Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin Sells Out

2016-W Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin - Obverse and Reverse
The gold Mercury Dime is no longer available

It’s official. The remaining 2016-W Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coins are now claimed. The U.S. Mint’s online page for the dime is stamped with ‘SOLD OUT’, which the agency defines as "no longer in stock and is no longer available for sale."

Sales resumed Thursday for the 24-karat gold pieces and they were gone after about 1-1/2 hours.

The 1/10 oz. gold coin debuted back on April 21. At that time it was $205; had a household order limit of 10; and a mintage max of 125,000. They weren’t on sale for long then either. The coin went on back order after about 20 minutes of launching and then became unavailable by the 40-minute mark. They remained unavailable until Thursday.

A few things were different when sales resumed — the coin’s price point dipped to $200 and its household order limit fell to 1 piece. The U.S. Mint wanted only new buyers to have another chance at getting one, tagging the coin’s product page with:

"Household Order Limit includes previous purchases of this product."

Mint stats published before Thursday had the coin’s total sold at 116,096. That left a maximum of 8,904 coins for sale. A clearer picture should soon emerge as to how many were actually available.

The 2016 Mercury dime is one of three .9999 fine gold coins the U.S. Mint issued this year to celebrate popular designs introduced 100 year ago. Still available are the gold Standing Liberty quarter for $447.50 and the gold Walking Liberty half-dollar for $840.

All of the Mint’s available collector gold coins are listed and sold online here.

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I’m very surprised they lasted that long.
Perhaps folks were leery of buying inferior coins?

Mike M.

Well . . they excluded anyone that had previously purchased. I’ll see – I had my son get one for me. Have to see IF they’re inferior.


Or maybe people didn’t know they were being rereleased…

Seth Riesling

CoinNews readers: FYI – A few days before these gold dimes were re-offered yesterday, the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications stated that the gold dimes offered yesterday include coins returned by customers (including dealers who bought the 10-coin limit then) who bought them on first day back on April 21 & used the 7-day return policy to return coins that may have small issues like scratches etc. Returned coins (except those with major damage) were added back into inventory at the Memphis fulfillment warehouse & were made available yesterday – 8 months later. Therefore, make sure you check your coins… Read more »


A person at the mint told me they sold out in 80 minutes. My order was garbled–think I had a wrong digit in the credit card, but they promptly notified me and by late afternoon easily got through on the phone and straightened it out. The customer service person said they were holding one in case I called back; I was very touched by this level of good service.


What they needed to do first was honor all the orders from people who tried to order one back when they initially came out instead of lying to the public of being sold out. Second thing to do was to honor the back orders that people signed up for the on the initial sale date when they told their was no more available. Again leave it to a government agency to F*&$ things up and cant be depended on, IN GOD WE TRUST but most certainly not a government agency to do what’s right . Third they should have upped… Read more »


I didn’t notice the household limit on this second sale of the dimes also included the sales of the first time the dimes went on sale. I think that was the fair thing to do. That gave people the chance to get the dime this time that did not get it the first time. I hope it worked out for those people who missed out the first time. I also think the mint should have given more notice of the sale. But then it wouldn’t be the US Mint if they got everything right.


i ordered one from the second batch and i will receive it on tuesday.
i hope the coin will be in pristine condition. Has anyone received theirs yet?
Are they in good condition!!??

William Iannucci

What the heck ,I never even heard of this offer before plus there priced to high. Government is supposed to be a representation of and for the people not a money monopoly!


Just now hearing about this.
The Mint just can’t win, can they?


You can sign up at the mint to receive an email for any and all upcoming products. I received the email from them about the Mercury dime sale a few days in advance. I did order one and it will be here Monday. I’ll post on its condition.

Brian Miller

I was notified by the mint and this blog that this sale would occur. Thanks for keeping me updated.


I received mine today. Pristine Obverse and and a microscopic smudge just off one of the leaves on the reverse. I removed the coin and looked closely. Barely can see it under the scope. I’m not at all worried about it as I was never intending to get it graded. It’s a 69+. I’m very happy about the coin and it’s locked up in my collection. Glad I got a 2nd chance at it. Just need the Half Dollar. Really would like to complete the set.


I also received mine last night. It is in excellent shape and completes my set. Thank you US Mint.


I received mine yesterday as well. Just gave it a quick look under the magnifying glass. Looks pretty nice; no real issues as far as I can tell. This completes the set for me also.


I’ve heard that some of the centennial dimes have “winged” edges or something like that.
Can some one explain what that means and how it happens


Some dealers are paying you $215 for it and charging $314…so it begins


Can someone tell me what “winged “means the term was used in conjunction with the gold dime

Seth Riesling

Loren –

The term “winged” is made up by soneone for what most numismatists call “flashing” on gold coins (since gold is very soft & malleable, especially 24k gold coins). During the striking process, if too much pressure is used a tiny amount of gold will seep through the collars & wind up either on the edge or rim of the coin. It is not an error per se. Some of the 1907 Ultra High Relief $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins have this feature & they are called “wire rim” coins.



Thanks Seth, is this flashing considered a defect?

Seth Riesling

Loren –

Technically it is a small defect, but if the rest of the coin has no problems then it usually doesn’t impact the value or grade of a 24k gold coin like this gold dime.



Thankful Sir!


I received mine and it has three “rust” spots on the obverse. Since there’s no replacement, I’ll just keep it to complete the set!


Must have some one knowledgeable to look at my copy and the stander and walkers i have


Stop your winning ! Don’t buy it if you cannot afford it !


I was expecting to hear more reports on the dimes condition on this second sale. As it was said some of the coins up for sale are returns that might have not meet the standards of some collectors or flippers. Maybe there wasn’t as many bad coins or maybe people that did get dimes that did not look that great are not posting here. Has anyone heard any complaints elsewhere?


Do the rust spots I commented on in my earlier post take away or add to the value of the coin? There are three about a 64th” in diameter.

Pete Hawryluk

The mint didn’t keep the release of any of their coins secret. I got 1 dime and it graded perfect 70 . Complain about the price not the quality. When the US Mint makes a special coin they do a great job. Not saying they haven’t made mistakes in the past ,and not to mention those mistakes are worth more money . I really like this dime the details are beautiful.