2015 Bald Eagle Silver Coins in Fractional Set


Featuring one of the world’s most recognizable birds of prey, the Royal Canadian Mint this month unveiled a set holding four different sized 2015 Bald Eagle Silver Proof Coins.

2015 $5 Bald Eagle Silver Proof Coin (Obverse and Reverse)
2015 $5 Bald Eagle Silver Proof Coin (Obverse and Reverse)

Included in the fractional set are 99.99% pure silver strikes with each showcasing the same fierce likeness of a bald eagle. Mintage of the set is limited to 7,500, with pricing CAD $199.95 or US $160.90.

"From the cardboard box to the wooden display box and of course the coins, the mint aced this one," comments Slim of Vanderhoof BC in the customer review section on the coin’s product page. "It is beautiful. Even the delivery came in a timely fashion. Well done RCM."

The bald eagle is indigenous to North America and has a range stretching from Alaska to Canada and through to the U.S. and northern portions of Mexico. Despite its name, the bird is not actually bald. Instead, white feathers adorn its head which contrasts with the brown plumage on the rest of its body.

Coin Designs and Specifications

Canadian artist Derek C. Wicks designed the portrait of the bird of prey, which appears on the reverse or tails side of the four coins. It is seen in a striking head and upper wing pose as it gazes off into the distance. The eagle is struck in a frosted finish against a brilliant background.

2015 $5 Bald Eagle Silver Proof Coin (Reverse)
2015 $5 Bald Eagle Silver Proof Coin (Reverse)

Inscriptions around the design include CANADA, 2015, 9999 FINE SILVER and ARGENT PUR 9999. The artist’s initials of DCW complete the image.

Coins of the set range from a $5 face value of 31.39 grams down to a $2 face value of 3.23 grams. Specific specifications for the four coins are in the table below:

Bald Eagle Fractional Set Specifications

  $5 Coin $4 Coin $3 Coin $2 Coin
Composition 99.99% pure silver
Finish proof
Weight (g) 31.39 15.87 7.96 3.23
Diameter (mm) 38 34 27 20
Edge serrated
Obverse Artist Susanna Blunt
Reverse Artist Derek C. Wicks


Obverse or the heads side of each coin showcase Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. ELIZABETH II, D G REGINA and the coin’s legal tender face value are inscribed around the likeness.


2015 Bald Eagle Fine Silver Fractional Sets may be ordered directly from the Royal Canadian Mint at mint.ca. An affiliate link to the four-coin set is located here.

Case and Coins of the 2015 Bald Eagle Fine Silver Fractional Set
Case and coins of the 2015 Bald Eagle Fine Silver Fractional Set

Coins ships inside a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maple wood case with a graphic beauty box.

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When I relate the eagle to coinage my thoughts are attached to the classic US double eagle, this is of the past.This modern Canadian work sets the standard.This wise eagle I believe can see over the horizon into the future.This set is a must for modern collectors.Thank you Canada.Mr editor please follow this release.Thank You.


It’s a nice eagle, but I think the coin is to simplistic and short of a few elements. They should’ve went with something other then overused image of a queen for a change. The classic US double eagle is a perfect coin with lots of details in my opinion. On the obverse it has lady liberty on the reverse it has graceful eagle and both sides have beautiful inscriptions with meaning.


Elizabeth 11 is Queen of 16 independent countries,repetive,boring maybe but it is what it is.She represents these countries and her image on their coinage is a show of respect.If you look at the modern coinage of these 16 there focus is primarily on wildlife and what is more relevant.This eagle was not meant to ape the classic American Eagle this eagle is of a new era.Plus this fractional set possibly should have been a USA first.I wonder if the USA mint will follow with a fractional ASE set..Possibly we should have been first.What do you think?


I understand that these countrys like to show thair aligns to the queen; afterall, I do have some Canadian and Newziland/Australian coins that I like very much, but if this eagle is going to be considered a rival to US double eagle and a new bench mark, it was not designed as such. I kind like old era when it comes to US double eagle design, and the dawn of a new era should be greeted with “In GOD We Trusts” and “E Pluribus Unum” and not just the image of a beautiful bird. All I’m saying is that this… Read more »


The classic eagle of Early American coinage will remain.The Canadians aren’t in contention.Art is an extension an expression a means of communicating.I purchased this Canadian set and treasure the ASE’s from the beginning (1986).Collect to enjoy.