2013 $1 Young Collectors Snorkelling Coin, 2nd in Australian Series


The second coin from Perth Mint’s "Experience It" series is now available. The Australian 2013 $1 Snorkelling coin is being sold for $13.59 AUD or $12.29 USD.

2013 $1 Young Collectors Snorkelling Coin
2013 $1 Young Collectors Snorkelling Coin

The Snorkelling coin is struck in aluminum bronze and is the second release after the 2013 $1 Surfing coin in the Young Collectors "Experience It" series. This series of coins features outdoor leisure activities in which Australian youth enjoy.

Design of $1 Young Collectors Snorkelling Coin

The reverse side of the Australian coin, designed by Tom Vaughan, features a colorful display of a snorkeller holding a camera amid a brightly colored coral reef. Inscriptions on this side of the coin include "Snorkelling" "$1" and the Perth Mint mark "P."

Released as Australian legal tender, the obverse side of the Snorkelling $1 coin depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley. Inscriptions read "Elizabeth II," "Australia" and the year, "2013."

The coin has a weight of 13.8 grams, a diameter of 30.2 mm and a thickness of 3.1 mm.

Illustrated Presentation Card for 2013 $1Snorkelling Coin
Illustrated Presentation Card for Snorkelling Coin

The Australian Snorkelling coin is designed as a gift for young collectors. It is housed in a presentation card with illustrations and information about snorkelling.

Other Young Collectors "Experience It" Coins

As mentioned, the fist coin in the Young Collectors "Experience It" series was a coin dedicated to surfing.

2013 $1 Young Collectors Surfing Coin
2013 $1 Young Collectors Surfing Coin

Four more coins will be available later this year. They will represent skiing, horse riding, skateboarding and BMX riding.

Ordering Australian Snorkelling $1 Coin

The first 2013 $1 Australian Surfing coin is available in an album with an illustrated card cover for $18.14 AUD or $16.40 USD. This album is designed to hold all six coins of the series. However, the album is not available for purchase separately.

Album for all Six Young Collectors Experience It $1 Coins
Album for Young Collectors Experience It $1 Coins

The Surfing and Snorkelling $1 coins are available for ordering directly from the Perth Mint’s website through its Young Collectors page.

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Mike Irwin

I find it interesting , the layout of the coins illustration with the obverse to the left of the reverse as if the Queen is staring at the bare bottomed boy snorkeling. The only thing missing is the quotation cloud from the Queen saying, “Well, isn’t that special.”