2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection Limited to 50,000


Details have emerged for the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection. Earlier today the United States Mint published an online product page for the limited-edition set.

2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection
U.S. Mint images of differing views of the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection that includes two coins and a bronze medal

Priced at $74.95, scheduled with a release date of August 5, 2013 and limited to 50,000 units, the collection includes:

  • 2013-W Uncirculated 5-Star Generals Silver Dollar depicting Generals George C. Marshall and Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • 2013-D Uncirculated 5-Star Generals Half Dollar featuring portraits of Generals Henry "Hap" Arnold and Omar N. Bradley

  • 1.5-inch bronze replica of the 1962 General MacArthur Congressional Gold Medal

The $1 silver coin and 50-cent piece are available separately from the U.S. Mint at respective prices of $55.95 and $20.95, which totals $76.90. That makes the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection a bargain by comparison since it also has the bronze medal and special packaging.

2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection in Standing Position
2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection in standing position

Packaging is described by the U.S. Mint as "easel-type" that is "perfect for desktop display." Inside are profile cards with photos, historic military information and facts for each of the generals. The packaging also includes the United States Mint Certificate of Authenticity.

Collectors can order the 2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection at Noon ET on the 5th. The online product page for the set is located here.

2013 5-Star Generals Profile Collection Specifications

  Silver Dollar Coin Half Dollar Coin Bronze Medal
Denomination $1 $0.50 N/A
Composition 90% Silver, 10% Copper 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 90% Copper, 10% Zinc
Weight 26.730 grams nominal 11.340 grams (±0.454) Not Listed
Diameter 1.500 inches (±0.003) or 38.10 mm (±0.08) 1.205 inches (±0.002) or 30.61 mm (±0.05) 1.5 inches
Edge Reeded Reeded Flat
Mint Mark Uncirculated ‘W’ Uncirculated ‘D’ None, struck at Philadelphia Mint


Bronze Medal Designs

The obverse or heads side design on the bronze medal depicts General MacArthur with surrounding inscriptions reading DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, LIBERATOR OF THE PHILIPPINES, CONQUEROR OF JAPAN, DEFENDER OF KOREA and PROTECTOR OF AUSTRALIA.

Reverses show the Great Seal of the United States and two torches on either side with inscriptions in the middle reading IN RECOGNITION OF THE GALLANT SERVICE RENDERED BY GENERAL OF THE ARMY DOUGLAS MACARTHUR TO HIS COUNTRY. Additional inscriptions include DUTY, HONOR and COUNTRY as well as MacArthur’s quote, "The inescapable price of liberty is an ability to preserve it from destruction."

Both sides were designed by Frank Gasparro.

For design and other information about the 2013 5-Star Generals Commemorative Coins in clad, silver and gold, read this coin news article.

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S. Buckles

Really? The only reason I bought this commemorative in the first place, was because of the low sales in the hopes that it MAY have some numismatic value. Now, in typical U.S. Mint fashion, they market the same product in a fancier venue, and “limit” the sales to 50,000! I will never buy another commemorative from the U.S. Mint!!!!!!!


Think about this: maybe the half dollar will actually be able to grade, MS-70. Yeah, I’m holding my breath.

Gary W

This set isn’t a surprise, info on it was released months ago; the Mint is just following through on what it promised. Also, the coins in this set are all part of the overall maximum mintage defined at the launch of the coins. Speculating on the potential of low mintages and then complaining when the Mint delivers previously announced products is ludicrous.