Ronald and Nancy Reagan Coins Launch July 1


July is normally quiet numismatically with fewer United States Mint product releases as coin collectors focus more on enjoying the summer than on their hobby. This July looks to be about the same, except for some series-ending coin launches early in the month that’ll create some buzz.

2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coins
The U.S. Mint will begin selling 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coins on July 1. The portrait of Reagan was designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

The U.S. Mint this week updated its product schedule to show July 1, 2016 as the release date for coins featuring Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Product options include 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coins in circulating quality and 2016 $10 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins in collector qualities of proof and uncirculated. The coins are the very last issues from the 10-year series of Presidential dollars and First Spouse Gold Coins.

The U.S. Mint earlier today also updated product pages for the two 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins, adding descriptions, coin images and restrictions that include an order limit of 1 per household and a combined mintage of 15,000 coins — 5,000 more than this year’s earlier gold coins featuring Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Nixon.

2016 $10 Proof Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins
2016-W $10 Proof Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins. Obverses of the Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins offer a portrait of the former first lady that was designed by Benjamin Sowards and sculpted by Joseph Menna. Appearing on the reverse is a scene emblematic of Mrs. Reagan’s life with her arms around two children during her “Just Say No” campaign. The scene was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Don Everhart.

On July 5, the U.S. Mint will introduce the 2016 Reagan Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set. Each includes a 2016 Reagan Presidential dollar in uncirculated quality and a bronze medal of Mrs. Reagan.

Two additional products depicting Harpers Ferry National Historical Park will also make an appearance next month, a three-coin set of quarters and an uncirculated 5-ounce piece. The U.S. Mint started selling rolls and bags of Harpers Ferry quarters on June 6, 2016.

Here’s a table listing the Mint’s products for July:

U.S. Mint Product Releases for July

Release Dates Numismatic Products Price
July 1 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coins TBD
July 1 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential $1 Coins $32.95 to $275.95
July 5 2016 Reagan Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set  
July 11 2016 Harpers Ferry Quarter Three-Coin Set $9.95
July 14 2016 Harpers Ferry Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin $149.95


United States Mint product prices and release dates are subject to change. Collector products launch at Noon (ET) on the day of their release. Place orders on the U.S. Mint website at or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

CoinNews will talk more about the products on the day of their launch.

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Seth Riesling

With a 1 coin per household limit on the 2016-W Nancy Reagan First Spouse $10 gold coins, I hope that means 1 each in Proof & Uncirculated versions. It will be interesting to see how many of the 15,000 mintage sell as the Jacqueline Kennedy $10 First Spouse gold coin hasn’t sold anywhere near the 30,000 mintage (around 16,000 sold so far.)



Good question, Seth. I’m curious too. With rising prices many people might just say no.


Ahaahaaha Good one Richard…. ! Just say no!

Seth Riesling

Richard & Jp –

LOL. May Nancy R.I.P. But, since she left us recently, at least they won’t have her selling her gold coins in the Reagan Library & Museum gift shop! Scene: (Nancy standing at gift shop entrance in red designer dress) – “Please buy one of my gold coins so I can beat Jackie’s gold coin sales numbers! ”



Seth, I can see it now…you paint a pretty sad picture. I had some more to add to this, but decided to keep it to myself. Better that way I thinks!


Seth Riesling,
Hope the mint makes it clear if you can order one of each before 7/1. The proof sells usually 2 for each 1 unc sold. Jackie’s proof sold out long ago at over 11,000. The unc still available with over 6,000 sold. Thus, Jackie has already “won”. Unless the mint again sells over their max limit.


I remember back in my freshman year of college I met a cool person in one lf my classes. About halfway through the semester I asked if he wanted to ‘burn one sometime. He told me, “I will just say ‘NO.” I wanted to punch him right in the face. A few years after that, I asked an economics professor why the trickle-down theory ‘Reganomics’ didn’t work. The professor first looked both ways to make sure nobody else was within ear-shot, and then said, “If I really understood economics, I wouldn’t be working here.” LOL! On the subject we all… Read more »

Seth Riesling

chuck –

You are right that “Jackie” wins due to mintage limits. She & Nancy are discussing this subject now somewhere over the rainbow!

Mammoth –

Funny stories! Enjoy your Reagan & Nixon dollars dude! Some dealers are calling the Nixon $1 coins “Dick dollars”



Seth, I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the ‘underground comics’ of the 1970’s, but in one of them there was a story about them minting a dollar to commemorate what a great president Nixon was. So it is somewhat funny to see this coming to pass – that they actually made a Nixon dollar!


3 coin set face value only .75, US MINT sell it for $9.95 , that is good profit for them


Love my Jackie K. proof & possibly Nancy as well. I hope gold stays below the $1300 mark, But, We’ll see. I might keep Nancy in the OGP
I think maybe 1 reason the Jackie didn’t sell out are because the old timers have passed. I’m just a young whipper snapper at the age of 57 But always followed The gorgeous Jackie as well as Nancy. Two of the top first ladies of all. IMO of course. 🙂


Can’t wait for the Raygun diollar, he looks like AL vin the Chimpmunks dad, or Bucky Beaver TM, or just a squirrel with his cheeks full o’jelly bellies. I was not a fan but this depiction is a JOKE…..Ron would just say kno

Seth Riesling

Joe #2 –

Looks like Nancy’s gold $10 coin will cost a lot more with gold up an amazing $80 very early this morning Friday June 24 as the UK unexpectedly voted to leave the EU (Brexit)!