Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal Design Candidates Revealed


On Thursday, Jan. 22, the United States Mint unveiled design candidates for the Congressional Gold Medal honoring golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

Two of Nine Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal Design Candidates
Two of the Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal design candidates. All 9 designs are further below.

Public Law 113-210 authorizes the medal in recognition of Nicklaus’ service to the nation in promoting excellence, good sportsmanship, and philanthropy. The law also calls for the striking of bronze duplicate medals for sale to the public.

In total, there are 9 design candidates. They include 5 for the obverse or heads side that feature a portrait of Nicklaus and 4 for the reverse or tails side that include stylized designs and inscriptions recognizing his integrity and dedication to charitable causes.

Designs, shown below, became public in conjunction with their review by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA). The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) will look them over and offer their suggestions on Tuesday, Jan. 27. The nine must be narrowed down to two, one for each side of the medal.

Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal, Obverse Design Candidate Images

Here are the 5 obverse candidate designs for the medal:

Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal, Reverse Design Candidate Images

Here are the 4 reverse candidate designs for the medal:

CoinNews.net will follow-up with an overview of the CFA and CCAC recommendations.

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Does anyone really care about this? Are we going to start to get like the Canadian mint that creates a coin for God knows everything there is?

Rumaldo Rincon

Be careful and don’t talk about Canadians. Don’t be rude


Jp – The Mint has been making bronze medals for some time in both the 1 1/2 and 3 inch sizes for offer to the public. What they have not done is advertise them. If you look on the mints web site you will find an assortment of medals offered for sale at a reasonable price.


RonnieBGood, Well slap me upside the head…I thought they were making some Gold coin for this. I have nothing against golf, My mistake.
Rumaldo, I didn’t say anything negative about the Canadian people, just the RCM making coins for just about anything that moves. Don’t get me wrong, the RCM makes some excellent coins. I have even purchased a few. (very few) But they really do go overboard with the coins. I get it, it’s a business, it makes money…God save the Queen! 🙂