Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin


Occasionally I gamble on unconventional coins, buying some that aren’t always in my comfort zone because they’re unique and unusual. I’ve done this more often with products from the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint of Australia.

Photos of 2015 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin
Photos of the 2015 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin and its packaging

These world mints are among the ones going where others can’t or haven’t, like using color and other embellishments in making coins.

Some collectors like that, some don’t. Honestly, I stayed away from colorized coins and the like until a few years ago. After buying a couple, I realized I was probably too uptight in my thinking. (A display at the U.S. Mint in Denver is mindful that items like animal teeth and shells were once used as money.)

Anyway and to the main point of this article, this summer I found myself looking at a product that was certainly different. The Perth Mint released an Alice in Wonderland "clock coin" that was struck in 2 ounces of 99.9% pure silver, had a pronounced 6 mm thickness, and an antique finish that was promoted as distinctive for each coin.

2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin
2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, obverse and reverse

I decided to grab one. It is very unique to say the least. And while I’m not into packaging as I’ve said many times before, I’m pretty impressed with its presentation as well. If the product was cheaper — issued for AUS $226 although I spent around US $160, it’d make for a nice gift to lure others into coin collecting.

Below are some photos of the coin and its packaging. Let me know what you think.

2015 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Reverse
Photo of the reverse
2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Obverse
Photo of the obverse
2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Edge
Here you can see the thickness of the coin’s edge
Parts of the Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin
The internal clock component can be pulled out
Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin in Presentation Case
The Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin is housed in a clear latex display case
Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin in Presentation Case Opened
The case is magnetized and may be opened easily to get directly to the coin

2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin in Shipper
The coin and case arrive in an Alice in Wonderland-themed shipper that also holds a booklet with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Cert
Here is a photo of the booklet opened. On top is a separate insert that talks about how no two coins are alike because they are individually antiqued.

2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Specifications
Specifications of the 2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin
2015 $2 Alice in Wonderland Clock Coin, Booklet
Another photo of the booklet. Also, directions for the clock. It operates on one SR416SW silver oxide battery. The battery should be replaced every three years or when timekeeping becomes erratic.
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Joe C.

Interesting piece. It fills the collector’s interest in coins, clocks and Alice in Wonderland. I checked out the diameter of the coin at the Perth mint and it is 45.50 mm or 1.79″ dia. if other people were wondering.


I’ve picked up a few coins myself – a couple coins with different smells, a coin that needs a black light to see the image, a braille coin, some holographic coins – all more curiosities than real collector coins in my opinion. I think it does add some fun to the collecting hobby, though.

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Thanks for sharing the great photos of this unique coin. I remember when it was first offered & i was tempted to purchase it. I actually like the packaging almost more than the coin/clock! My university degree is in English, and “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” was required reading in a fantasy literature senior seminar i had to take to graduate! This Perth Mint item would make a great Holiday gift for sure as you mentioned.
Happy Holidays fellow collectors!



I agree with your comments on “colorized” coins. As of now, I do not own any, but if the US Mint ever decided to offer a colorized version of the 5 oz ATB’s, I would be a buyer. Colorized coins appear to be an annual product release with most major Mints, why not the US. It may even bring in some of our “youngsters” into the hobby.


Good score at 2,500 minted. Price is somewhat high. But it’s one of a kind.


My daughter is an Alice in Wonderland collector and thought this would be a nice gift for her. Unfortunately it’s sold out! Thanks for sharing.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday and new year!


Try some US based coin dealers. They may order from Perth anticipating sales but still have one available even if Perth doesn’t.

Adam Mead

Anyone know where to buy one for less then $500?