Canadian 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin for $20


Today, March 18, 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint began accepting pre-orders for the 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin, the newest issue from its best-selling series of $20 silver coins that sell at face value.

Canadian 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin
Canadian 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin

Update: Sales opened fully for the coin this week. As of March 22, online orders are accepted for anyone at A sellout is expected.

The Canadian 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin is the eight release in the series. Like the past seven $20 for $20 coins, it has a limited mintage of 250,000 with a per household ordering limit of three. The first six silver coins sold out. The seventh coin, released in January, is moving in that direction with the Royal Canadian Mint reporting that 96% have sold.

2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin Design

Featured on the reverse or tails side of the latest coin is Glen Loates’ wolf design. Said to capture the beauty of the animal, it appears running along the Canadian countryside.

Inscriptions surrounding the scene include its stated legal tender ’20 DOLLARS’, the defined ‘ARGENT PUR FINE SILVER 9999’, ‘CANADA’, ‘2013’ and ‘GL’ for the designer’s initials.

As is traditional on modern Canadian coinage, found on the obverse or heads side of the silver coin is Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Inscriptions include ‘ELIZABETH II’ and ‘D.G. REGINA’.

There are no edge letterings as the coin features a serrated edge.

$20 for $20 Silver Coin Specifications, Silver Melt Values

All eight $20 for $20 coins are in 99.99% silver. They are struck to a weight of 7.96 grams and a diameter of 27 mm. The weight totals to just over one-quarter troy ounce of silver (0.255919943 ounces). At the current silver spot of $28.95 an ounce, each coin in the series has a silver melt value of $7.41.

$20 Silver Coin Releases

In addition to this latest wolf coin, the previous silver coins in the $20 for $20 series include:

As their date implies, these are listed in the order of release.


Currently, the 2013 $20 Wolf Silver Coin is available only for pre-orders to Royal Canadian Mint Master’s Club members. These are customers who have spent more than $999.99 CAD in RCM products in a consecutive 365 days based on the first date of purchase. Ordering will open for everyone in a few days.

The Royal Canadian Mint has the $20 for $20 silver coins listed here. Master Club members must be logged in to see the wolf coin.

Although these silver coins sell at face value and are GST/HST/PST tax exempt, the Mint does charge for shipping and tax on shipping does applies. Master’s Club members are not charged shipping within the US and Canada.

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Sandra McGee

Would like to order a couple of the wolf coins ….. when will I be able to???

Sandra, you can today via the link in the article.