Perth Mint 2016-2017 Australian Collector Coins for October

by Darrin Lee Unser on October 7, 2016 · 3 comments

New coins from the Perth Mint of Australia continue to showcase varied subject matter, offering collectors a range of interesting options for October.


Perth Mint of Australia coin releases for October

Leading the charge are "Year of the Rooster" gold and silver coins. Also appearing in October are a new koala high relief coin, a wedge-tailed eagle platinum coin, and a unique star-shaped Christmas coin. In addition, sci-fi enthusiasts will want to check out the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Crew Silver Coin and the Star Wars R2-D2 Silver Coin.

Brief information on these coins is offered below:

2016 Australian Koala 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin

Only 5,000 of these Koala 5 ounce silver coins are available for sale to the public. Each portrays an adult koala walking along a branch of an eucalyptus tree. The design is featured in proof high relief, adding to the level of detail.


2016 $8 Australian Koala 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin

This coin is housed in a classic Perth Mint presentation case with a themed, customized shipper and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

2016 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Platinum Coin

Former U.S. Mint Chief Engraver John M. Mercanti designed the image of the wedge-tailed eagle that is featured on this $100 platinum coin.


2016 $100 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Platinum Proof Coin

Each coin is struck by the Perth Mint from an ounce of 99.95% pure platinum in proof quality. Only 350 of the coins will be sold.

2016 Christmas 1oz Silver Star Shaped Coin

Holidays take the stage on this star-shaped Christmas coin. Each is composed from one ounce of 99.99% pure silver and is minted by the Perth to a proof finish. The coin’s image portrays a burning candle with a red bow tied around it, surrounded by a wreath of holly.


2016 Christmas 1oz Silver Star Shaped Proof Coin

Its mintage is limited to 3,000. Each coin is housed in a star-shaped capsule with a hole for a ribbon to be tied, so the coin can be hung as a Christmas tree decoration.

2016 Yin Yang Rotating Charm 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin

This one-ounce silver coin depicts the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, surrounding a stainless steel enamel plated yin yang rotating charm, which represents the continual flow of the five elements as they exist in nature. The design includes the inscriptions WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL and WATER, as well as the Chinese symbols for the five elements, and the Perth’s ‘P’ mintmark.


2016 Yin Yang Rotating Charm 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin

Produced to an antiqued finish, making each unique, this 99.9% pure silver coin is limited to 3,000 pieces and is issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu.

2016 Australian Map-Shaped Dingo 1oz Silver Coin

The tenth and final coin in the Perth Mint’s Australian Map Shaped Coin Series features a dingo standing in front of a rocky outcrop in the Australian desert.


2016 $1 Dingo Australian Map-Shaped Silver Coin

Each coin is in an ounce of 99.9% pure silver, includes a numbered certificate of authenticity and ships within a Perth Mint display case. Like prior issues, its mintage is capped at 6,000.

2016 Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Crew 2oz Silver Coin

This 50th anniversary Star Trek coin, struck in 2 ounces of silver to proof quality, depicts an image of the crew from the original series, including Captain Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Chekov, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Sulu.


2016 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Crew 2oz Silver Coin

Officially licensed, produced by the Perth Mint and limited to 5,000 pieces, this 99.9% pure silver coin is issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu. Each comes housed in a replica Star Trek communicator.

2016 Star Wars R2-D2 1oz Silver Coin

One of the best known science fiction robotic characters is featured on the 2016 Star Wars Classic – R2-D2 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin. The coin’s reverse features R2-D2 being sold by the Jawas to Luke Skywalker and his step-uncle Owen Lars in Star Wars: A New Hope.


2016 Star Wars R2-D2 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Each piece is in 99.9% pure silver. The mintage is limited to 10,000. Officially licensed, the coin is issued by the New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the Pacific island of Niue.

2016 Brave Little Tailor 1/4oz Gold and Silver Coins

Mickey Mouse, as seen in the animated Brave Little Tailor adventure, is featured on the reverse of new gold and silver proof coins. The $25 coin is composed of 1/4 ounce of 99.99% pure gold and the $2 coin is struck from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver.


2016 Mickey Through the Ages, Brave Little Tailor Silver Proof Coin


2016 Mickey Through the Ages, Brave Little Tailor Gold Proof Coin

Mintage for the gold is capped at 1,000. No more than 10,000 of the silver coins will be issued. Officially licensed, both coins are issued by the New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the Pacific island of Niue.

2017 Year of the Rooster Gold and Silver Coins

2017 Year of the Rooster coins are available in proof gold, colorized proof gold, proof silver, colorized proof silver, and in a four-coin typeset collection, which includes a gilded edition.


2017 Year of the Rooster Silver Coins

Gold versions features a rooster standing in a stylized Chinese scene featuring bamboo and leaves. Silver versions depict a rooster, a hen, and three chicks standing among bamboo foliage and flowers. All share a Chinese character for ‘rooster’ and the inscription ‘Year of the Rooster’ along with the Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

Each is 99.99% pure. Coin mintages range from to 1,500 to 10,000, and sizes range from 1/4 ounce to 1 kilo.


Additional information on the above and other products may be found on the Perth Mint’s website at Follow our affiliate link to see the Mint’s new coins.

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Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser – You forgot: Star Trek ™ & Copyright of CBS All Rights Reserved. Mickey Mouse ™ of Disney ™ Star Wars ™ LucasFilms Ltd. (Disney ™) As a Perth Mint Australia affiliate program member, receives a percentage of the sales of coins when readers click on your blue “affiliate” hyperlinks such as at the end of this article & your Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) articles also (5 percent kickback). has the legal responsibility to disclose this information to its readers & follow international copyright laws. It is only fair if you consider yourself a serious… Read more »

Danny Morano

I picked up 2 Star Trek Communicator Coin sets, I think their going to be among the most popular and collectable of all the Star Trek Coin Sets. I also got a Platinum Wedge Tail Eagle to go with the Silver and the Gold one I have. Once again, the Perth Mint comes thru with some very unique items. Can’t wait to get both.


Very diverse selection…Perth always does a great job. Quality and selection.