2017 Maple Canopy Kaleidoscope of Color Gold Coin Released


A new 2017-dated coin in 2 ounces of 99.99% pure gold features a multicolored maple tree in autumn. The collectible is the second maple canopy gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. The first one sold out.

2017 $250 Maple Canopy Kaleidoscope of Color 2 oz Gold Coin - Obverse and Reverse
2017 $250 Maple Canopy Kaleidoscope of Color 2 oz Gold Coin – Obverse and Reverse

Once again, the coin’s striking imagery and extremely limited mintage of 150 make it very attractive for collectors, with more than three-quarters of them already gone, but its price is not for the faint-hearted.

Designed by Canadian Emily Damstra, the reverse (tails side) shows the trunk and towering canopy of a maple tree from the viewpoint of someone looking up. Three larger, distinct maple leaves appear as if floating to the ground, completing the autumn scene.

"The application of paint over the engraved leaves recreates nature’s spellbinding display of autumn hues, which range from a deep crimson red to the lightest yellow," the Royal Canadian Mint describes. "Peeking out from between this eye-catching mix of colours is the coin’s surface, which adds a golden gleam that mimics sunlight on this tranquil day."

Engraved in the trunk of the maple tree are CANADA, 250 DOLLARS, and 2017.

2017 $250 Maple of Canopy Kaleidoscope of Color 2 oz Gold Coin - Obverse
Reverse of the gold coin

Obverses (heads side) offer Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and have inscriptions of ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.

Specifications as provided by the Royal Canadian Mint are:

  • Mintage: 150
  • Composition: 99.99% pure gold
  • Finish: proof
  • Weight (g): 62.34
  • Diameter (mm): 42
  • Edge: serrated
  • Certificate: serialized
  • Face value: 250 dollars


Priced at CAD $4,949.95, or about US $3,776, the 2017 Maple Canopy Kaleidoscope of Color 2 oz Gold Coin  is available from the Royal Canadian Mint at mint.ca. An affiliate link to the coin’s product is right here.

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Joe C.

A beautiful coin but out of my price range.


When are they going put a different design on the reverse of these coins ? Ones that day that happens will be the day I will buy a few Candian coins! Sorry the Queen is a bit old in my opinion and has to be changed to a new design.

Danny Morano

Why can’t we (The U.S.) make coins like this? Their absolutely beautiful.

Danny Morano

I think there will be a King soon. Sorry Lizzy.


The Old Gal wished she looked that good… She’s got to go I agree.
RCM is generally to rich for the coinage for my taste. I’ll take another pass.


Beautiful design for sure, but I had to pass. I own the first of this design and expected more on this one. To similar to the first…but definitely beautiful. I do love me my RCM.



Why can’t we (The U.S.) make coins like this – lol but that’s your opinion! Apparently, the market prefers US Mint products, as US modern bullion outperforms all other nations. Personally, I feel most of the Canadian Mint’s offerings are either unbelievably unimaginative (more pictures of the Queen, anyone ?) or ridiculously gimmicky looking like the coin above. Bottom line, the Queen is the only draw back about the Canadian mints products to me. Your MINT coinage is suffering from excessive Queen syndrome, due to the fact that the Queen is on over a dozen of countries coins…


When the Queen leaves this earth. I’m sure there will be a new obverse with her replacement.

Danny Morano

That is by their law. Would you want Obama on all are coins or King Charles on theirs? The Queen is much more appealing. Plus, I’m sure 100% of the coins are displayed by their reverse just like most all other coins are.


When in Rome.

drew scott

My opinion, considering that you have had a picture of liberty or an eagle on every U.S. coin since the birth of the country, I find Canadian coins far more interesting and beautiful.

drew scott

^ meant to put an ‘almost’ in after ‘every’.

Danny Morano

I forgot about Lady Liberty in all her incarnations over the years. My bad. But, I am worried about her future incarnations. If it isn’t broke, no need to fix or change it.


Good point.