March of Dimes Special Silver Set Photos and Sales


Give the United States Mint kudos for a very fine job in developing, producing and selling their 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets.

Photo collage of 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set
Here are several small photos of the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Sets. Larger photos are below that include descriptions of the coins.

I was among buyers of the 52,540 that sold on launch day, this past Monday, and I had them in hand by Wednesday morning. Ordering was smooth and delivery fast. What’s more, I spent more than $300 to get five and I’m a happy camper without buyer’s remorse. Call me greedy, but I want more.

These sets will sell out soon. Their sales reached 58,129 by the second day, climbed to 63,882 by the third day, and they’re sitting at 66,109, or 88.1% of their maximum 75,000 as of this morning.

Coin News Update: Sales totaled 69,050 sets by Monday and then went up to 71,114 by Tuesday, May 12, which represents 94.8% of the maximum. Household ordering limits were also removed on Tuesday. There are 3,886 remaining.

Coin News Update #2: A few hours after the ordering limits were removed, the sets became unavailable and unofficially sold out. At this time, the set’s online product page has them listed as such with a ‘Remind Me’ button added to receive an email should more become available.

Coin News Update #3: Late Wednesday, May 13, the Mint said the following in a statement: "The updated sales figures for (DM5) 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set is 74,664 units. We are in the process of reconciling our inventory with the orders we have received. As indicated yesterday, the product is still currently unavailable."

Coin News Update 4: On Aug. 7, the U.S. Mint officially placed "sold out" on the set’s product page. Sales through Aug. 2 totaled 74,623.

The gem of the set is the reverse proof Roosevelt dime. The crew at the Philadelphia Mint did a spectacular job with it. Despite the dime’s small size and very familiar designs, its unique finish captures your attention.

Photos of coins never seem to do them justice, but here are some shots.

Coins and case of 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set
Here is a photo of the case and coins of the set. This set is limited to 75,000. Its two unique dimes will not be sold outside of the set.
Coins, case, packaging and cert of March of Dimes Set
This photo shows the coins, clamshell case, packaging and certificate of authenticity included with the set. The cert has four double-sides panels that talks about the history of the March of Dimes and describes the coins within the set and their specifications.
Proof, reverse proof 2015 dimes and proof March of Dimes $1 - obverses
This photo shows the obverse or heads side of the three 90% silver coins — the 2015-W Proof Roosevelt Silver Dime from West Point, the 2015-W Proof March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar from West Point and the 2015-P Reverse Proof Roosevelt Silver Dime from Philadelphia. The U.S. Mint has never produced a reverse proof silver dime, or a proof silver dime from West Point.
Proof, reverse proof 2015 dimes and proof March of Dimes $1 - reverses
And here is a photo of the same coins but from their reverse or tails side
Proof and reverse proof 2015 Roosevelt Dimes - obverses
A photo of the set’s two dimes (heads side), which are exclusive to the set. The set’s 75,000 limit guarantees that the pair will have the lowest mintage in the Roosevelt dimes series. First is the proof and next is the reverse proof. The proof has laser-frosted devices against mirror-like polished fields. The reverse proof is exactly opposite.
Proof and reverse proof 2015 Roosevelt Dimes - reverses
And again, here is a photo of the same coins but from their reverse or tails side
Proof and reverse proof 2015 Roosevelt Dimes - obverses, close-up
A closer view of the two dimes (obverses)

Proof and reverse proof 2015 Roosevelt Dimes - reverses, close-up
Another view of the dime reverses

Photo of a 2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar, Obverse and Reverse
Here’s a photo we took several weeks back of a 2015-W Proof March of Dimes Silver Dollar (obverse and reverse). It’s in the set and also available individually for $51.95.


Sets are listed on the Mint’s website as on ‘Back Order’. You can still buy them, but you’ll have to wait longer to get them. Place orders online here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Set pricing is $61.95.

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Those dimes are really nice looking. Thank you for the pictures. I am told my sets have shipped, I am just waiting to see them in person. Thank you US Mint for a nice product at a fair price with low mintage for the dimes.


The reverse proof is a dazzler .I missed the early birds,I’m back ordered.Thanks mike for the great images.

john k

mine were shipped on the 5th by fedex smartpost…tracking states estimated delivery on the 11th..I was very happy with the mints website transaction but the shipping leaves a lot to be desired..but it looks like it will be worth the wait..Against my better judgement and comments I read here about it I ordered the 2014 Limited Edition Silver Proof was boring and redundant and nothing special..I think its something the mint should try to “jazz up” somehow

jim b

I’m on back order for 2 sets. If they do well on secondary market, which I think they will. I’ll sell one and use the cash for the next hot item. Thanks for the pictures and the info.

Christopher Williams

I received my five sets on May 7th.

Thank you for posting those photos.


I have been positive with the Mint’s decision to include firsts in this set, reducing the mintage limits and Including a “Reverse Proof Dime”. All good moves for the hobby. Up to this point there have only been 7 Reverse Proof coins released by the US Mint. This had made a nice “Short Set” for collectors similar to what we have with the Presidential Spouse coin series (coins for presidents who were not married while in the White House). Now I see the following headlines, “Reverse Proofs for 2015 Coin & Chronicles Sets”. If this series will have a Reverse… Read more »


How ’bout an ENTIRE reverse proof set!!!! The penny would be awesome! Very limited, exclusive to mint members only…etc!


I ordered mine at 12:24 and I am on back order, why?


I was surprised when I ordered my sets on the day of release and actually completed my transaction without any difficulty. I was tempted to order 5 but went with 3 to hopefully give others a chance to order some too. A shipping notification came later in the week. Night and day from some of the other offerings I’ve been burned on in the past. I hope this new trend continues!


i ordered at 1pm May 4 th now on back order Aug 5th.. oh well ,just wait once they catch up maybe a month worth it…though

Carl Scranton

Ordered 3 sets at 12:09 May 4 delivered by USPS 12:23 May 8. Still unopened but won’t send to be graded will just wait to see what they might bring later on.


I think they are out now. They say they are not currently taking orders but more may become available later.


Can someone please tell me what they think the value of this set will be in 2 years? Yes I know that no one knows exactly I’m asking the serious collectors to take a educated guess. T-Y.


Jimmy, I won’t venture a guess but I will point to other Reverse Proof sets. If I am not mistaken this set is the lowest mintage set to contain a Reverse proof which means anyone collecting the reverse proofs have to have the dime in this set. Also proof collectors will want proof W dime. Then add in that many who collect want the whole set and competition will only increase when bidding on these sets. With a mintage for these two coins of only 75k a piece these are two key coins in one set. Hell, I’ll take a… Read more »


AAWnc thank you for your reply I was hoping it would be worth more than that maybe it will maybe it won’t.
I have two sets. Do you think I would be better off to have them graded or leave them as is? Thank a bunch, Rookie Collector. Jimmy

Christopher Williams

These sets have been steadily rising during the past week on Ebay. I have my five sealed sets listed with a “Buy It Now/Best Offer” option and the “Best Offers” are climbing. I am not selling mine, just wanting to see where they go.

I agree with AAWinc.


got a set for Fathers day B day woo hoo!!!!

Francis Callahan

The 1995w pr69 ngc or pcgs had, I believe a mintage of about 50,00 and is currently (that one coin) for about $4,000. This March of Dimes set is unique
and seems that with a limit of 75,000 sets will make history in the coin market.
Happy are those who ordered early (and often!). Francis