CONECA Lincoln Doubled Die Silver Bars for 60th Anniversary


The Combined Organizations Of Numismatic Error Collectors Of America (CONECA) is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the 1955 Doubled Die Cent with unique bars in silver and bronze. Two of the four bar options are already nearing a sellout, according CONECA public relations official Ken Potter.

CONECA 2015 Silver Bar
CONECA is offering options of this silver bar as a fund raiser to avoid raising dues

Bars feature a 1955 Doubled Die Cent to the left and a view of what it would look like today on a 2015 Lincoln cent. In the center is an image of the Chicago Skyline and a Rose, symbolizing that the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money will be held at the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

CONECA’s Medals Program, which now includes a bar design, was the brainchild of its 2003 Board of Directors not only to celebrate its anniversaries and other events but as a way of raising funds for the club. CONECA’s annual dues were increased in 2003 to $25 from $20, but the club has never had to raise them again, in large part due to the profits made from medals sold in 2003, 2008 and 2013.

This year’s 2015 bars are available in four options, including:

  • A regular one-ounce silver bar with a mintage of 125 for $65.00 to members or non-members.

  • An enameled one-ounce silver bar with black background enhanced with 24-karat gold on the two Lincoln cents and the surrounding oval rim. This second option is struck with a different reverse die to make it more unique. It has a mintage of 35 and is priced at $65.00 to members and $100.00 to non-members. NEARLY SOLD OUT.

  • A bronze bar limited to 100, after which the die will be canceled. Pricing is $12.50 to members or non-members.

  • A one-ounce silver bar with a mintage of 25, using the canceled die. The price is $75.00 to members and $110.00 to non-members. NEARLY SOLD OUT.

All bars, except those struck in bronze, are serial numbered with numbers distributed lowest first. Non-members may join CONECA for $25 in annual dues and buy bars at member prices.

Postage is $2.75 for the first bar and $1.00 for each additional bar. Foreign buyers should email program coordinator, James Motley for postage costs.

Checks or money orders should be made out to CONECA and mailed to:

CONECA Medals Offer
c/o James Motley
P.O. Box 1471
Highland, MI. 48357-1471

There is a limit of one bar per person on the enameled/gold-select and canceled die bars until after Aug. 31.

CONECA will have a club table at the ANA’s World’s Fair Of Money in Chicago August 11 to 15 where the bars may be picked up by those who desire that option.

For more information or to order by PayPal, visit this CONECA product page.

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James Norman

Yes! I ordered two items on 10-08-2015 and received one of them “1955 – 2015 Doubled Die Cent Silver Bar. Thank You-Very Nice!!! But I have not as of today 12-06-2015 received the Heart. Receipt #:1004-6083-7021-2130. Total price was $15.25. I have not been able to locate the customer service dept. Need your help please on this issue. Thank You.