US Mint Cutting Prices on Coins Containing Silver

Great Basin National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin
The 2013-P Great Basin silver coin release was posted due to plunging silver prices. The U.S. Mint is set to lower silver numismatic product prices on Thursday.

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, the United States Mint will trim prices on numismatic coins made from silver, a move the bureau has considered since late June when it postponed the release of 2013-P Great Basin Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin as a result of plummeting silver prices.

The coin pricing news comes via a notice scheduled to appear in the Federal Register on Tuesday, July 9. It outlines cuts ranging from $5 to $25 per silver coin product and states they are: "because of the recent decrease in the market price of silver."

New pricing set to go into effect at 12 Noon ET on the 11th include:



Old Price New Price % Change $ Change
2013-W Proof Silver Eagle $57.95 $52.95 -8.6% -$5.00
2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle $48.95 $43.95 -10.2% -$5.00
2013 Silver Proof Set $60.95 $53.95 -11.5% -$7.00
2012-2013 America the Beautiful Quarter Silver Proof Sets $36.95 $31.95 -13.5% -$5.00
2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set $49.95 $44.95 -10.0% -$5.00
2012 Making American Coin & History Set $72.95 $67.95 6.9% -$5.00
2013 Congratulations Set $59.95 $54.95 8.3% -$5.00
2013-P ATB Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins $179.95 $154.95 13.9% -$25.00


Worth noting, the $154.95 price for an America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin will be the lowest ever. The 99.9% pure silver coin series has experienced several pricing movements since the first one appeared in 2011 at $279.95. Lower prices this year have supported higher sales.

These latest prices seem to have been set on or very close to July 2, the date of the United States Mint notice. On that day, which was last Tuesday, the fixing for silver was $19.62 an ounce. The London silver Fix for today, July 8, was $19.16 an ounce.

London silver has plunged 36% this year and 16.4% in June alone. The sharp fall in recent weeks has pressured U.S. Mint sales of numismatic silver products which always carry higher premiums and tend to see infrequent price changes. On the flip side, the U.S. Mint is logging record sales of bullion coins this year. These later coins, intended for investors, are always available for a few percentage points above the current spot price of silver.

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Craig b

Too bad they aren’t dropping the price of the American eagle 2 coin set $10 as well, considering I have a set (hopefully) shipping July 19, and another on sept. 17.
Those fall after their 7/11/13 adjustment date… Boo hoo. -grin-


Craig…with the set reselling pretty well above the issue price – I am not worried about the $139.95 and my dates are the same as yours. Frustrated at all the other silver products I’ve bought this year…but the WP is not one of them.

Burned Collector

Maybe I can dip my old proof sets in silver and actually get a buck or two for them.


At least everybody starts out at the same price. Delivery dates may vary but if we’re just talking about cost then we’re all even.


the silver down 36% and yet the mint only down an average of 10%. think about it.


So now is the time to hold and buy


I sent back some 2013 W unc ASEs. Guess I will buy back at a lower price. Even with paying shipping both ways, I saved. Was hoping for more of a cut though. However, I would be surprised if the prices ever get lower than what they are right now. India is buying silver hand over fist, esp since the govt is now taxing gold purchases.


Both Gold and Silver prices will bottom when the US unemployment rate reaches 6.5%.

This is when the the Government will end the monthly Bond buying program known as QE or Quantitative Easing.

The current umemployment rate is 7.6%.


Good news!
The Mint changed status from “backordered” to “In stock and reserved” in my order of my 2013 West Point set that I placed on May 9th at 1:18 p.m. It also states I cannot cancel it anymore, which I has no intention to do…it’s coming home…:-)


RBG, The government ISSUES bonds, it does not buy them. The FED has been buying them and they are a private banking corporation. The government (taxpayers) are merely responsible for the debt. The FED has been increasing the MS by 85 billion a month in addition to government debt financing that will be between .8 and 1 trillion this year. Most of the bonds being bought by the FED are MBS bonds which bail out banks and other holders at face value, versus real market value. This is another form of bailout. QE will end when the banks have enough… Read more »


Sean – Yeah (you are smarter than the average bear). The so called “Great Depression” has had much more impact on price than the physical supply has had. There was a bit of pressure on supply during that time but there was never much of a problem getting G&S if the price was right. I expect that gold is now near the bottom if you factor in the net effect QE has had in the devaluation of the dollar. A very strong economy may push it down a bit further. I used to rake it in selling coins. Now I… Read more »


Interestingly, I ordered one each of the two ATB five oz silver coins today, the first day of the price reduction. First time EVER that the mint shipped the same day I ordered anything. With silver today at $20/oz and these selling for about $31/oz, I was hoping for a better price, but then again, it is the mint.


You have to be flexible. Trying to outgun hft bots is not for the faint of heart. These are pretty typical economic responses (see “When Money Fails” ), so always be ready to take your money and run. The movement in bonds is a milestone.
The Bernank has driven everyone he can into stocks, I’m just waiting for the rug to get pulled out. It seems to have a time to run yet, so best of luck!


Is it possible for prices to be lowered even more in the near future??