only buy them for a gag-gift but then probably not even that


I would like to buy these but I don’t think they really look like President Obama. The second term medal looks more like him. Maybe it’s just because I don’t remember how he looked 8 years ago when he was younger. I know being President really does age a person and maybe that is what it is. But the older Obama looks more realistic! They don’t cost much so I’ll probably get them both. I mean there wouldn’t be a second without a first.

Matt Smith

Great idea….melt them down…make bronze stars and then give them to the true hero’s in our military

Seth Riesling

Matt Smith –

Obama is Commander-In–Chief of all U.S.A. armed forces under the Constitution. These 2 inexpensive bronze medals (total retail price of $79.90) is the least our country can give to the president for his service. Military members get their own medals regularly when warranted for specific service & sacrifice.


Matt Smith

Seth…thank you for your words of wisdom…did you serve?….


These make a mockery of the US presidency. His power grab of the healthcare system and forcing people to have to buy insurance was a shredding of the Constitution which he swore to uphold. The supreme court had to make allowances for the issue to be claimed Constitutional by calling the coercion a tax. Supreme Court decisions (which by our own system is NOT the final say as we are led to believe) does not alter the fact that coercion of the masses to buy something the government dictates is a tyrannical move – period. Putting lipstick on a pig… Read more »

Matt Smith

To Lee….i like the fact that your not PC Correct…your entitled to your opinion…..enjoy your day….


Everybody is entitled to their opinion as we all know. But do we really have to go through something like this every time someone dislikes the person or image on the coin or medal? If you don’t like it that’s fine and you can give your opinion on that. But as far as going to the extent of “fecal matter” IMO is a bit too much. It seems like we can’t go read anything anymore without it getting down right ugly. Why? Reading these articles and comments I thought were for gaining information on our hobby. But here lately it… Read more »

Seth Riesling

Matt Smith – I served as a dependent of a 20-year USAF & NSA veteran (my father). I lived for 3 years at Misawa AFB Japan & for 3 years at our NSA base Bad Aibling Station in Germany & 3 years at Homestead AFB in Florida & 3 years at Kelly AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He also served one year in Pakistan in 1962 & one year in Thailand during the Vietnam war on loan to the NSA from the Air Force Intelligence Command. I moved every 3 years since I was born till age 21 & I… Read more »

linette preston

Well Said Joera!

linette preston

Matt Smith I am a military brat Father-Army Mother-Army Brother- Naval Academy Annapolis Brother-Army Brother-Army Grandmother-Army Grandfather-Army Uncle-Air Force Uncle-Army Uncle-Army I was unable to join due to failing the Physical Exam. (Scoliosis and Severe Asthma). That does not make me any less patriotic then the rest of my family. I love this country and all the faces in it even when this country has not always loved me back. We send packages, we meet soldiers coming back from war at airports, I am a LVN and I donate at least 3 days out of the week to the Dallas… Read more »

Matt Smith

Read my post…. i thanked him for his words of wisdom and only ask 1 question….did you serve…thats all….no need to rant and rave about how patriotic you or seth are….you must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed…enjoy your day…and thank for your families service….
And Seth…i just asked if you served…thats all…

Chas Barber

Linette & Seth, the nastyness toward the current POTUS is not going to help Mr. T, the same will be laid on him no doubt, where can it end? Fecesman needs to GROW a Pair, I am the son of USN Combat Vet 4years in So. Pacific, MIA/KIA Uncle in Korea, brother 2 years in country & wounded in Vietnam. I am disappointed in our current POTUS but still respect him & office. Regardless the MEDALS are nice, but repetitive reverse but history- Loren & Lee are you Patriotic? How did you like Nixon’s little gig, or Dubya bogus war,… Read more »

Drew S

I really hate coin talk.

I’m officially done. Will just come around when a new product is coming.

Seth Riesling

linette preston –

Thank you.

joera –

Amen brother!

Matt Smith –

I am a laid-back, easy-going nice guy. If I misunderstood your comments I apologize. I always thank our armed services members for their service. If you served – Thank you Sir.



Very interesting couple of medals. As a Canadian, I do value the design and positive messages. Please be kind to each other.


The coin is nice. The presidency however was teranicle. What one should think of when gazing at these medals? Job well done?

Bob C





Bob C:

Pardon me. English is my 2nd language.


What do you think?


Much has been said here about the Mint finally ending it’s Presidential Coin Program. I would like it to continue honoring our living outgoing Presidents. Jimmy Carter, George H Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama. As each living President leaves office release another coin honoring him or her. As it now stands the Presidential $1 Coin Act (Public Law 109-145) dictates that the president be deceased for 2 or more years to be honored. Congress will have to pass a new law for the remaining presidents to be honored. With the New Administration anything is possible.


I certainly do agree with you on that anything is possible with this new administration. I mean many people including republicans didn’t thing Trump could be elected but it happened. I will be watching the news very closely just to see what has and can happen with our new leadership in all parts of the government. It’s going to be some interesting years ahead for sure.