2014 24K Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar Special Product


In an interesting tidbit learned from a media advisory published by the United States Mint on Monday, Feb. 3, one of the topics up for discussion at the next CCAC meeting is a "2014 24K Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar special product."

2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar
2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy half-dollar. To commemorate the semicentennial and based on U.S. Mint surveys sent to customers last year, its anticipated that the Mint will offer special anniversary sets containing halves of varying finishes, compositions and from multiple U.S. Mint facilities — Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point.

Paul Gilkes of Coin World wrote up a nice piece about the possible product options, and included a quote from Tom Jurkowsky, the U.S. Mint’s director of Public Affairs, saying that the Mint was "contemplating on producing two sets — high-end and low-end." A 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 24 karat gold, which is 99.99% pure, would fall into the higher end product option based on price.

In our visit to the Philadelphia Mint in August, the plant had already started producing hubs and dies in preparation for 2014 Kennedy half-dollars. Here are a few photos of them from that CoinNews.net article:

Philadelphia Mint Employee Steve Jones and Hubbing Press
Here, Steve displays a 2014 Kennedy half-dollar positive coin hub.

Philadelphia Mint Hubbing Press - Positive Hub and Negative Die
Shown in the background is the four-segmented collar of the Hubbing Press. In the foreground sits a Kennedy half-dollar positive coin hub and the created negative coin die

Kennedy Half-Dollar Hub
Kennedy Half-Dollar Hub – Obverse
Kennedy Half-Dollar Hub - Reverse
Kennedy Half-Dollar Hub – Reverse
2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Dies (Top View)
2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Dies (Top View)
2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Dies (Side View)
2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Dies (Side View)

Kennedy half-dollars have not been distributed for circulation since 2002, though the U.S. Mint has continued each year to offer rolls and bags of newly dated halves in circulating-quality. 2014 Kennedy roll and bag products from the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint go on sale next Thursday, Feb. 13. Clad proof halves, clad uncirculated halves and 90% silver proof halves will become available later in the year within the Mint’s standard grouping of annually released coin sets.

The CCAC, or Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, is tasked with advising the Secretary of the Treasury on themes and designs pertaining to U.S. coins and medals. Its next meeting is at 10:00 a.m. (ET) on Feb. 11, 2014. Open to the public, it will be held at:

United States Mint Headquarters
801 Ninth St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20220.

In addition to the discussion of a 2014 24K Gold Kennedy Half-Dollar, CCAC agenda items include the review the candidate designs for next year’s 2015 America the Beautiful Quarters.

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This will be very popular.
Thank you for listening US Mint!

JOE #2

Looking forward to this beauty….


Why so late in the year. I’m surprised this decision wasn’t already made. Anyway, let’s hope it gets the OK.


will it be expensive for gold coin? will collectors lose money again for this product?
We bought Reverse Proof Buffalo Gold coins last year, lost about $50-150 each.
Haha, we should’e bought 1st ladies or regular Buffalo:). Instead buy this one time product, like Legacy sets? Warning: this Kennedy gold coin is overvalued, and poor investment value!!


annaboy – No one has lost money unless they have sold their Buffalo’s for less than they have paid. Call this a paper loss… for now.

Gold is again on the rise. It will be the only safe haven if QE3 is not successfully able to pull the US economy out of recession. Hang on to your gold. You will be happy you did.

JOE #2

In my opinion, I think the Pamp Suisse bars are just as good or better than the buffalo. The Pamp Suisse horse is a gorgeous bar with weight, number and purity on assay card as well as number on the bar itself. It deserves the premium. Every time i bought the buffalo, Then decided to sell, I never made anything. fwiw..


Geez, I would have thought they would have done something different like a SIlver Kennedy (Matte) or Reverse Proof, sort of like the San Francisco and West Point Eagle Sets. How very dull to just make 1 Gold Coin available that 87.59% of the public will not be able to afford anyway. The Mint took the excitement right out of the anticipated Kennedy anniversary set. C’mon US Mint…use a little imagination for this one.


this set of Kenndy Gold should be popular and interesting for collector !
but it is not for investors, Unlimited mintage 🙁
I am only buying American products for support our Homeland:)


Does anyone read the entire articles? Only one of the two options was for a Gold Coin: ” … the U.S. Mint’s director of Public Affairs, saying that the Mint was “contemplating on producing two sets — high-end and low-end.” A 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 24 karat gold, which is 99.99% pure, would fall into the higher end product option based on price.” And WRITE or ATTEND to voice what you would like to, “the CCAC, or Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. “Its next meeting is at 10:00 a.m. (ET) on Feb. 11, 2014. Open to the public, it… Read more »


I’m wondering why the CCAC is even thinking about this. In this case the mint can do whatever it wants – there’s no law covering anniversary coins and since the anniversary is of the coin and not the President or any other event there’s no special new design that has to be considered and voted on.

Bill Frederick

It is good for the coins value if it has a late release date especially if you buy graded 70’s… Coins released early in the year have much longer production cycles and as a result higher mintages. If it is released late in the year and you purchase the 70 grades you are likely to have a extremely low population coin, if you purchase it as soon as it’s released you will pay the lowest price possible. Therfore maximizing your chances of doubling your money in a short period of time. (As long as the population in 70 is low)… Read more »

Neil J. Gold

Kennedy was the man who motivated my generation to do something for our country……

The time has come to motivate a new generation of americans to get this
country to get it moving again! Let’s motivate our young people with
an ‘An American Can-do coin!’. – Like Ronald Regan….

Robert grundlock

How do I get this Kennedy gold coin


go to usmint.gov


I bought my five. It is a beautiful coin. It will only be minted this year and then no more.