2014 Baseball Silver Commemorative Coins at 97.7% of Maximum

Curved 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins in Gold, Silver and Clad
The gold 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins have already sold out. The silver commemorative coins should sell out today.

New sales figures released by the United States Mint this morning have 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Silver Commemorative Coins at 97.7% of their maximum mintage, leaving only 9,121.

The latest total marks an increase of 24,539 in 48 hours, and based on this pace the silver commemorative coins should sell out today.

Buyers overall are going after the proof version by an almost 2-to-1 margin. The two silver coins have splits of 257,183 for the proof and 133,696 for the uncirculated for a combined total of 390,879. Since Monday, increases are more weighted toward the proof, by about 3-to-1, with sales up 18,547 compared to 5,992 for the uncirculated.

Sales of the clad half-dollar commemorative coins climbed 6,210 in the last two days and are now at 22.7% of the maximum.

Here is a table offering the latest figures:

Sales of 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins

Coin Prices Sales on Mar 9 Sales Total % of Maximum Maximum Mintages Remaining Coins
Proof $5 Gold Baseball Coins Sold Out 32,000 50,000 100% 50,000 0
Uncirculated $5 Gold Baseball Coins 18,000
Proof Silver Dollar Baseball Coins $51.95 257,183 390,879 97.7% 400,000 9,121
Uncirculated Silver Dollar Baseball Coins $47.95 133,696
Proof Clad Half Dollar Baseball Coins $19.95 103,948 170,211 22.7% 750,000 579,789
Uncirculated Clad Half Dollar Baseball Coins $18.95 66,263


Other Sales Figures

Sales across all six products total 611,090 coins for a total of $44,248,326.50. From that amount, $6,509,845.00 in mandated surcharges will go to the National Baseball Hall of Fame to help fund its operations.

To place orders for the National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins, visit the United States Mint website, right here, or call 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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JOE #2

hype… hype…. hype


I wonder how many you ordered, JOE #2…
I love baseball, and love coin collecting so don’t really care that much about the “investment” part of it. Do you think there will be more curved designs? Hard to pick a better idea than a baseball – baseball glove combo.

JOE #2

Eddie… I was a Yankee and Met fan for years. I love baseball like anyone else. I have been in the coin collecting business since the early 70/s. It’s a mockery what’s happening today with coin collecting with these outrageous coin prices charging approx: $1,000 for a 1/4 ounce piece of gold. Today with first strikes, early releases and all the other bs things going on today, imo, this destroyed the coin collecting business by inflating these coins to outrageous prices. People are just flipping these coins imo. Maybe a few will keep them. The grading business ( pcgs,ngc, anacs,… Read more »


JOE #2, Thanks for replying. I agree with everything you say, however if the public is “stupid” enough to go get them from those websites, so who is at fault? Remember, it takes to parties to complete a sale…Personally, I bought mine straight from the Mint. One thing that I can never understand is, if the US MINT is still selling them for $48-$52 dollars why would someone go to Ebay at that same time and pay $40-$50 more to get them? Instead of getting them from a Gov’t Agency you can trust (supposedly), they get them from a stranger… Read more »

JOE #2

I understand and agree with you point Eddie. Enjoy the coins…

JOE #2

The reason i didn’t buy any was because of the 90% gold and 90% silver. I won’t pay these prices for 90% as well as the coins down the road possibly can get carbon/ copper spots. Store the coins well..


Hey Joe, I use to think that .999 gold was free from copper spots till they started showing up on my sealed gold pandas and 1/10oz proof buffalo.

JOE #2

I never had any issues on my .9999 gold buffalo’s. I have heard issues on the .999 gold pandas. I have seen also 1 gold proof buffalo with the reddish orange spots.


read these posts…

JOE #2

I think i’ll stick with paper money…lol