Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set Includes 30th Anniversary Silver Eagle

2016 Ronald Reagan dollars
A special reverse proof $1 coin will be included in the Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set, as well as a 30th Anniversary Proof Silver Eagle. (Shown are standard Reagan Presidential dollars.)

Earlier this week, the United States Mint published pricing for the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set. More product details have since been provided by the Mint, and they explain its higher price.

Previous sets have had stamps, silver medals and exclusive reverse proof $1 coins featuring the honored president. Last year’s sets were $57.95 each. The set for Reagan, the last in the product series, is $68.95. It includes:

  • One 2016 Reverse Proof Reagan Presidential $1 Coin with a ‘S’ mint mark.
  • One 2016 Proof 30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle with a ‘W’ mint mark.
  • One Ronald and Nancy Reagan 1 ½ inch Bronze Congressional Medal.
  • One authentic engraved Ronald Reagan Presidential portrait produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
  • One booklet including images from Reagan’s life and presidency.

The inclusion of an American Silver Eagle would seem to make little sense until you remember the Liberty Coin Act, which authorized the series of 1-ounce, .999 fine silver coins. Reagan signed the Act into law on July 9, 1985.

The set’s price looks much friendlier with knowing what’s in it. The proof Silver Eagle by itself is listed for $53.95.

A maximum of 150,000 sets will be sold, according to the U.S. Mint, and there will be a 1-set limit per household.

The coins, medal, and engraving will be displayed in a rich blue folder covered in soft-touch material with a handsome textured look and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The U.S. Mint will begin selling the set on Oct. 11 at noon ET. CoinNews will offer further coverage before its release.

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jerry in jersey

This sounds like a bargain to me. With a one set per household limit and 150,000 sets available, I don’t think we collectors will need to overwhelm the U.S. Mint’s website at noon on Oct. 11th. I think we can all just relax and place our orders later in the day.


@jerry in jersey – You’re probably right about being able to get it later in the day but we all know that the website is going to get slammed at noon!! Lol

Synoptic 12

The U.S. Mint is not losing a cent with the 2016 Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set. There really is no significance to the set other than the Proof A.S.E. * Notice the Mint is not including the ‘Uncirculated’ version.

a Bob

150,000 is a lot.

Seth Riesling

150,000 is way too much! Good price though.



The 2016-W Proof 30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle will have the new incused lettering smooth edge whereas the bullion American Silver Eagle version will have the standard reeded edge. Also the 2016-W Uncirculated 30th Anniversary American Silver Eagle will have the new incused lettering smooth edge.


Yea 150,000 sets for the Coin & Chronicles is way too many. I have always gotten more than one of these sets, and other sets as well, for my 4 grandkids. Like before I’m hoping the Mint will lift the HH limit. The HH limit has been lifted before after a certain time. And then I can get my other sets. And I think the addition of the Proof Eagle is a nice touch to this set.


150,000 sets. This will be for the ages, something to pass down to the great, great grand children. Not my cup of tea.



Regan was I believe a popular president and many collectors than did not normally follow this series will rush to get a set.I pick and chose through this run and I will be in for a set.The 150000 sounds big but I believe there will be a sell out.The household limit of one set will give interested collectors a good chance of securing a set but the mint should lift the restriction in a reasonable time 24 hrs gives any interested collector plenty of opportunity to make their purchase.With the inclusion of the new anniversary ASE this set will have… Read more »


So no 1 oz silver Reagan Medal like all the other presidents had in the sets?


A HUGE mintage #. The mint did not look @ the Nancy sale$ #s it seems, the Reagan aura does not translate into beserk coin buy binges. This will linger & be available for awhile I would think. Look @ the AU SLQ, not blowing away on sales #, the price is high & flippers are frustrated [boo-h00!] Last, the image of Raygean is awful on the $1 coin, what is up with the mint & who decides, of the last few deisgn so real dogs, FDR =Edward Hermann, JFK – looking @ his zipper (!) Nixon, mug shot, Reagan,… Read more »

Big D

So very happy that the Mint finally provided details regarding the Reagan C & C. Excellent set. Now if someone could learn how to spell “Reagan” properly! 🙂

“One 2016 Reverse Proof ‘Regan’ (sic) Presidential $1 Coin with a ‘S’ mint mark”

Big D

Christopher Williams

I think it’s very cool to include the “30th Anniversary Silver Eagle” with the set. I am looking forward to owning it.


There is no one ounce silver Reagan medal and there is no one set limit, the limit is three per household. I like these sets, disappointed with this one.