CBS Sunday Morning Examines Coin Making and Pennies

US 25-cent coins and pennies
CBS Sunday Morning will look at the penny and the debate about whether it should be eliminated.

Tomorrow, you may want to tune your TV to CBS or set your DVRs to record CBS Sunday Morning. The weekly news program is airing two segments about U.S. coins.

Coin News Update: If you missed the airings, you can now watch them online. Links to the CBS video for each segment follow.

The first segment will talk about the artists and engravers at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, and their role in the coin-making process.

"In a world obsessed with earning money, and spending it, it’s understandable why you might not take a minute to examine your spare change. But if you did, you might find those coins are miniature works of art," show notes describe. "Anna Werner meets the man who designs our state quarters and commemorative coins."

US Mint at Philadelphia
U.S. Mint facility in Philadelphia

This segment will also look at how coins are made, as well as some of the Philadelphia Mint’s history.

Later in the news program, a second segment will focus on the one-cent coin and the debate about whether or not it should be eliminated. It costs about 1.7 cents to make and distribute each penny.

"Is the penny worth saving? Every year the copper coin buys less, while continuing to aggravate shoppers and cashiers," show notes relate. "So should the U.S. follow Canada’s lead and dump ours?"

CBS Sunday Morning is hosted by Charles Osgood and airs at 9 a.m. ET. Check your local listings to see when it airs in your region.

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Dale Reese

cool program …i will record this….thanks

Dale Reese

Sunday Morning dish network wbns10 9am

Dale Reese

thanks, Mike for the heads up…


Sounds like a good article, though calling the cent “copper” isn’t very clear reporting.


Your report about the penny this morning. You report that 11 countries have gotten rid of the penny. You name the Netherland as the only Western European country to get rid of the penny. How can that be if Western Europe minus Brittan and Switzerland has the Euro. There has to be more than one country that has gotten rid of the penny. What am I missing


In addition to saying the cent is copper, the presenter referred to a die as a “coin stamp”.

There was one point where she admitted she didn’t know anything about coins. So why couldn’t someone at CBS have found a reporter who either understood a bit about numismatics or at least could do some research first? (I know, I’m asking WAYYY too much ….)

Neil S. Friedman

In the Philadelphia mint segment looked like the reporter wasn’t wearing gloves while handling a MoD dollar(?). Hope it wasn’t shipped as part of someone’s order 🙂