NGC Special Label and Pedigree for March of Dimes Silver Set


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has created a special label for the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set, which the United States Mint will launch at noon ET on Monday, May 4.

NGC Special Label for 2015 March of Dimes Silver Set
NGC images of the special label for the 2015 March of Dimes Silver Set

Priced at $61.95 and featuring two unique Roosevelt dimes and a commemorative March of Dimes silver dollar, the highly anticipated set is limited to just 75,000.

"To mark the release of this low mintage set, NGC has created a special label that features a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, along with a facsimile signature and his famous quote: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’," the company describes.

NGC will encapsulate the coins with the special label and a MARCH OF DIMES SET pedigree, but these submission steps are required:

  • Coins must remain in the sealed US Mint shipping boxes, and the entire unopened package must be sent to NGC for certification. NGC must open these boxes in order for the coins to qualify for the MARCH OF DIMES SET pedigree.

    Note: If NGC receives the package unsealed, only the two Roosevelt dimes will be eligible for the MARCH OF DIMES SET pedigree and/or the Early Releases and First Releases designations.

  • Select the Modern tier or higher and select Special Designation / Label and check either Early Releases or First Releases. Check the NGC website for Early Releases/First Releases cut off dates. Special Designation / Label must be selected for the MARCH OF DIMES SET pedigree even if Early Releases or First Releases is not desired or if coins are received after the cutoff date for those designations.

If you want the original U.S. Mint packaging returned, NGC also states to remember and check "Return Mint Packaging" in section 3 of the NGC Submission Form. Also, that NGC’s First Day of Issue designation is available only for bulk submissions.

For more information, visit Numismatic Guaranty Corporation at

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I need to buy this 3 coin set because I know the special NGC label will probably double the value of the set. I mean the label is what really gives the set value, right?


Is there a household limit on this set ?


Yes 5


jim, Love the sarcasm 🙂


I have taken the coins out and am selling the holders separately since they seem to be so valuable and scarce.


Now they know everybody is gone want this set should be a limit of one and after specified time (1week etc) let it be more !


The set is currently listed from $95 to $120 on ebay’s pre sale. It will probably sale out in a matter of hours at the mint. Big coin dealers will pay non collectors and their employees to buy the 5 coin limit for them.


I would not be so sure that this will sell out so quickly.
If the mintage was 50,000 or less it would, but with the higher mintage?
Remember the coin and currency set? What about the Gold and Silver Kennedy sets that are still for sale? The Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo?

Are there 75,000 Roosevelt Dime collectors in the hobby today?

drew scott


Order Placed: May 4, 2015
Order Number: USM03190***


Got my order in for me, my mom and my brother. Now on backorder until August 13th 2015!!!! Guess there are some dime collectors out there.


Order placed 20 minutes ago.


Yeah, they’re selling a few. 🙂


Dang I missed the chance of early release by waiting 15 minutes too late to order. Now I gotta wait till August but I have a chance to get a last one out the door certification.


And yet that could be the very first minted.