Canadian 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin for $20 Released


Today, January 22, 2013, the Royal Canadian Mint began accepting pre-orders for its 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin, the latest issue in its best-selling series that features $20 silver coins that sell at face value.

Canadian 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin
Royal Canadian Mint image of its 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin

The Canadian 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin is the seventh released in the series that debuted in 2011. It has a stated mintage of 250,000, like the previous six $20 for $20 coins. Each of them has sold out.

2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin Design

Appearing on the reverse or tails side of the newest 2013 $20 Hockey Silver Coin is a design by Greg Banning. It depicts an intense Canadian hockey player in action.

The design "captures the intensity, power and excitement of Canada’s national pastime," the Royal Canadian Mint describes on the coin’s online product page.

Reverse inscriptions include ’20 DOLLARS’, ‘ARGENT PUR FINE SILVER 9999’, ‘CANADA’, ‘2013’ and ‘GB’ for the artists initials.

Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth appears on the obverse or heads side along with the inscriptions ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA.

$20 for $20 Coin Specifications and Silver Melt Value

Every $20 for $20 coin is in 99.99% silver, has a weight of 7.96 grams, a diameter of 27 mm, a serrated edge and a legal tender face value of 20 dollars. The silver weight is just a tad over one-quarter troy ounce, giving the coin a silver melt value of $8.24 at the latest spot silver price of $32.20 an ounce.

Previous $20 Silver Coin Releases

As mentioned, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued six Exchange $20 for $20 coins prior to this new Hockey silver coin. In the order of release, the six coins are:

Collectors interested in buying may visit the Mint’s website directly. The $20 for $20 silver coins are found here. Currently, the newest release is open to pre-orders for Royal Canadian Mint Master’s Club members. Ordering will open for everyone in a few days.

Like past issues, there is a 3 per household coin limit. Shipping and taxes on shipping still apply, the Mint states.

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