2015 Proof Set, 2015 Mint Set and 2015 Silver Proof Set Mark Mintage Lows


Several United States Mint products went off sale on Dec. 31, 2016. Three of them included core annual sets from 2015 that, according to the latest figures, register sales ranging from the weakest in six decades to an all-time low.

2015 Proof Set, 2015 Mint Set and 2015 Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint figures show low final sales for the 2015 Proof Set, the uncirculated 2015 Mint Set and 2015 Silver Proof Set

Just a few years ago, it was often cheaper to buy proof and mint sets after the U.S. Mint stopped selling them. In a turnaround, more are not only holding their values in the secondary market but some of the mintage low sets are commanding sizable premiums.

2015 Proof Set

The clad 2015 Proof Set went on sale Mar. 24, 2015 for $32.95. Each set has 14 proof quality coins struck at the San Francisco Mint. Coins of the set include the year’s cent, nickel, dime, five quarters, half-dollar, and five $1 coins.

2015 Proof Set
CoinNews photo of a 2015 Proof Set

Last reported sales have the set at 662,934 for the lowest total since the 1955 Proof Set ended at 378,200.

The 2014-dated set had held that distinction at 714,661; and before it the set from 2012 at 794,002. Both had issue prices of $31.95. The set from 2014 is realizing modest secondary market prices of around $36 to $40. The 2012 Proof Set, which failed to breach the milestone of 1 million for the first time in decades, continues to grab the best prices at about $100 to $125.

US Mint Sales of 2008 – 2015 Proof Sets

Issue Price Coins Issue Date Ending Sales / Mintage
2015 Set $32.95 14 Mar. 24, 2015 662,909
2014 Set $31.95 14 Mar. 25, 2014 714,661
2013 Set $31.95 14 Mar. 28, 2013 802,460
2012 Set $31.95 14 May 7, 2012 794,002
2011 Set $31.95 14 Jan. 11, 2011 1,098,835
2010 Set $31.95 14 July 22, 2010 1,103,950
2009 Set $29.95 18 June 1, 2009 1,477,967
2008 Set $26.95 14 June 24, 2008 1,405,674


2015 Mint Set

The 2015 Mint Set launched on April 27, 2015 for $28.95. Sets have 28 uncirculated quality coins with 14 from the Denver Mint and 14 from the Philadelphia Mint. They include pairs of the cent, nickel, dime, five quarters, half-dollar and five $1 coins.

Photo of Folders and Coins of 2015 US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set
CoinNews photo of an uncirculated 2015 Mint Set

The uncirculated 2015 Mint Set has sales of 314,060, which is the smallest amount since the 1961 Mint Set logged a mintage of 223,704.

Sales of the annual product have trended directly lower since 2009. In looking at the more recent issues, sets from 2014 can be found near their original issue price while those from 2013 are available for a few dollars cheaper. Sets from 2012, however, are listed from about 2x to 3x their issue price.

US Mint Sales of 2008 – 2015 Mint Sets

Issue Price Coins Issue Date Ending Sales / Mintage
2015 Set $28.95 28 April 27, 2015 314,048
2014 Set $27.95 28 May 13, 2014 345,813
2013 Set $27.95 28 June 4, 2013 376,844
2012 Set $27.95 28 May 21, 2012 392,224
2011 Set $31.95 28 February 8, 2011 533,529
2010 Set $31.95 28 July 15, 2010 583,912
2009 Set $27.95 36 October 1, 2009 774,844
2008 Set $22.95 28 July 30, 2008 745,464


2015 Silver Proof Set

The 2015 Silver Proof Set went on sale May 14, 2015 for $53.95. Each set has 14 proof quality coins from the San Francisco Mint. Similar to the regular clad set, it includes the year’s cent, nickel, dime, five quarters, half-dollar, and five $1 coins. Making it unique, seven of the coins — the half-dollar, five quarters and dime — are in 90% silver.

2015 Silver Proof Set Photo
CoinNews photo of a 2015 Silver Proof Set

Last reported sales have the 2015 set at 387,460. Introduced in 1992, no other modern silver proof set has a lower total.

The 2012-dated set had held the mintage low distinction at 395,443. Those are seen at about 3x their issue price.

US Mint Sales of 2008 – 2015 Silver Proof Sets

Year Issue Price Coins Issue Date Ending Sales / Mintage
2015 Set $53.95 14 May 14, 2015 387,435
2014 Set $53.95 14 April 29, 2014 429,493
2013 Set $67.95 14 May 2, 2013 419,720
2012 Set $67.95 14 June 4, 2012 395,443
2011 Set $67.95 14 Jan. 25, 2011 574,175
2010 Set $56.95 14 Aug. 26, 2010 585,414
2009 Set $52.95 18 July 17, 2009 694,406
2008 Set $44.95 14 Aug. 26, 2008 774,874


2016 Set Sales

United States Mint figures as of Jan. 1, 2017 have sales of the 2016 Proof Set at 575,183; those of the 2016 Mint Set at 266,301; and the 2016 Silver Proof Set at 356,683.

The U.S. Mint has not yet announced release dates for this year’s editions.

Update: The three tables above were edited on Jan. 11, 2017 with updated U.S. Mint sales figures as of Jan. 8, 2017. Specifically, totals fell by: 12 for the 2015 Mint Set; 25 for the 2015 Proof Set by 25; and 25 for the 2115 Silver proof Set.

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I wonder if the prices will start to go up on the 2015 sets? Low mintage does not always mean high prices.

Mark S.ghost man

I’m a beginner from what my Father taught me
I’m continuing his legacy.
A disabled veteran been saving and collecting
Off an on.
These 2015 really interest me.
Since I’m on a limited budget
Edge lettering MS, proof,burnage
Set. Should I get em

Seth Riesling

joera – You make a good point about low mintage not always equaling higher prices. The US Mint has lost 50 percent of its active email & mailing list customers since 2015 & they had a 25 percent drop in profits in Fiscal Year 2015. There are simply fewer collectors now & only 8 percent are under 45! Most are 60 or older & looking to sell their collections now & not buying more Mint products. Plus, the silver Proof set of 2015 is only about 8,000 sets lower than the 2012 set. Not really a big difference with 387,460… Read more »


Don’t forget that in 2012 they also sold 50,000 limited edition silver proof sets. They did not release a 2015 limited edition silver proof set. Additionally, the silver quarter proof sets had very low sales too.

The silver Kennedy and dime are actually about 58,000 lower in 2015 than 2012. The quarters are over 100,000 lower.


I am in total agreement with the low mintage not equaling higher prices. I purchased 30 sets of 2013 mint sets with a lower mintage than the 2012’s. The 2012’s are fetching a nice premium. I sold 20 of the sets for what I paid for them and the remaining 10 in a sealed box won’t sell for $225. which is over $50 less than what I purchased them for at the end of 2014. Not a sound investment!!!
Happy collecting!

Mark S Ghost Man

What are the options about the
America the Beautiful complete collection
2010 – 2021 ” Smokey The Bear ”
America the Beautiful. I have a
chance to get the collection.
Clad UnCir. I know there not
Silver… but what da FK..
U know what I mean Jelly Bean !!

Seth Riesling

Mark S. ghost man –

Those ATB Smokey Bear™ sets you mention are sold by a ripoff company called Cable Shopping Network (CSN) & are highly overpriced for commom coins. Buyer Beware! Good luck.

Happy collecting everyone!


Mark S.

It’s not like I disbelieve U but what proof do you have.
How can it be a fabrication. I scam .
I have one other question……..
Would a BU/ Uciru. Morgan’s should the breast feathers be
Completely visable or can they be slightly siren.
In ur opinion would that constitute a cleaned Morgan


Seth From what you are saying it all sounds good to keep hanging in there for being a coin collector. The ones that stay at it might end up with some good returns in the future. Or for the people we leave our collection to. Maybe? If collecting coins was a sure bet everyone would be doing it. I think for me that is what makes it even more fun to keep it up. Not knowing if what we have now is going to be what collectors will want later on in the future. And for me, when I first… Read more »


@Seth Riesling

CSN was/is(?) broadcast on cable TV with the HSN guy hawking stuff …. it used to be on late night on various channels like CSNBC for an hour to two hours .. but I don’t see it anymore .. but I just view it for a few minutes at a time just to see what the intro stuff was … never bought from them, never bought from any TV coin show .

Mark S.

CSN Mike Mezack History channel 4:30-6:30am
Saturday and Sunday.
Asking about the Smokey the Bear//
America the Beautiful
P&D 2010 – 2016

Seth Riesling

Tinto – Mezack, the coin ripoff King, took over representing the CSN coin division a few years ago when The Coin Vault ripoff company tv show sold it off & CSN continued to offer coins at very high prices like Mezack does on HSN & CSN catalog & tv infomercials. It is so sad that he takes advantage of naive beginning collectors with the price gouging & misleading info he uses on tv to sell common coins. joera – You read my mind! I am a numismatic collector first & an investor second. I have rarely sold any coins over… Read more »

Mark S.

I asked about the America the Beautiful
Collection 2010 – 2021 P&D BUnc – Unc


Seth Remember what I said about one of my grandsons having a thing with numbers and that he was so into NASCAR? I tried to get him interested in coins but he was not to into that. He still really just likes die cast cars of all kinds as long as they have numbers. NASCAR being first then Hot Wheels and then the rest after that. He loves racing the die cast at his home and when he comes to visit us here we race all day long. Or as long as I can hold up. Anyway my other grandson… Read more »

Seth Riesling


You are definitely doing the right thing by sharing your hobby with family members. The only ones in my family interested in numismatics are my four nephews. Sharing hobby info is so educational & fun too! Our collections will be part of our legacy some day – a very good thing for sure.

Happy collecting!


Mark S.

America the Beautiful complete collection from P&D 10 coins 2010 – 2021 in a Danco Deluxe Album. Their prices are very reasonable


Mark S. What is it you are wanting to know? If it is about the prices on coins from a TV show Seth is right. BUYER BEWARE! You can find ALL the coins the TV shows are selling else where for a lot less than the TV shows! A LOT LESS! Just about everywhere else is cheaper than ANY of the TV shows and the TV show’s web sites. If you want to buy from the TV just because of the Smokey The Bear Album that’s up to you. And as far as the “PROOF” it is everywhere else if… Read more »

Mark S.

Else where bought BUncir 1964 Kennedy
Looked great sent to have them certified
Came back ur screwed guess


When dealing with TV guys, always check their prices with what their coins are selling for on ebay. Your ebay search should use the filter “sold” so you get actual sale prices, not asking prices. This will give you an idea as to whether or not you are getting ripped off. The vast majority of the time you are overpaying when you purchase on a TV show.

Also, beware grading coins that are not graded by NGC or PCGS. The re-sale value on coins graded by second tier companies reflects the fact that those coins often have inflated grades.


HMM, I don’t know about you guys but I’m a little confused with some of the comments here. Things that make you go.. hmmm???


@Mark S.
“CSN Mike Mezack History channel 4:30-6:30am
Saturday and Sunday.”

Thanks, I used to peek a bit at the show when he had it around 2am on CNBC (I wrote it as CSNBC before).


@Seth Riesling

Thank goodness I very seldom turn the volume on when I watch those coin “shows” … I just wait to see what’s being presented and then switch channels Coin Vault was off for a few months I remember …. now they are back …


All I know is that virtually anything purchased off TV is a major ripoff
They can’t pay for expensive TV time by offering fair prices.