2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Coins in Silver, Gold and Platinum


Royal Canadian Mint 2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Coins highlight Canada’s iconic maple leaf symbol in unique examples of platinum, gold, silver, silver with autumn colors, and silver with jade.

2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Coins - Silver, Silver with Color, Silver with Jade, Gold and Platinum
2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Coins – Silver, Silver with Color, Silver with Jade, Gold and Platinum

Limited to 3,000 worldwide, collectors are guaranteed all five coins by enrolling in the Mint’s five-coin subscription service. Those wanting just the silver coins can join the three-coin subscription option which has a higher limit of 8,500.

"The maple leaf is a powerful national symbol—one with a distinct and elegant shape that captures much of Canada’s nature—winters that have influenced the way the world views this land and its people; breathtaking autumn colors that have captured the hearts of artists for centuries—but most of all, it symbolizes a land of opportunity to build a new life and enjoy the prosperity of free enterprise," describes the Royal Canadian Mint website.

Maple Leaf Coin Designs and Specifications

All three silver maple leaves coins offer the same basic specifications and design but with different enhancements for added detail. The first silver coin shows a sprig of leaves from the sugar maple. The second silver coin has leaves in orange and red design reminiscent of the autumn season. The third silver coin has one maple leaf made from a jade stone. The platinum and gold coins share designs, showcasing an image of two maples leaves, one smaller on top a larger one.

Pricing, shipping/release dates, compositions and other specifications for the five coins are listed below.

Maple Leaf Subscription Coin Specifications and Release Details

Silver Silver with Color Silver with Jade Maple Leaf Platinum Coin Maple Leaf Gold Coin
Price (CAD) $89.98 $99.95 $114.95 $299.95 $279.95
Release Date Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Subscription Required 3 or 5-coin option 5-coin option
Composition 99.99% pure silver 99.95% platinum 99.99% pure gold
Finish proof
Weight (g) 31.39 3.13 3.14
Diameter (mm) 38 16 16
Face Value (CAD) $20 $5 $5
Edge serrated
Obverse Artist Susanna Blunt
Reverse Artist Pierre Leduc


All five coins are struck as legal tender of Canada with the face values shown in the table above. All five also feature Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse.

Ordering Information

To order 2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Coins by subscription, visit the Royal Canadian Mint’s website at mint.ca. These affiliate links go directly to the 5-coin subscription page and 3-coin subscription pageicon.

A three- or five-coin display case will ship free with the final coin for all completed subscription purchases.

Coin Images

Larger images of the Majestic Maple Leaves Coins follow.

2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Colored Silver Coin
Silver coin with orange and red design reminiscent of the autumn season
2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Silver Coin with Jade
Silver coin with jade
2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Silver Coin
Standard silver coin
2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Gold Coin
Gold version
2014 Majestic Maple Leaves Plainum Coin
Platinum version
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