2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Photos

by Mike Unser on December 12, 2016 · 10 comments

This article presents photos of a 2016-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle with its incused edge that recognizes the series’ 30th anniversary.

This year’s pair of numismatic American Eagle silver coins received an anniversary makeover that’s attracting more buyers.

2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Sides and Edge

CoinNews photos of the obverse, edge and reverse of a 2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

Bullion and proof American Silver Eagles debuted in 1986, while the uncirculated edition launched in 2006. These three annually issued coins have always had reeded edges… until Congress directed a "30th Anniversary" edge inscription on the 2016-dated proof and uncirculated versions.

The proof 2016 Silver Eagle in its first 2-1/2 months of release logged sales that took last year’s coin almost 8 months to reach. A photo of that coin is right below, with a few more of them here.

2016-W 30th Anniversary Proof American Silver Eagle - Sides and Edge

CoinNews photos of 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle, the collector version the U.S. Mint released before the uncirculated edition

The more recently issued uncirculated 2016 Silver Eagle, the subject of the photos further below, scored sales of 139,925 in four days. It took nearly three weeks for last year’s edition to hit the same mark; about 1-1/2 months for the 2014 coin to get there; and almost 4 months for the one from 2013 to reach it.

Here’s a table comparing early sales performances of the uncirculated series since 2011:

Year of Issue Initial Issue Price Debut Sales
2016 $44.95 139,925 in 4 Days
2015 $39.95 127,872 in 4 Days
2014 $43.95 or $39.55 with subscription 106,349 in 4 Days
2013 $48.95 104,570 in 7 Days
2012 $45.95 123,801 in 5 Days
2011 $60.45 184,967 in 5 Days
2010 N/A Not Sold
2009 N/A Not Sold


This next table shows final sales of the uncirculated coins by year since introduced. The figures are for all standard versions, including those sold individually as well as those purchased as part of numismatic sets.

Year Sales / Mintages
2015 223,897
2014 253,169
2013 222,091
2012 230,872
2011 409,927
2010 Not Sold
2009 Not Sold
2008 533,757
2007 710,299
2006 466,573


The U.S. Mint’s online store for American Eagle products is located here. The uncirculated coin is $44.95, and has no mintage or order limits.

Below are some larger photos of the anniversary coin.

2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Edge

A CoinNews photo of the coin’s one-year-only edge inscription

2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Obverse, a

Larger photo of the coin’s obverse or heads side

Obverse 2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

Another view of the obverse

2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Reverse, a

Larger photo of the coin’s reverse or tails side

Reverse 2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle

Another view of the reverse

2016-W 30th Anniversary Uncirculated American Silver Eagle - Case and Coin

A photo of the coin’s case and of the coin itself

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Seth Riesling

This article doesn’t state it, but these coins are $1 legal tender coins made of .9993 fine silver with a special burnished finish that is not on the bullion version coins. The US Mint has advertised this version in the past as “One Ounce of Burnished Beauty”.



I was surprised that the certification that comes with this coin does not mention the word “Burnished.” Are they?


It sure is a Beautiful coin!

Seth Riesling

Ken –

Yes these coins have a special burnished finish per the Mint since they were first issued in 2006. Their COA unfortunately doesn’t always mention such aadditional specifics beyond “Uncirculated”. The COA for the 5-ounce silver ATB coins doesn’t say they are special vapor-blast finish coins & just states “Uncirculated” also. Mint management is to blame for these inaccuracies.



Do any of the graders have a slab that shows the edge lettering. I have a PCGS slab and you can not see the edge lettering. The US Mint screwed up with no 30th Anniversary Set and now it seems like the graders didn’t do anything for it either. I guess 30 years does not mean too much.


The 21016 W burnish die eagle has the 30th anniversary edged lettering,why? Only the bullion eagle and proof coins are 30th anniversary coins. The burnish die eagle is only around for 10 years. I suspect after awhile these burnish die eagles will either be variety or error coins,but thats just my opinion.


NGC has a 4 prong edge holder they have had for a number of years now. You can easily see the edge with this standard (used on all graded coins) slab.

Seth Riesling

joera –

Ronnie is right. NGC introduced their EdgeView™ four-prong holders in 2010. It only covers up about 20 percent of the edge of a coin. PCGS holders have a plastic ring inside to hold the coin in place but it is hard to see through it.



Thanks guys! For some reason I forgot about the NGC slabs. Maybe it’s all this Christmas in the air. Most of my graded coins are PCGS but I do have some NGC. And I will add at least 2 more for the edge lettering.
Thanks again.


Mint has removed a TON of stuff, 2016 ATB quarters, Prez $1 that they have a jillion of…. how is that possible Another mint f’up it would seem