US Mint Police in Spotlight

SF Mint
Mint Police protect over 2,800 U.S. Mint employees and the physical assets housed in six U.S. Mint facilities. (Photo of the San Francisco Mint)

My brother Mike and I have been fortunate enough to visit United States Mint facilities in Denver, Philadelphia, West Point and San Francisco. We haven’t talked about it before but a constant in all our visits was the presence of Mint Police.

Without exception, we found these enforcement personnel to be extremely professional in every regard. This includes everyone from the individuals verifying our identity at the start of visits to those making sure we left with exactly what we started with at the end of the day.

Those are book-ends of our interactions with them. Their presence was felt throughout our private tours; their mission palpable. The mindset of Mint Police is perhaps best highlighted in recent comments from Officer Mark Campbell, who is assigned to the Protection Division of the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

"It’s an honor and a privilege, along with a great responsibility, to protect this great nation’s assets," Campbell said.

Campbell’s comments are found in an article by the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications. It talks about some of the important duties of officers at Fort Knox which, for Campbell, have ranged from providing security for the destruction of coins to protecting the millions of ounces of gold bullion held in deep storage.

We know Campbell’s dedication is force-wide. United States Mint Police are truly among the best of the best. We’ll never forget one of them at the West Point Mint who helped two mid-western boys get out of their comfort zone and venture into New York City.

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I’m 50 years old. .. not a cop. .. an i to old to try to become a mint officer? What must i do of its possible. .. do i hafta go through a police acadamy like regular police? Thanks for your help. …

Seth Riesling

Darrin Lee Unser –

You may want to check out my post on your brothers article about year end U.S. Mint sales deadlines for my comments on U.S. Mint Police officers. As anywhere, we have good cops & bad cops! No different at the U.S. Mints!



Eric I am A Mint Police Officer in Phila. You are not too old to join our agency but we do require you have a few years of police experence. You would be required to attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for their Federal Police training.