2016 Gold Mercury Dimes Available Again on Dec. 15

by Mike Unser on December 13, 2016 · 94 comments

2016-W Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin, Obverse, Capsule, a

Gold Mercury dimes will be available again on Dec. 15

The United States Mint will resume sales of the nearly 9,000 unsold 2016-W Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coins beginning at noon ET on Thursday, Dec. 15.

There’s going to be another race to get a chance at buying one. Gold Mercury dimes launched on April 21 for $205 apiece. They lasted about 40 minutes before going off sale, with the U.S. Mint saying they needed to reconcile orders and cancellations before they could return.

The most recent figures place the dime’s sales at 116,096 coins for 92.9% of the 125,000 possible. The remaining about 8,900 coins will go for $200 each. (See photos of the centennial coin.)

The centennial Mercury dime is one of three .9999 fine gold coins issued this year to celebrate the 1916 renaissance in American coinage. Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty Centennial Gold Coins were also introduced. Symbolic of their face values, the dime, quarter and half-dollar have corresponding weights of 1/10 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/2 oz. troy ounces.

Both higher-denominated coins have remained available since their release. The gold quarter is $447.50 with 84,048 sold for 84% of the allotted 100,000 and the gold half-dollar is $840 with sales of 57,008 for 81.4% of the possible 70,000. Last week, the half-dollar logged a sharp sales increase of more than 8,000 coins.

Ordering options and more information about coins is available from the U.S. Mint’s online store, found here. The dime will have a 1 coin per household order limit when sales resume. There are no per household buying limits for the quarter or half-dollar

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Richard December 15, 2016 at 8:59 pm

Got one, was logged in and ready to go just after noon Eastern. Received a confirmation letter followed by a “problem” message. I called the mint in the early afternoon but the phone stayed busy. Got through (3 minutes waiting) later in the day; apparently my credit card number got messed up. The lady said they sold out in 80 minutes but were holding mine in case I called within 48 hours. We straightened out the card and the order was accepted. Now that is good customer service!

jim December 16, 2016 at 7:04 am

Seth –
Thanks. The 2017 schedule must have been posted right after I looked for it. And still they’re afraid to publish a full year schedule. They know when they will offer the Boy’s Town commemoratives for example and yet not on the list. Maybe they got burned with all the TBDs last year so instead they’re not going to say anything. How childish and unresponsive to customer needs.

bobby December 16, 2016 at 5:56 pm

these coins don’t sell because there to expensive for average collectors. my local coin shop buys more gold than he sells. he does sell these coins but they do sit on the shelf for awhile. I flipped the gold dimes and quarters on ebay and kept one gold half and added it to my silver eagle collection.
we meet on Wednesday nights and buy sell and trade. there are some very impressive collections in our group. I myself have been putting a graded 70 Kennedy set together that I don’t no if I will ever complete?.
we actually discussed these coins and in our opinion. we all have one.
most of us didn’t feel they had a long term upside to them.
right or wrong we look at everything financially. there are some exceptions .
with the help of our group I added a proof 69 accent hair to my collection it cost me two 69 accent hair proof 66 Kennedys that I had about $100 into them combined and a couple bucks.
anyway we have around 400 members and just a couple people in the group collect these coins,

bobby December 17, 2016 at 12:28 am

These coins don’t sell out because most people cant afford them.
I buy what I am allowed from the mint and don’t open them. if they turn into the next best item I should have bought when I could. I got them.
I get my graded coins on secondary market were I get the 70s I want .
I got two dimes from my local coin shop for $245 each. when I went back to get a couple quarters the other dimes he had were still there and 10 bucks cheaper than what I paid.
the average collector cant afford them or doesn’t want them?.
he didn’t buy any walking liberty’s to sell in the store.

joera December 17, 2016 at 12:48 am

I’m glad I got this gold dime when they first came out. It looks great. I think it would grade 70 if I were to send it in to get graded. Some of the customers going for the dimes on sale now may not be so lucky. They can get an unsold dime or a returned dime. I was thinking about getting another one this time around but I don’t want to take a chance and get a returned reject.
Good luck to you all.

bobby December 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm

defiantly a possibility you get one with fingerprints on it. you should be able to get $225 for your unopened one?. graded 70s are available for under $250. its a good flip for a guaranteed 70..

jim December 18, 2016 at 11:47 am

Well if their policy is to just resell returns without regard to quality then I guess it behooves us all to buy as early as possible to insure as much as possible we’re getting a first time sold coin. I guess that means within the first 2 or 3 days from the date of issue. Or get a graded coin.

bobby December 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

i think flippers buy them the first couple days?. and when they don’t sell out or go up enough to make money on them they return them?. I don’t no but I don’t like it when they resell the returns.

Danny Morano December 18, 2016 at 12:42 pm

I confess. I got my 20 dimes within the first 5 minutes when they orignally went on sale. All graded SP70 NGC First Day of Issue. I kept 2 and sold 18, all on ebay within 2 weeks. After deducting grading and shipping costs, I made $3,600.00. First time I’ve ever “flipped” coins. Used what I made to buy and grade 2 Quarters and Halves and a Proof Soverign. Only reason was because they allowed 20 per household and I managed to get them in 5 minutes or so of going on sale and all graded SP70. I sold them for more than some and less than many others. I saw some of the big boys and some sellers on ebay selling for up to $650.00 and more for each. I sold mine for much less, a little over $400.00 each and free shipping.

Richard December 18, 2016 at 1:35 pm

Nice job Danny. Unfortunately Jim this issue initially sold out in 45 minutes, so waiting a couple of days wasn’t an option. Honestly since sale is not necessarily in order of production for a short run I don’t if it makes any difference in that sense.

bilelle December 18, 2016 at 2:24 pm

I was not able to buy the Gold Mercury Dime on the first day in Apr. I was very happy to get notice
Of this December Sale of the Approx 9,000 Gold Mercury Dimes. I don’t really know if the Mint does
any sorting for quality or not. But I would guess that they DO NOT SORT BEFORE SHIPPING. Since the mint had about 6,000 coins left after the initial sale in the Spring. So the additional Approx
3,000 Gold Mercury Dimes probably some combination of inventory adjustments and various returns.

With all those assumptions said, we should be able to estimate that about 2/3 of these latest coins might be of the same quality of the original
Coins. It seems like a Reasonable risk to take knowing that if the coin that I receive from this second sales is NOT OF THE QUALITY THAT

So I ordered1 from the mint and hope to See it
This week.

A message to the US MINIT GOLD MERCURY DIME TEAM. Thank you for this second sale AND
The RULES OF 1 per household and no previous
Mercury Dime Buyers Permitted. Obviously that
gave the collectors a real chance to buy this coin.

Nels December 18, 2016 at 5:00 pm

How can you guys get so many dimes as per say one dime per house. Is this being honest? Is it so you can make big profits as some people didn’t get a chance because you found a way to order many dimes and send the not so good ones back! I guess we have been thought if one finds a way to get around the system then why not. I’m just happy to get one and I hope it’s not one that others have picked through.
Merry Christmas everyone

Danny Morano December 19, 2016 at 5:14 am

I did nothing outside the rules from the mint. I have been ordering from them for years. The day and morning before, I made dry runs and made sure everything was ok.On items like the dimes, don’t even bother using the phone to start with. Just have faith the system won’t crash. The limit on the inital sale was 20 dimes per household. I started logging in about 15 seconds to noon. I was lucky that all went well and my order was placed in 5 minutes. Confirmation came a little later. Sometimes with this system is that sometimes your the windshield and other times your the bug. Merry Christmas to you too.

bilelle December 19, 2016 at 9:02 am

Merry Christmas!
Nels, I feel like you just happy to have a chance to get 1. On initial sale
Of the Dimes the house limit was 10 not 20 as someone posted. Some people
On eBay we’re selling many more than the 10 limit. Maybe they used several
Different credit cards and other friend or family members address such as a op box.
So these methods Do take away from those who play by the rules. I think the mint makes a minimum effort to prevent this by cross checking names, addresses and Credit card numbers but I have not heard of the minit trying to BAND anyone selling above limits on sites like eBay Amonzon and others. I also am not sure what kind of limits the minit may have placed on Dealers for the Gold Dimes either. But it seems to me that if the minitower would say place a limit of 1 on an item for a week or so and then let dealers have their crack and the items with what ever price and limit structure that the minti needs to set it WOULD BE A MUCH FAIRER WAY FOR THE LITTLE GUYS.

Probably the Flippers anddearlers would not he happy but it seems that this method might cut down on the GREED that seems to be out their.

Just my thoughts on a way to maybe cut down on the peak work load on the mints
System system and spread the product to more customers and their fore grow
the numbers of people ordering direct from the mint.

Merry Christmas

jim December 19, 2016 at 10:48 am

My comment about the first 2 or 3 days after issue obviously only applies if coins are still available. I picked 2 or 3 days because that would be before returns would have a chance to go through the mail and return process and possibly get commingled with the as yet undelivered strikes.

Since the mint won’t tell us what their process is with returns and as yet undelivered coins it’s hard to say what the best way to get a fresh coin is even with the 2/3 risk analysis. What the mint did this year with the dimes is not what has happened in the past and I blame that on the lack of knowledge and experience and competence of the Senior Executive Service stand-ins (i.e. Jeppson) that we’ve been saddled with since Congress has been unable to come together and vote on an official Director of the Mint.

Danny Morano December 19, 2016 at 12:17 pm

I don’t know where you got your information but, when the dimes initially went on sale, the limit was 20 per household at $205.00 each with different shipping options. I orded 20 and got 20. I’m no big shot dealer or flipper, just a collector who happens to be a Disabled Veteran. I used the money I made to increase my collection and not one person who bought from me complained about the price and I also got some very nice feedback from those who bought from me. I made sure I was ready when they went on sale just as I was for the other items I bought from the mint. I suggest you research buying from the mint and enough of the sour grape talk. I think there’s been enough talk about the dimes and talk about the other items they sold this year and prepare for 2017 coins, some of which are already on sale or offered as pre sale and maybe you’ll get what you want the first time around.
For example, the “Queens Beasts”, The Libertad Proof and Reverse Proof set, the Proof and Reverse Proof Peagasus Britannias and the most anticipated of all, the one year only 50th anniversary Silver Kruegerrands. Except for the Kruegerrands, all others are on sale now at good prices. I don’t know what you collect but, all of these coins in my opinion are well made and designed and very worthy of collecting.
Merry Christmas “B”.

Danny Morano December 19, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Coin News is just that, Coin News and not limited to news about coins from the U.S.Mint. There is a whole world of other coins from other mints.
Seth let’s start talking about them for a change.
What do you say?
“B” read your last email and look at all the errors in it. I’ll be the first to admit I make mistakes too
but, slow down and maybe proof read before sending. To all, remember the true meaning of Christmas.
Respectfully, DrWho7

bobby December 19, 2016 at 12:52 pm

when the first presidential quarters came out shipping was free . I would get $5000 and had them delivered straight to my bank . I paid with my credit card and paid my credit card with the dollars. I would get frequent flyer miles and use them to go to California or somewhere pay my hotel bill and eat. 2 weeks cost me what I spent on T shirts?.
there is a leagle system in place for a lot of items. if you make a buck on it good for you . anyone putting there money up for 20 dimes with the hope of flipping . they took a risk . nothing wrong with it and good for you. I do it.
I will say anyone can do it but I do sweet a bit while I Waite for the coins to sell .
I am the cheapest on e bay?. and average about $50 bucks a coin.
I would think this will play out in the future just as free shipping did.
make a buck get a free coin use the system .

Danny Morano December 19, 2016 at 1:17 pm

Good job my man. Profit is not a dirty word and I see nothing unscrupulous with what you do. I’ll skip the critique on your email because I think it might have been done on purpose. Am I right?
Happy Holiday’s!

bobby December 19, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Merry Christmas to all.

Seth Riesling December 19, 2016 at 4:06 pm

Danny –

The household limit on the gold dimes from the US Mint on first day of issue on April 21 was 10 coins, not 20. No more were sold after day one until this month.
As to other foreign coins, like you, I can’t wait for the silver Krugerrands from the South Africa Mint even though the mintage is 1 million bullion version coins. The Pegasus coin from the British Virgin Islands is Beautiful too !
Happy Holidays Danny & Thank You again for your service to the USA in the armed forces!


Danny Morano December 19, 2016 at 4:45 pm

Then why did I order 20, paid for 20 and received 20 dimes. I have the receipts. Somehow I got 20 dimes. There will be 3 types of Silver Kruegerrands. The majority in BU, around 50,000 in Premium Uncirculated and around 15,000 in Proof. The first batch with their new Laser Engraving didn’t turn out as expected. Late January to February is the new release dates.
I have the 1967 restrike with the 50 Privy in NGC Gem Prooflike. I also have the 2017 St.Gaudens Ultra HR 33mm Winged Liberty in NGC Gem Proof. This coin was minted by Meyers in Germany using the new technology called Smart Minting. They weren’t cheap but I’ve been buying from the same Gentelman at Gov.Mint for years.
And I will get 1 silver Proof along with the other 2 graded as part of the deal. It’s always been give and take. He gives me coins I want and takes my money. The coins from Perth, R.C.M., The Royal Mint and Pobjoy have yet to be equaled by the mint. Now with Germany and their smart minting, I expect some pretty exciting coins down the road.
Merry Christmas and it my honor to serve my country.

Nels December 30, 2016 at 9:12 pm

Danny Morano not trying to be a jerk but I have a picture I took and forgot about and limit was household 10 dimes unless they went from 20 down to 10. Picture says June 3rd I don’t know how to add the picture from my iPad but who cares if ya got 20. I wish I knew that a long time ago and I would buy one from you. You wouldn’t have a American silver liberty would you? I bet they sold out of them too and after many months finally took them off the there website.

Len December 30, 2016 at 10:35 pm

I missed the sale in April but was put on the mailing list for one on Dec 15. Payed for the discount 2nd day air shipping. Was distraught to find upon examination with my loop to see a long vertical bag mark on the center obverse on Liberty’s cap just in front of her ear. I called immediately to have it replaced and was told no can do. They would issue me a return label but it would have to be for a refund. I checked a couple times, the last being today to see if they had any returns. (I found one at a coin store yesterday that is perfect except for a small red discoloration near the rear neck line.) Was told that there will be no more available and any returns will be melted down. Rather than see this, I tried to sell to a couple local shops for my cost since they are selling on eBay between $285-300.

Called ahead to a local gold buyer and took the gold dime to hopefully sell rather than return to mint to be melted for a bag mark. Told them I’d sell at my cost, which was $210. These coins are sold out, no longer offered by mint and currently resell on secondary market ranging $285-$300 consistently on web. Owner said he was interested in buying when speaking over phone. So I traveled along my way shopping to sell it but was then told “from his partner”, that they do not sell for what I said but sell for $240 range and the best they could do was $160, showing me eBay past auctions that ended over a month ago (Late Nov 21) range on his cell phone. I told him to check more recent auctions,, then just told him forget it, I’d just return it to mint for melt (these will not be offered again by them 1800USAMINT) After leaving, I looked up past auctions myself from that time period and they were still averaging $265-$285 range as I suspected.

Later out of curiousity I checked that date range again and the only way to get hits exactly like he showed me and which prompted this review, was to go into “advanced auction search” and search “past”, “sold” auctions and had to manually KEY THE PRICE range of $200-250 in myself and then and Only then did I see similar results come up. Poor business practice and a total waste of my time. But rather than risk someone else not wanting a less than perfect 70 coin, I finally opted to return the thing. 124999 left?

Danny Morano December 31, 2016 at 6:20 am

Yes, I got one only from each mint, sorry. There are still many available on the secondary market at reasonable prices. Wish I had an extra to sellyou. You just have to look around and you’ll find them, raw or graded.
One Fine Dime, I have a true story to tell you. In 1992 I went to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Bills vs Washington. I was walking the halls and who should I come upon Boxing champion Cassia Clay and now President Elect Donald Trump and their entourage including Marla Maples. They both consented to a picture with me in the middle. They also both gave me an autograph on the only thing I had worthy. A $2.00 bill I had gotten in change from an earlier purchace. I never saw one before. They both happily signed it including Ms. Maples. I have the picture in 8×10 in a nice frame and the $2.00 bill and ticket in separate holders. Who would have thought at the time Mr. Trump would eventually run for and win the Presidency?
I see others have spoken and agree the coin is ugly and insulting in a way. I would have never started my comments if you had not written ” No More Whitechnical Dead Presidents” presumably an all future coins and currency. There is room for both, if done right and not just thrown together. I found your comment to be racist and still do. I know this is a coin blog and apologize to my fellow collectors. Racism does not belong her but unfortunately has reared it’s ugly head.
Peace and understanding to all and Happy New Year.
Respectfully, DrWho7

Danny Morano December 31, 2016 at 6:28 am

Sorry for the spelling errors. I do proof read but in the end, when I hit send, the spelling comes out different. This is a Samsung 5, I guess I need a new phone like a 7edge. Seems to have a mind of its own. Sorry again.

bobby December 31, 2016 at 11:19 am

I belong to a club we buy sell and trade. We may not have 10 people on any given night. But we have 100 credit cards when wanted. We have a coin shop owner in the club. I recommend every collector to join one or start one. Your local coin shop would be very happy to have a group like this hanging around the store. Its good for Everyone. As a group we usually get more coins than most?. does this make us bad people?. I think it makes us smarter collectors. Every collector is different some want OGP others want 70s some want Morgan’s. There’s strength in numbers . Collect what you like and remember you cant take it with you. Don’t leave your kids with a bunch of stuff they have to give away to get rid of it. They will fight argue and never talk to each again as they divide your life long position’s?. Been there done that.

Danny Morano December 31, 2016 at 12:31 pm

Very, Very smart. That’s what I’ve been saying to people on this blog for the past year when they ask “How can people get more than the Mints allotment “?. That’s how the big boys do it only, they probably have access to a 1000 credit cards and different addresses.
As for the other thing, I saw it happen with both sets of my Grandparents and sadly, my own parents. I leaving everything to the SPCA, being a Disabled Veteran, the Wounded Warriors Foundation, the Church and NRA. Sell everything i have and split it 4 ways and what ever I have in the bank, mutual funds and my Serviceman’s Group life Insurance policy the same. Both of us, a Man with a plan. Happy New Year.
Respectfully, DrWho7

Danny Morano December 31, 2016 at 12:37 pm

One Fine Dime,
Who’s image graces the front of a $2.00 bill and who are the gentlemen on the back?

Nels January 1, 2017 at 5:26 am

Danny Morano,that’s a cool story about the 2 dollar bill. I will keep looking for the silver Metal but don’t you think that any in the box from the mint ‘raw’ has been picked over for the extra money they will get for having them rated? I did get an “s” mint mark one from eBay and the guy said that it has a tiny scratch on it. I asked and he was honest about it and told me many don’t ask and they get sent back to him. I have also noticed if you take your fingernail and lift up a little on some of the coin holders, they are a little loose just in one spot that I have but most are not. Do you think this could be because they have been opened?

Danny Morano January 1, 2017 at 8:08 am

True story, who knew at the time I would meet the future President of the United States at the Super Bowl in 1992. As for the scratch, there’s a myriad of ways it could have gotten scratched. When their minting a special limited edition proof coin, their supposed to take their time and inspect them before they encapsulate and box them. Employee could have sneezed or was otherwise distracted. Did the seller say it came scratched? I have gotten coins more than once where the top was off and floating around inside the box.
Well, it’s 2017 and in a couple of weeks, for better or worse we’ll have a new President. Hope he’s better than Obama and thank the Lord it’s not Hillary. God Bless the U.S.A.

bobby January 1, 2017 at 11:01 am

The US mint is the only Gov. run agency that shows a profit?. They have a return policy for a reason. there is no way they could personally inspect each coin. I doubt they even try.

Bilelle January 1, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Nels, I would bet any of the Larger dealers or flipers, for sure looked closely at the
Metals And Know pPretty well what they have in hand. Also I would think another
Tip off is any one selling 69’s and 70’s and you see them also selling them ungraded is a pretty
Good tip off that It Has Something wrong with the item that prevent’s the item from being a 69 or 70.
I also think if you let a site like eBay list the same items from low to high
You will see the smaller sellers ungraded items generally close in lower price and the
Larger Dealer and flippers grouped up On the higher end. Those are My general thoughts.

Nels January 1, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Thanks for your opinion Danny Morano and Bilelle, no I just asked and he said all of the boxed ones didn’t pass the 69 and 70 grades and that he would go through them and find one of the better ones that he has. I have no idea how many he has but if he did go through them, that was very nice of him. I think that some of these guys on eBay have several accounts and bid on them till they get the price up there. I hope that me saying that doesn’t get the sellers going on ebay. I also have gotten a coin with the top off. The Mint has to get their S… together for sure.
Danny thanks for your service and being in the military to help protect America!

bobby January 2, 2017 at 1:35 am

flippers are usually the cheaper coins on ebay?. they come in unopened mint sealed boxes its a quick couple bucks. any seller that has couple hundred sales and up with a 100 percent positive feedback should be ok. not a great deal not a bad one? if you need the coin. the coins are bought the first day if possible . and are sold before the market changes. I am a flipper.
If you think you may not be able to get a new coin. send me a Email I will save you some shipping and have the mint send it straight to your house.

Danny Morano January 2, 2017 at 7:16 am

I don’t know if I would continue to bother with this seller. If the scratch is bad enough, I would return it and search among the various other sellers. Thank you for your reply and here’s hoping 2017 is a good year. God Bless.
Sincerely, DrWho7

Danny Morano January 2, 2017 at 7:28 am

Like I told Nels, if the bag mark is to bad, either return it or try to make a few bucks selling it on ebay with full disclosure and search for a better one at an acceptable price to you. Happy New Year and good luck.
Regards, DrWho7

Len January 2, 2017 at 7:45 am

Danny, I did just send it back. I found one that was acceptable to me at a coin / jewelry shop. I was just under the 14 day return period and checked around that day to see if any one was interested in it but the one store jacked me around on value so I just decided I better get it in the mail to the mint. Sorry to understand from the mint they will be melting it but I felt I should move fast just to get my initial investment back. The one I bought from the shop looks perfect, no dings or bag marks of any kind but upon close examination with a 8x loop, I noticed a tiny reddish discoloration at the top ridge of her back of her neckline (just at the ridge point). It is so small barely noticeable. But it is a reddish mark. I am just wondering how this will affect grading if at all. However being that it has no scratches or nicks and the strike is very strong, I am much happier with this one.

Danny Morano January 2, 2017 at 8:47 am

Good job. If you can barely see it the just tell yourself it doesn’t exist. I hope the Mint refunds your money a.s.à.p. and a good way to start off the New Year.
Take a look at some of the new coins being minted in Smart Minting. I now have 7 different and all are sharp. Or, get the first ever 2oz. Maple Leaf. MCM has them in MS69 for under $160.00. I got one of the last in MS70ER for a few bucks more. Very nice coin. All the best!
Regards, DrWho7

Nels January 2, 2017 at 2:53 pm

Bobby, do you have any Silver American Libertys not rated in the box that haven’t been picked over. I hate to buy one and send it back and just never know what is on eBay. I kinda think all boxed ones are the not so good ones. I don’t really want a rated coin in there holders. I just want a good coin that is in its box. It would be really great to have one of each. ‘W’ & ‘S’ w/o the scratches

bobby January 3, 2017 at 10:46 am

I don’t I got my set on E bay for $360. They go up every week?. everyone I no that has them is holding on to them. the deep cameos are going for $600. in 70 on E bay. Could be a deal you will look back on and say I could of had that ?. Some think this could be the next 95 W?. condition is going to be the key on this coin. I wouldn’t buy a ungraded set without having it in my hand to look at them first. When they were shipped from the mint. The box didn’t have anything in it to keep them from rattled around in the box. one of the coins had come out of its holder in the box. I really like these coins in deep cameo 70s. not so much raw. Today my opinion don’t Waite to long to get these coins?.

bobby January 3, 2017 at 11:13 am

I haven’t seen a ungraded set that I would want. This coin ungraded is that way for a reason there scratched up.

bobby January 4, 2017 at 9:43 am

Silver American liberty coins. Sorry to go off subject on the gold dime page . But to follow up on Nels question . And possible justify flippers? a topic that has been mentioned on this page. I have not thought twice about this coin until yesterday. I cant stop thinking about it since it was mentioned. This limited edition coin is available mainly because of flippers and E bay?. Coins can be purchased on E bay. By using pay pal and asking questions you are protected when you make a purchase. Just about all of the 125 coins? on E bay are from flippers. The U S mint is no longer a secret. I would like to believe that most of these people are fair and just trying to make a couple bucks. They will fully describe the coin for sale before you purchase. they don’t want it back. When hundreds of people bid on a item they set fair market value.
The American liberty coin. Were will todays prices of this coin go if the mint makes another one this year. And adds a zero to the production number of them?.

Len January 4, 2017 at 9:54 am

Hi Danny,

Thank you for the info. I am and have been primarily a collector of vintage American coinage from the time I was 10 years old in 1976. My first coin, other than the Peace Dollar my Grandmother gave me 5 years earlier was three Mercury dimes 1939, 1942 and 1943 that I got for $1 by sending a sase to Littleton coin company. I had searched the local stores for one and put the word out but I remember a local neighbor of ours at the Superette (convenient) store we used to shop telling me that she had not seen any of those in years so I took to the mail order route. I still only have the 1942 in my collection and noted as my first coin bought. I do also recall seeing and drooling over the Draped bust and capped bust dimes listed in Coin World magazine. I distinctly remember the Draped Bust dimes in vf-xf shape in the $250 range then. I wish I had the funds to buy them at that time. Wow what a time capsule that little kid put in to my head! Happy New Year and Happy Collecting!

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