2017 Proof Platinum Eagle Designs for 20th Anniversary


An original design is planned for the 20th anniversary 2017-W $100 Proof American Platinum Eagle, the United States Mint announced this week, and the series could see an even bigger makeover in 2018.

Mock-Up Designs for 2017-W $100 Proof American Platinum Eagle
United States Mint mock-up designs for 2017-W $100 American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin. The obverse is the same as prior issues. The reverse design was last used on proofs when they debuted in 1997, although it has appeared on bullion Platinum Eagles for every year of their production.

In 1997, the U.S. Mint introduced .9995 fine Platinum Eagles in investor bullion and collector proof editions. Both types shared common designs but that changed for the proofs in 1998 when their reverses began carrying a new image each year. Now, the Mint is planning on circling back to 1997 by using the proof’s original reverse for the 20th anniversary issue.

Thomas D. Rogers Sr. created the design, which features an eagle soaring above America with a rising sun in the background. Many will readily recognize it, with its appearance on bullion versions for every year of their production.

The U.S. Mint is not planning on offering additional 20th anniversary coins, such as a reverse proof or an enhanced edition. Nor is it looking at variations from the traditional proof, like adding edge letterings. Finally, no decision on mintages has been made, though the Mint did say there were no supply issues at this time.

American Platinum Eagles, whether bullion versions intended for investors or proofs for collectors, have always had obverses bearing John Mercanti’s rendition of the Statue of Liberty. The design’s reign may not last much longer, however, as the U.S. Mint is anticipating something different in 2018.

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– – yawn – –

Seth Riesling

How original, using the same Proof reverse design as in 1997! That is a great 20th anniversary tribute for sure, using the same reverse design as on all bullion versions since the platinum program began. Sad.



Hey, but guys.., this is great cost cutting measure by the Mint!

Just like having Jeppson sign Buffalo COA’s in Baltimore in lieu of celebrating the Buff’s 10th year anniversary with something special.., just sit back and blow the dust off what ever worked in the past.., thinking “they’ll (read ‘we’) buy it anyway!” – someone at the mint is getting promoted with this LEAN initiative!

Seth Riesling


Jeppson says he is cutting costs & yet he admits to Congress sales are down (& number of active customers are down on mailing list noticeably) but he doesn’t see lowering prices on products as a way to ramp up sales!? Absurd.



“Using the same reverse design”
“Cost cutting measure”
“LEAN initiative”

Fella’s nothing to worry about here.
Platinum’s not a REAL metal anyways.
Kind of like Smeet is like Meat? Just saying.

Seth Riesling

Jp –

Are you saying Platinum is the Soylent Green of metals? (It’s people!) Lol



Talk about punting in this one. The original design is the easiest coin to buy these days, so why do we need more? This can only be a collectors item if they decide to only make 4000, like last year. Maybe I’ll get a platinum maple leaf coin this year instead.


You and I are thinking alike.
RHODIUM…! Now that’s where the future of coinage is heading. Or maybe plastics… It’s a toss up. I can’t decide. Let’s leave it to the politicians. THEY make great decisions.

Seth Riesling

Jp –

I remember a few years ago Rhodium actually went to S10,000 per ounce in London bullion market & then crashed hard to about $1,600. Anyone for Rhodium-plated jewelry!? Suckers are still holding those Baird & Company ingots sold on t.v. shopping shows! Lol.


Oh my G………. . It’s time for a party in New Orleans for the US Mint. We need to throw one of those processions where everyone sadly marches down the street and then suddenly breaks out in music and dancing. Oh lord its time to put the US Mint to rest. It was a long proud history. It’s been gone a while now. It’s time to put the Mint to rest.


I was hoping for at least a laser Enhanced version of this design, oh well, Proof it is.

In my personal opinion, it doesn’t seem like the mint has much of a plan with these Platinum’s, which is a shame as while its a volatile metal, it offers a lot of potential for revenue for the mint.

The ’15 & ”16 designs are probably some of the best we’ve seen in a while.., the Anny design seen to be another missed opportunity…


If the US Mint chose this design for the 20th anniversary on the Platinum Eagle, then why didn’t they make the Mercury Dime in silver as it was originally? This is awful. Big mistake.


Since the mint is taking the reuse past design stance, how about reuse the Eagle from the 1987 five dollar gold commemorative coin, remove the Quill change the date.

Steve Newman

Nice coin but, the problem is that MCM has already bought all of them. 1 per household HA they have over 150 graded ones already on ebay (presale). Plus all the ones they sell on their website.
They buy them all early check them for grading and send back the rejects. They do this with every collectible coin.
The ones we can buy have already been gone over if you want to get it graded good luck.
He’ll of a deal they have with the mint.