2015 Bombay Hook 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coin Released


Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge makes one of its last appearances on a United States Mint collectible product with today’s release of a 3-inch, 5-ounce silver coin depicting a design emblematic of the site in Delaware.

2015-P Bombay Hook Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin and Case
2015-P Bombay Hook Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins arrive encapsulated, set inside a protective outer box and come with a United States Mint Certificate of Authenticity

This brand new coin is the fourth of five this year and the 29th overall in the U.S. Mint’s series of America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins.

Bombay Hook Silver Coin Design

Designs on the coin match those on Bombay Hook quarters, which launched into circulation last month and large quantities of them are now available in U.S. Mint-branded rolls and bags.

2015-P Bombay Hook Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
Reverse of the Bombay Hook 5 Oz Silver Uncirculated Coin

Designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, the reverse depicts a great blue heron and a great egret — both found abundantly within the refuge. The heads side, like all America the Beautiful Quarters and companion silver coins, show John Flanagan’s effigy of George Washington.

2015-P Homestead National Monument of America Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin, Obverse
Here is a photo of the obverse side of an America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Edges of the 3-inch silver coins are different from the reeded treatment on America the Beautiful Quarters. They are flat and incused with ".999 FINE SILVER 5.0 OUNCE" to show their fineness and weight.

2015 Homestead 5 Oz Silver Coin Edges
This photo shows the incused edge letterings on America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins

See how five ounce coins are made.

Pricing and Premium

The price for coins of the series is $149.95 each. With their 99.9% pure silver composition and at Thursday’s London silver price of $15.61 an ounce — the same as when the previous coin launched, each has a melt value of $78.05. That brings the U.S. Mint’s premium per ounce at $14.38.

That is low when compared to other U.S. Mint collector silver products. For example, current premiums for the Mint’s one-ounce proof and uncirculated American Silver Eagles are $33.34 and $24.34. It is toward the upper end, however, when compared to recent releases. Previous 2015-dated Blue Ridge Parkway, Kisatchie National Forest and Homestead National Monument coins launched at a per ounce premium of $14.38, $13.67 and $13.80. Last year’s issues came in at $15.71; $12.35; $11.60; $11.33; and $11.18.


2015-P Bombay Hook Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins are available from the U.S. Mint via its online product page or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). A maximum of 20,000 are available.

Bullion Version

The U.S. Mint in Philadelphia also produces bullion versions intended for investors. Bombay Hook Five Ounce Silver Bullion Coins debuted on Sept. 28. Sales reached 45,000 by the 29th for a sellout.

2015 Homestead 5 Oz Silver Bullion and Uncirculated Coins, Obverses
Here is a photo of the obverse or heads side of America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins. The bullion version is left and the collector uncirculated edition is right. The collectible coin bears a ‘P’ mint mark below ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’, is right.

Both bullion and uncirculated coins share designs and specifications. In key differences, bullion coins:

  • have a brilliant instead of matte finish,
  • lack the Philadelphia Mint’s "P" mint mark, and
  • do not ship in special U.S. Mint packaging.

The U.S. Mint only sells five ounce bullion coins to authorized distributors, who buy them in bulk at $9.75 per coin plus silver spot and resell them in smaller quantities to dealers or straight to the public. Bullion coins are normally available from precious metals and coin dealers for a few dollars per ounce over their melt value.

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Just bought one; however, Blue Ridge Parkway 2015 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin is no longer available. Kisatchie and Homestead are still available. By the way a maximum mintage of 20,000 is the lowest of 2015 so far.


This coin looks so similar to the 2014 Everglades…


this coin will hit $500 within 2-3 years,


And you base this assumption on what??


5 reasons:
1 : Supply and demand : how many real numismatists in USA? How about the world ?
2 Flipper speculation
3 No limited order from US mint, easy to be control by rich people or company
4 Cheapest Collectible 5 Oz silver coin issue by National Mint
5 Rising of Metal price


Any prediction on when silver will start moving up?


most, probably, will be sold thru mint’s subscription program. likely, will not be lowest “P” mintage to date nor lowest issue overall (p and bullion combined). so, you may want to get others too.


If silver companies hold their project in hand ,then silver will skyrocket like Glencore hold Zinc mining


my ordered of 10 pieces arrived today( Oct 10,2015 ) Sat !!!
But i don’t feel happy 2 of it have milky spots,
Some of the coin have Edge damaged
What happen on the Philadelphia Mint???? Are the workers NEW ? that is Blow of Damned!!!
Now i know why they selling so Cheap!!!
But anyway i still buy coin from US Mint,


Danusmint, hope your right but 5oz collectors versions have no legs….yet….may go up heck your paying like >3x spot! Flippersd, who is out looking to flip the ATB %oz, you have a hard time, I can buy 100 now @ $149…..i got the bullion models for $88 & they’re a sell out, but in my hands already?!!


I’m with you Whistler – buy the bullion version at closest to spot price and hang on for a.) silver to rise, or , b.) rising collector interest.



Who is selling the Bulion @ 88?

Jeffrey Razook

Is it just me or are the Bombay Hook and Everglades design eerily similar?

Jeffrey Razook

Got my Bombay Hook “P” mint mark coin today. What a mess. Water spots all over, milk spots and what can be
best described as a “rust looking” spot under bird’s beak. Yikes!!!


That is US mint workers fault ? Or mechanic fault ?
We won’t know!
All we know that US MINT premium on this poor quality coin are ridiculous!
If it didn’t have COA and presented box ,I won’t buy it