Four-Day Sales of US Marshals Coins Hit $11.6 Million


United States Mint sales of 2015 US Marshals products bounced by another 42,257 coins through Sunday after sales of 89,402 coins in the first 12 hours. That places their four-day total at 131,659 coins, or $11,628,537.

2015-W $5 Marshals Gold Proof Coin
2015-W $5 Marshals Gold Proof Coin, one of the seven commemorative product options

Sales would have been higher but it’s been impossible to place orders for some of the coins. Ordering of the Three-Coin Proof Set lasted for slightly over 24 hours before the U.S. Mint tagged them in their online store as "out of stock." There are still 5,099 left based on the latest sales figures. Presumably, the Mint is now getting those readied.

The story is similar for the gold and silver coins. By Saturday, four of the seven US Marshal commemorative products were marked as "out of stock." By Monday, only the two clad half-dollars were available for immediate shipping. The gold coins have held in "out of stock" status while the two silver dollars have rotated between "out of stock" and "back order."

Plenty of US Marshals Commemorative Coins remain. It’s just a waiting game as the Mint strikes more and packages them. Also, those products listed as "out of stock" now have the "Remind Me" option to request an email when they return for sale. That hasn’t always been the case.

Here are the four-day sales splits across all the US Marshals Service 225th Commemorative Coin products:

Introductory Prices 4-Day Unit Sales 4-Day Coin Sales Total Sold Maximum Authorized Remaining
Proof 50c Clad Half-Dollar $14.95 22,953 32,854 46,177 750,000 708,823
Uncirculated 50c Clad Half-Dollar $13.95 13,323 13,323
Proof Silver Dollar $46.95 37,530 47,431 66,266 500,000 433,734
Uncirculated Silver Dollar $43.95 18,835 18,835
Proof $5 Gold Coins $412.60 4,759 14,660 19,216 100,000 80,784
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coins $407.60 4,556 4,556
Three-Coin Proof Set $473.60 9,901 N/A 9,901 15,000 5,099


Three-Coin Proof Sets have one proof $5 gold coin, one proof silver dollar, and one proof clad half-dollar.

US Marshals coins are available online from this U.S. Mint page, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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I ordered several of the single coins, missed out on the 3-coin set though. These are the best commems that I’ve seen in several years! Finally, a coin that collectors will love purchasing.

Mike Unser (

FYI: As this time the three-coin proof set is on “back order” status so orders may be placed.


Not sure what the distinction is between “out of stock” and “back order”. Both usually mean it’s going to take longer to get a coin. “Back order” used to show up on the status of an accepted order but not on the order page. I never got an email last time I used the “remind me” – maybe they’ve got that fixed now. “Out of stock” seems to mean they aren’t accepting orders but I don’t understand why they would ever do that. They’re sabotaging sales with “out of stock” and if the “remind me” still doesn’t work those waiting… Read more »


Thanks, I tried to order the 3 coin set when it said “out of stock” and it would not take my order. Now it says “back order” and it accepted my order, and they sent an e-mail confirming my order. Glad I saw Mike’s comment, (thanks Mike) if I hadn’t I might have missed out.

JOE #2

waiting to see when the gold proofs will be available..:)

enr 43

I also odered the three coin proof set today. Now confirm by email. Now on back order.


Just got my two 3 coin set. The designes on these coins are beautiful; however, in both sets the 50 c coins have spots. Disappointed!

JOE #2

I knew it Vadim… I said it in an earlier post… Glad i cancelled.

JOE #2

It seems that even the Perth Mint is having some problems with spotting. If i’m going to spend good $$$$ on these expensive coins, I want PERFECT. NO FLAWS. NO SPOTS.. PERIOD. I don’t know if it’s laziness or what going on.


Yes Joe. Even though, majority of the price of this 3-coin set constitute gold and silver coins it is an issue if clad coin is ruined. Costumer is not getting what’s advertised. I have to say that both silver and especially clad 50th Ann. Kennedy sets, of which I’ve bought many, have spots, oxidation, and poor finish.

I haven’t noticed any defects in last year’s HF commemorative coins or other I’ve purchased. So, quality seams to be an issue in 2015!

Guys, let me know the quality of the other coins you getting.


One more thing. It seams to me that these spots on the coins are from the gloves. Maybe employees have difficulty inserting coins into not so air tight capsules. The don’t fully close.


FYI – These coins are not “sold out” but have sold their currently minted supply for the items listed as “out of stock”.

This is a flaw I see with the new ordering system. You cannot order a coin prior to it being minted. This gives the Mint a great “order to ship time” but it is not well liked by anyone wanting an item and then having to constantly checking the Mint’s web site to see it the coin is available!


The “Back Order” button has been added for the 3 coin set. The Mint is now taking orders for this set but again there is nothing “special” about this 3 coin set. It is still part of the larger mintage of 100k, 500k & 750k for all three coins.

JOE #2

I think the mint should worry more about producing spot free coinage instead of how many coins being made and sold. Worry about the quality.

JOE #2

Vadim? How do the proof $5 gold sheriff and proof silver coins look?


Joe #2, gold proofs look sharp. Silver proofs overall look good just some faint hairlines on the obverse.

Just got my individual coins. Gold uncerculated are sharp, 50c proofs have some faint hairlines but no glove smudges like in 3-coin sets. 50c uncerculated are sharp as well. Waiting on silver to arrive.

JOE #2

Vadim, Thank you for the feedback my friend.

Anthony Green

Received the coins. Ordered the half clad and proof, the dollar clad and proof and the 3 coin set. Had to send every coin back except the half clad. The proof coins all had spots, smudges on them, the dollar clad had a big black spot on it and in the 3 coin set both silver coins had smudges/marks on them. Overall not at all happy with the quality.

JOE #2

Unreal Anthony.


Help me out guys! I ordered the 3 coin set. I have a spot mark or pit mark on the silver star. Can I return just that one coin? I am new to this. I’m kinda shocked that proof coins have been shipped to customers with defects so obvious a rookie spotted them? Am I stuck? Thanks for any help…..

JOE #2

If it’s the 3 coin set, You must return them all. The mint should be ashamed of itself for even sending out these pieces of sh-t. No ones checking them after being minted or they are having there seeing eye dog checking them out. outrageous.

JOE #2

JK.. you have 7 days. call mint first. tell them the problem. send those suckers back. call asap.


I ordered the 3 coin set and am not disappointed at all. They look absolutely perfect, all of them.