2015 Coin in Some Canadian 2016 Uncirculated Sets

Royal Canadian Mint 2016 Uncirculated Set and packaging
Royal Canadian Mint image of the packaging and six coins in its 2016 Uncirculated Set

Some of the Canadian 2016 Uncirculated Sets mistakenly include a coin from last year, the Royal Canadian Mint said on Thursday, Jan. 28.

Released on Jan. 12, the annually issued collector product has this year’s editions of the two-dollar, one-dollar, 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent coins. The uncirculated coin to check out is the one-dollar.

"In some instances, a 2015-dated one-dollar coin was mistakenly included in the set, rather than a 2016-dated one dollar coin," the Royal Canadian Mint told buyers of the set.

The Mint said an assembly error was responsible for the affected sets, and it advises customers to inspect theirs. Those with the wrong dollar may be returned for replacement by calling the Mint at 1-800-267-1871.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The Mint is committed to continuous improvement and we are currently reviewing our processes," it added.

The Royal Canadian Mint said returned sets will be replaced as soon as possible and noted that serial numbers may be different on replacement sets.

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Why would anyone return that? Wouldn’t that be considered a mint error? Not a coin error, but an error none the less…. I wouldn’t return it, and I’d just order another if I had to have it….


I agree with Eric


I think sales must have been S-L-O-W on this set. It needed a little coin motivation from the enthusiasts. I’ll pass.

Seth Riesling

Jp – You are right about this set. The RCM lowered the mintage of last year’s set from 80,000 to 60,000 & still didnt sell out at only $24.95 Canadian dollars (about $19.00 U.S. dollars) & they are even serially numbered on the folder with the specifications! This year’s set is the same mintage & price & they are pushing it hard in advertising everywhere, but with low sales so far (it is a new year product though so maybe they will sell out in a few months!l) The packaging error is probably just a publicity stunt to increase sales… Read more »


I have one too. Number 17108 / 60000

Frankie G.

Someone answer me this. I’m looking to buy the 2016 Canada unc set. I’ve seen one where the date 2016 is on the reverse under the loon. Then another I’ve seen the 2016 is under the Queen. What’s that all about ? Why 2 different loonies ? Anybody please let me know if anyone knows. Thanks.