Birth Set with 2012 US Coins Designed for Newborn Babies


A new "2012 Birth Set" was revealed by the United States Mint Thursday when the bureau updated its product schedule with several upcoming releases. The U.S. Mint has since published a product page for the Birth Set which is currently targeted with a release date of March 13.

2012 Birth Set
United States Mint image of its 2012 Birth Set

Mints around world are no stranger to having their products purchased for eventful occasions, or as gifts and marketing them for use as such. Many of them have specifically designed products for gift-giving and special occasions, as the U.S. Mint now does with the Birth Set.

"A precious memento to mark the arrival of a newborn baby in 2012, is the first Birth Set issued by the United States Mint," the new product page states.

This year’s Birth Set features a newborn-themed card which is designed to hold a baby photograph, a lock of baby’s hair, and five proof coins minted in San Francisco, including:

  • a 2012-S Lincoln cent,
  • a 2012-S Jefferson nickel,
  • a 2012-S Roosevelt dime,
  • the first quarter of the year, which is the 2012-S El Yunque National Forest Quarter honoring the site located in Puerto Rico, and a
  • 2012-S Kennedy half-dollar

As proof coins, each will feature the "S" mint mark and sport sharp reliefs with mirror-like backgrounds, which is unlike circulating coins that do not have the special finish and are produced in either Denver or Philadelphia with corresponding "D" and "P" mint marks.

US Order and Pricing Details

The specially designed set has a listed price of $19.95. Beginning at 12:00 Noon ET on March 13, it will be available directly from the U.S. Mint website,, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Other World Mint Products for Newborns

Newborn branded products from other world mints include UK Royal Mint ( products:

  • Baby Gift Set for £35.00,
  • My First Coins Gift Pack for £25.00 and
  • The Baby Collection Deluxe Edition for £49.00

The Perth Mint ( offers:

  • the Australian Baby Uncirculated Coin Set for $40.91,
  • the Baby Dragon $1 Coin and Card for $14.50, and the
  • Silver Koala Baby Coin Pack for $52.27

Finally, the Royal Canadian Mint ( has its own Baby Gift Set for $19.95.

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george glazener

makes me want to go out and sire some children..!!
as if I needed another reason…:)


Hmm. That would have been a lot cheaper than the gold Eagle proof I’ve been giving each grandkid at birth.


I don’t see this as being a real popular packaging of a proof set, especially if they don’t advertise this product to the general public. How much you wanna bet this won’t be available next year?


Birth Set Packaging has been available by other suppliers for a very long time. I purchased them at a coin shop (with proof sets) for my daughters when they were born. Both are over 20 years old.

There is a market for this…


Birth Set proof seemed a great idea to earn money. It would be much better if US Mint can have a special medal with baby graphic together by every year.


Not much of keepsake as neither dollar is in the set, nor are the dime, quarter & half made in 90% silver.


This is a great idea wish they would have had this when my kids where born.Its great to get a birth set from the country you where born in.