2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars Back on Sale

2014 $1 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Silver Coins
Available in uncirculated and proof qualities, the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Commemorative Coins are returning for sale

Curved shaped 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Dollars will return for sale at noon ET today, Dec. 16, the United States Mint announced.

Coin News Update: The Mint indicates that about 3,500 silver dollars are left between the proof and uncirculated.

Offered in proof and uncirculated collector qualities with the authorizing law limiting sales to 400,000 across both product options, the commemorative coins made a splash when they launched alongside their $5 gold and 50c clad counterparts on Mar. 27.

The silver dollars garnered an unofficial sellout in less than two weeks. On Apr. 9, when orders reached the maximum, the Mint implemented its waiting list feature allowing customers to place additional orders that could be fulfilled in the case of cancellations, returns or payment issues. An official sellout was announced on Apr. 21.

Since that time, the Mint has canceled orders that could not be fulfilled due to payment issues, freeing up inventory.

To place orders at noon, visit the United States Mint website. Its commemorative coin product page is right here. There is a household order limit of 100 for these silver dollars.

Updated sales for the two coins were not available at this writing. As of Dec. 7, the Mint noted sales of 267,847 for the proof and 131,910 for the uncirculated for a total of 399,757, leaving 243 coins available. However, this total may not account for all cancellations.

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This is a terrific opportunity for collectors that missed the original offering. Flippers won’t be in the way.


Is anyone buying these? I’m not sure it’s such a good investment.


I think they ran their course. Too high of a mintage.


3500 Silver Dollar left. Where has the accounability been since April. Evidently there was alot of Rejected coins returned by the customers and open for the next group of returns.


Well, the proofs are gone. Whether they will attempt to sell rejects? Hard to say, but I will find out. You can always return a bad coin. The mintage on the uncirculated was better anyway.


Both are out of stock in Less than a Day!!

The flippers did get in the way. The limit was 100 per household.


I don’t think the flippers would get involved on this as these coins are selling for about the same price on EBAY as the mint is selling them at. (Except ones that are graded). I think the mintage is way too high at 400,000 across the board.